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U-Boat Watches

We don’t often associate luxury watch brands with Italy, but U-BOAT has never been one to follow the crowds. The brand is proudly ‘Made in Tuscany’ by its founder, Italo Fontana,... Read more

Find Your U-BOAT Watch

U-BOAT takes Swiss-made movements, innovative materials and knock-out Italian design and combines them for maximum heft. These aren’t demure watches to be hidden beneath a shirt sleeve. Case sizes are larger... Read more

New Season

Explore the freshest U-BOAT arrivals from Tuscany. Find the latest automatic and chronograph watches and new colours to add to your U-BOAT collection.

Men's Watches

Choose from the WatchPilot range of U-BOAT men’s watches that perfectly highlight the brand’s Italian heritage and Swiss-made movements.

Ladies' Watches

Far from the obvious choice, women can make a statement in U-BOAT Rainbow or Classico watches with your choice of quartz or automatic movements.

Shop All

Browse the full range of U-BOAT watches on WatchPilot including Doppiotempto, Chimera and Darkmoon models that are the definition of distinctive wristwear.

Featured Collections

U-Boat Darkmoon Watches

This collection takes the Capsoil concept to a new level and draws inspiration from the dark side of the moon. It’s ideal for fans of bold colours and imposing case di...

U-Boat Capsoil Watches

The U-BOAT Capsoil watch is immersed in a lubricating oil that also floats between the dial and the crystal glass. It’s one that needs to be seen to really appreciate.

U-Boat Doppiotempo Watches

A good choice for fans of diver’s watches and chronographs. The U-BOAT Doppiotempo is a sporty and military-inspired watch with a statement bezel.

U-Boat Chimera Watches

Greek mythology was the starting point for the U-BOAT Chimera watch, which has a signature crown cap and pushers and a robust case design.

U-Boat Classico Watches

The quintessential U-BOAT watch for both men and women. The Classico is all about Tuscan style and clean case shapes for daily wear.

U-Boat Sommerso Watches

A true U-BOAT pro divers’ watch collection that’s water-resistant to 300 metres. The Sommerso collection has all the diving hallmarks and legibility you’d expect.

Best-Selling U-BOAT Watches

Don’t just take our word for it. Discover our best-selling U-BOAT watches to see why Italian design and Swiss mechanics are a surprisingly good match. Expect to see plenty of hefty case sizes for those who want to make a statement.


The creative process of U-BOAT founder Italo Fontana is what makes the brand great. It’s his design style that gives the brand its ‘identity,’ which is a word U-BOAT uses a lot to describe its watches. The goal? To recognise a U-BOAT watch from the other side of the room.

Is WatchPilot an authorised U-BOAT seller?

Yes, and we have a solid relationship with the Italian brand too. When you buy a U-BOAT from WatchPilot, your piece will arrive in an official presentation box with a two-year U-BOAT manufacturer’s warranty.

Is U-BOAT a Swiss watch brand?

U-BOAT is an Italian brand that uses Swiss-made movements. It’s the combination of these two elements that makes it so distinctive. The story began in 1942 when Ilvo Fontana received a commission from the Italian navy to design and engineer a watch for navy pilots. Sadly, the watches never made it off the production line. Jump to the year 2000, and Ilvo’s grandson, Italo Fontana, found the designs and decided to create the first line of U-BOAT watches. U-BOAT is proudly ‘Made in Tuscany,’ with the best bits of Swiss watch expertise used to create great automatic, chronograph and quartz watches. 

Does the U-BOAT Capsoil watch really contain oil?

Watches in the U-BOAT Capsoil range feature a Swiss electro-mechanical movement that is surrounded by lubricating oil. This black oil is also floating between the crystal glass and the dial, so you can see an air bubble moving as your wrist moves. Not only is this great to look at, but it amplifies the dial features making it more striking and easier to read. Capsoil watches have 45mm stainless steel and titanium cases that won’t go unnoticed.

What makes the U-BOAT crown position so distinctive?

The crown position on a U-BOAT watch is one of the first things you notice about the brand. It’s placed on the left-hand side, rather than the more traditional right-hand side. Plus, the crown is an opportunity for U-BOAT founder Italo Fontana to flex his creative muscles. These aren’t just your standard pull-and-twist crowns, they’re part of the decoration and detail that make a U-BOAT so distinctive. When it comes to the U-BOAT identity, the reimagined crown, the bold dial designs and the proportions of the cases are dead giveaways.