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G-Shock Watches

Once upon a time, watches were quite fragile. Accidentally knocking one off a table or encountering too much water could lead to irreparable damage. In the early 1980s, the team at... Read more

Find Your G-Shock Watch

Trust us when we say that Casio G-Shock is all about variety. It would be a full-time job to sort through the different G-Shock watches for men and women and categorise... Read more

New Season

See the latest additions to the WatchPilot collection of G-Shock watches, including best-selling classic styles and functional sports watches.

Men's Watches

G-Shock men’s watches are built for action. Browse our selection of men’s G-Shock watches for sport, climbing, water and international travel.

Ladies' Watches

Discover watches from the G-Shock Women collection including smartwatch compatible devices and fitness trackers as well as retro G-Shock and Baby-G styles.

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As G-Shock is famous for the breadth of its collection, here is our curated offering of G-Shock watches for men and women that give you a taste of the brand.

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G-Shock Special Offers

Shop our best prices on G-Shock watches. Choose from retro and vintage G-Shock styles as well as new collection watches at the best value.

G-Shock Protection

Discover the ultimate in shock-resistant watches. G-Shock Protection is all about the structural design of the case, which protects the interior movement with layers o...

Best-Selling G-Shock Watches

Tough talk is all well and good, but a brand must deliver. Our best-selling G-Shock watches prove the Casio team is doing all the right things to live up to its “toughest watch of all time” promise.

Casio G-Shock GA-2100 "Casioak" Men's Watch Review

Since 1983, G-Shock has focused on boundary-pushing watch production that uses solar power, GPS and shock resistance to give men and women something to brag about. Here’s a behind the scenes to demonstrate what the brand has to offer.

Is WatchPilot an authorised G-Shock seller?

Absolutely. We are an official retailer of G-Shock watch collections, which means every piece we sell is authentic and has been authorised by Casio in Japan. Your G-Shock watch will arrive with a presentation box and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What is the relationship between Casio and G-Shock?

Some might say that G-Shock is just a collection under the Casio umbrella, but we see it as more of a standalone brand. Casio was founded in 1946 but the first G-Shock watch didn’t emerge until the early 1980s. Today, G-Shock has its own website, its own collections and its own identity but you will still find the name Casio on its cases and case backs.

View our collection of all Casio watches.

What is the history of G-Shock?

In the early 1980s, Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe was thinking about his late father’s broken pocket watch and dreamt of “creating a watch that never breaks”. He settled on the ‘Triple 10’ philosophy, which said a watch needed to be water-resistant to 10 bar, have a minimum 10-year battery life and survive a minimum of a 10 metre drop. By 1983, the debut G-Shock watch was unveiled, which achieved the ‘Triple 10’ and then some with remarkable shock resistance. It took more than 200 prototypes and two years of research and development, but the project excelled and changed the landscape for watches all over the world. Toughness was now achievable.

What movements are in Casio G-Shock watches?

G-Shock watches are powered by quartz movements. Some have digital displays, some analogue displays, while others have a hybrid of the two. There are many G-Shock watches so separating them can be confusing. Most have a set of standard functions, like a stopwatch, countdown timer, backlight and water resistance, but others have Bluetooth connectivity, solar-powered GPS, a heart rate sensor and a thermometer. Our advice? Decide what you want from your G-Shock watch and how practically useful you need it to be. Here at WatchPilot, we break down the functionality for you to help you along the way.