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Spinnaker Watches

Meet your new favourite affordable divers’ watch brand. Spinnaker celebrates the connection between man, the ocean and the importance of time-keeping with divers’ watches that are genuinely built to perform. There’s... Read more

Find Your Spinnaker Watch

Spinnaker uses all the hallmarks of divers’ watches to its advantage, from rotating bezels and magnifying elements to degrees of water resistance. It doesn’t matter if you plan to go scuba... Read more

New Season

Whether you are sailing around the Med or going for a dip in the local pool, we have the latest Spinnaker watches that aren’t afraid of the water.

Men's Watches

Choose the men’s Spinnaker watch that’s right for you from the WatchPilot selection of diving watches and the brand’s best vintage-inspired pieces.

Best selling

Discover Spinnaker's best selling watches that are prepared for the water and ready to make a style splash too.

Shop All

Browse our complete selection of Spinnaker divers’ watches that combine automatic movements with practical features like water resistance and anti-reflective glass.

Featured Collections

Spinnaker Bradner Watches

Make this your first port of call for a quintessential divers’ watch from Spinnaker. The Bradner has subtle vintage details and some smooth finishes.

Spinnaker Hull Watches

The case shape of the Spinnaker Hull watch is what makes this whole collection stand out. Start here for great chronographs and some interesting dial designs.

Spinnaker Dumas Watches

The Spinnaker Dumas has a 1970s-inspired octagonal case shape and bold colours to make your time at the bottom of the ocean even more exciting.

Spinnaker Fleuss Watches

Inspired by the golden age of dive watches, the Spinnaker Fleuss is designed for three-piece suits and wetsuits. This is a good entry point into the world of Spinnaker.

Spinnaker Wreck Watches

The Spinnaker Wreck is built around a distressed finish that celebrates the history of divers’ watches. This is a practical diver’s watch too, so you can have the best...

Best-Selling Spinnaker Watches

As something of a hidden gem in the world of divers’ watches, Spinnaker is a young brand with lots to say about what constitutes a water-ready watch. Before you dive in, browse the brand’s best-selling watches across its core collections.

The Spinnaker CAHILL 300 Automatic review

Don’t just take our word for it. Spinnaker takes its ability to create an affordable and technically compelling diver’s watch seriously. Here’s something from the brand to highlight its obsession with all things deep sea.

Is WatchPilot an authorised Spinnaker seller?

We are an official retail partner of Spinnaker, so we’re authorised to sell its watches. Our great relationship with the brand means we often get to see new watches and collections before they hit the shelves. When you buy a Spinnaker watch from WatchPilot, you will receive your new diver’s watch in an official presentation box and receive a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What makes a diver’s watch a diver’s watch?

Imagine swimming tens of metres down to the bottom of the sea and realising the equipment you’ve got down there isn’t going to cut it. When diving took off in the mid-20th century, the diver’s watch became an essential piece of kit to track the time, calculate decompression stops and work out when oxygen levels might fall dangerously low. There are some recognisable diver’s watch traits to look out for, like water resistance, legibility, a rotating bezel for tracking the time, a sturdy strap, and perhaps a helium escape valve or glow in the dark element. Some watches focus on the aesthetics of a diver’s watch over the functionality, others do both.

Are Spinnaker divers’ watches functional for the pool or ocean?

Yes, and it’s one of the things we like most about the brand. It has really nailed the blend of style and substance. If you are serious about diving or ocean swimming and want reliable water resistance, look at the Spinnaker Dumas men’s watch collection. If you’re more interested in the history and aesthetics of a diver’s watch, we recommend the Spinnaker Hull collection.

What does ATM mean in relation to water resistance?

Put simply, it’s all about the depth a watch can go to and maintain its water-resistant capabilities. Remember, it’s not just about how deep the water is, but also the amount of pressure that the water exerts. ATM is an abbreviation for the ‘standard atmosphere’ unit of measurement. A reading of 1 ATM is the normal world around us when our feet are on solid ground. When you start to go deeper beneath the water, the ATM changes. Watches that say they are water-resistant to 30 ATM, like the Spinnaker Dumas watch, can be used for scuba diving because they can withstand depths of 300 metres. Something labelled 10 ATM is best reserved for snorkelling and swimming.