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Junghans Watches

If you’re the type to prioritise German engineering in your choice of car, then you may just want to do the same with your watch. Despite being founded more than 160... Read more

Find Your Junghans Watch

Don’t let the paired-back simplicity of a Junghans watch fool you because these are high-quality and thoughtfully designed watches at every level. Filter your search by quartz, hand-wound mechanical or automatic... Read more

New Season

Discover a fresh selection of Junghans watches for men and women, including the styles that impressed our in-house team at WatchPilot.

Men's Watches

Choose the Junghans men's quartz or automatic watch that will become your new favourite. Our selection includes the top performing Junghans Max Bill and 1972 lines.

Women's Watches

Upgrade your minimalist wardrobe with a sleek Junghans 'Damen' watch from the FORM, Max Bill and Fein Kleine collections. Start your search with our pick of the best.

Shop All

Compare and contrast our hand-picked offering of Junghans watches for him and her. Browse designs from the German brand's most popular collections here.

Featured Collections

Junghans Max Bill Watches

The Junghans Max Bill is a top performer at WatchPilot. Start here for a perfectly engineered minimalist watch, ideal for men and women, with quartz and automatic opti...

Junghans FORM Watches

Described as a “special watch for every occasion”, the Junghans FORM for men and women is the ultimate modern accessory with your pick of self-winding automatic and qu...

Junghans 1972 Watches

This seriously sporty capsule collection of Junghans watches is inspired by 1970s style with a pop of orange and an impressive solar-powered quartz movement.

Junghans Meister Watches

For the ultimate Junghans experience, browse the expansive Meister collection that has housed some of the brand’s finest watches since the 1930s.

Junghans Meister fein Kleine Watches

Smaller but no less impressive, the Meister fein Kleine range is a helpful place to start if you want the Junghans watch aesthetic in a 35mm unisex case size.

Best-Selling Junghans Watches 

Whether you love the quintessential Junghans FORM collection or the sophisticated Max Bill quartz watch, this German brand knows how to transform simple design ideas into something special. Browse our top Junghans automatic and quartz watches today.

What began in 1861 is now one of the biggest watch success stories in German history.

Inspired by the country’s reputation for precision engineering, a Junghans watch is as stylish as it is precise. Step into the brand’s meticulous world and see for yourself.

Is Junghans a luxury watch brand?

German watch brand Junghans is a collector’s favourite and has all the essential elements of a luxury brand, including a long history and a recognisable design style. Its prices make it a little more accessible, ranging from £365 and rising to around £2,500. We like to describe Junghans as a brand for true watch enthusiasts. Only others who are similarly passionate about watches will likely recognise a Junghans Max Bill or FORMS watch on your wrist. This brand is under-the-radar, and most collectors want to keep it that way. 

What watch movements do Junghans offer? 

Within the Junghans collection, you will find a range of movements, including quartz options like the FORMS Damen watch for her and the Max Bill Quartz for men. There are also mechanical movements, both hand-winding and self-winding, in the Junghans Meister collection, plus a cool solar-powered quartz option in the FORMS and Max Bill range. Another thing to look out for is Junghans connected radio-controlled movements that ensure your watch keeps time as reliably and precisely as possible. 

What are the best Junghans watches to buy? 

At WatchPilot, we champion the Junghans Max Bill as the ultimate entry point into this underappreciated German brand. What’s not to like? The dial is sleek, sophisticated and design-rich with slimline baton indices or Arabic numerals and your choice of practical colour combinations. There are similarly constructed watches in this range for women, too, including a more refined 32.7mm case size. Junghans also has a history of producing great chronographs, so if you like the sportier look of chronograph sub-dials, start your search in the Meister collection. These watches have higher prices, but you’re benefiting from decades of German precision and engineering that’s built to last.