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Casio Watches

Imagine you’ve been making watches one way for 400 years when suddenly a new type of battery comes along that changes your entire profession. This is the basic plotline of the... Read more

Find Your Casio Watch

One of the first things you’ll notice about Casio watches is the price. They’re so affordable you might just do a double-take when you’re scrolling online. Casio specialises in quartz watches... Read more

New Season

Explore our pick of the latest Casio watches, including vintage-inspired quartz models, and retro 1990s watch styles in shades of silver and gold.

Men’s Watches

Find the Casio men’s watch that will become your ultimate go-to piece for every day with our selection of the Japanese brand’s best for gents.

Ladies' Watches

Casio women’s watches are full of character. Discover the WatchPilot selection with retro and modern watch styles in yellow gold and silver shades.

Shop All

The full range of Casio watches on WatchPilot includes the latest pieces from the Vintage, G-Shock and Baby-G brands. Shop the wide world of Casio today.

Featured Collections

Casio Vintage Watches

Travel back to the 1980s and 1990s with the Casio Vintage quartz watch collection that’s full to the brim of unisex models for everyday wear.

Casio G-Shock Watches

The Casio G-Shock brand is hard to beat if you’re looking for tough and durable watches for outdoor activity with an affordable price tag.

Casio Edifice Watches

Start here for Casio’s take on the digital smartwatch with chronograph functionality, robust designs and bold colour injections ideal for the active man.

Casio Baby-G Watches

The 1990s watch icon is back with a bang, this time featuring bright colours and plenty of childhood charm. Throwback with our pick of the best.

Casio Classic Watches

Shop the essential Casio quartz watch that should be a fixture of any collection, big or small. These retro-inspired slices of watch history are instantly recognisable.

Best-selling Casio Watches

Heritage Japanese watchmaking and Casio go hand in hand. Discover our pick of the very best Casio watches that will become your everyday staples, whether you’re in the market for a vintage-inspired design or a smartwatch. 

25 years of the Casio G-Shock 6900

Discover how the Casio G-Shock 6900 became an icon over the last 25 years

What’s the difference between Casio and G-Shock and Baby-G? 

Casio watches, Casio G-Shock watches, and Casio Baby-G watches are all members of the same family, just with different personalities. Whereas Casio launched in the 1940s, the first G-Shock watch didn’t emerge onto the scene until the 1980s. G-Shock is all about providing tough, durable and shock-resistant watches for men. When the concept was well received, it launched the Baby-G collection as a female version of the G-Shock in the 1990s with similar water and shock resistance, among other features. 

What do the letters in a Casio watch name? 

Casio watches have model numbers rather than clear-cut names. These are usually a collection of letters and numbers. They can be hard to decipher unless you’re a die-hard Casio fan or collector. Let's say you’re prepared to research each character in the model number. In that case, we’re told they have meanings, like colour, water resistance and whether a piece is analogue or digital. Our advice? Read the watch specifications and leave the code-breaking to the people at Casio HQ in Tokyo!

Does Casio make luxury watches? 

Casio isn’t luxury in the traditional sense. Its Japanese quartz watches are affordable, starting around £30 and rising to £1,000 plus for some of the most functional and sophisticated G-Shock models. However, don’t let that put you off. Casio is a heritage icon of Japanese watchmaking. It played a significant role in the quartz revolution of the 1970s and 1980s, and it’s been holding its own on the international stage ever since. Here at WatchPilot, we think every watch collection should have at least one Casio. 

How long does a Casio quartz battery last?  

That’s like asking how long is a piece of string. It depends on the model you purchase and how often you use its features, like the calculator, light or stopwatch. Generally, somewhere in the three-to-six-year window is what you can expect, but some sources suggest closer to 10 years. Replacement batteries are available, though, so don’t let any concern about quartz battery life slow you down. Just wear your watch as you normally would.