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11 Best Rose Gold Watches for Ladies Under £500

Rose gold watches do appeal to many female watch wearers. When any of the dial, the case, and the bracelet (strap) of your watch comes with rose gold colour, it is a rose gold watch.


Rose Gold Watches are Trendy to Women

Rose gold watches do appeal to many watch wearers in recent years. A rose gold watch is usually gender-neutral, but receives more love from ladies due to its more feminine look.

Today we are to reveal our list of best rose gold watches for ladies that are under £500 price range.

What is a Rose Gold Watch?

When any of the dial, the case, and the bracelet (strap) of your watch comes with rose gold colour, it is a rose gold watch.

We do get asked from time to time about rose gold watches regarding the rose gold colours. Some rose gold watches can appear more yellow-lish, and other rose gold timepieces can look towards pink.

Let’s go through the frequency asked questions regarding rose gold watches.

Is rose gold colour actually pink or yellow?

Rose gold is an alloy or a mixture of yellow gold and other metal materials, but not pure gold. Rose gold is actually made of yellow gold and copper. The pink appearance really depends on the amount of copper that is in the rose gold material of your wristwatch.

Should rose gold be more pink or yellow (or even orange)?

The final colour of your watch really depends on the amount of copper content that is in the material of your watch.

What is the difference between rose gold and pink colours?

The main difference of the two colours is the amount of copper used to mix with gold. The higher the copper content (in the watch’s materials), the stronger the red colour.

Why is some rose gold more pink?

It is true that some rose gold can appear more pink. The reason is colour depth in the rose gold depends on the ratio of yellow gold to copper. When the concentration of copper is higher in the case or bracelet of the watch, your watch will appear in more reddish rose colour or rose gold.

How should you match (wear) a rose gold watch?

When wearing a rose gold ladies’ watch, many women may choose to pair with nude shoes and handbags with a darker colour dress.

Now for the exact colours - The best is to use navy blue, black, dark green, or olive green. These colours will let the rose gold watch on your wrist to pop or appear more prominent.

What’s more about rose gold watches?

In fact, many of the rose gold watches that we are to reveal can easily appear as ladies’ luxury watches on the wrist.

1. Tissot Lovely Round Ladies Rose Gold Watch T1400093311100

Let’s begin. The first rose gold watch to review today is this Tissot Lovely Round ladies watch. The analogue watch’s case and bracelets are both in rose gold. The rose gold colour on the watch tends to appear redder which indicates the concentration of the copper material is on the higher side.

The gorgeously looking Tissot ladies’ watch comes with a really small case (19.5mm) which will definitely appear minimalistic on any female’s wrist. From our own experience with Tissot’s ladies’ watches, this watch’s beautifully crafted and designed bracelet will match any ladies’ jewellery astonishingly.

View Tissot Lovely Round Ladies Rose Gold Watch.

Our price: £355

2. Roamer 512847 49 89 20 Slim-Line Classic Ladies Two-Tone Rose Gold Watch

With a 30mm dial, this is the lady version of Roamer Slim-Line Classic watch.

The details in this masterpiece are absolutely stunning and are carefully integrated with the two-tone stainless steel bracelet design. Yet the rose gold colour still stands out from the rest of the watch.

Our price: £315

3. Roamer 600857 49 15 50 Lady Mermaid Steel Two-Tone Rose Gold Watch

What is so unique about this Roamer timepiece?

The Swiss Made Ronda 762 movement watch is built with precious shimmering zircon gemstones on the dial that comes with rotating effect due to the refined two-layer technique. When wearing the watch, you will literally see this wave pattern move in a gentle swing of the lower half of the dial.

Beside the uniqueness described above, the eye-catching Roamer lady Mermaid steel two-tone rose gold watch has stunning design and elegant look.

The luxury Roamer ladies’ watches are not to be missed!

Our price: £335

4. Guess GW0365L3 Ladies Cascade Rose Gold Watch

What a bold timepiece for the ladies from Guess watches! Cascading hues and glitz from dial to bracelet is what we want to say about this Guess ladies’ Cascade rose gold watch.

Our price: £249

5.Guess GW0483L3 Ladies Sol Rose Gold Watch

Do you want a night life collection of watches? This is one of those you shouldn’t miss. The chronograph display adds to the uniqueness.

View Guess ladies’ Sol rose gold watch.

Our price: £239

6. GC Flair Ladies Rose Gold Watch Z02002L1MF

Under the Guess brand, there are GC watches. This GC Flair ladies watch is unique in its own way with the balance of the rose gold colour appears closer to yellow.

The uniqueness of the watch is further enhanced by a distinctive notched bezel, the five links bracelet and the roman numbers on the white dial.

Our price: £350

7. Kronaby S2747/1 Ladies Rose Gold Sekel Hybrid Smartwatch

Looking for a hybrid watch with smart watch capabilities? You’ve got one right here that is under £500. What more is this Kronaby watch provides the traditional look. When wearing on your wrist, everything probably believe you have a classic watch for the big or high-end occasion.

The Scandinavian watch possesses the required aesthetic for any lady from teenage to contemporary. The blue hour hand simply makes the watch dial stands out from the rest of the classic timepieces.

View Kronaby Ladies Rose Gold Sekel Hybrid Smartwatch.

Our price: £399

8. Kronaby S2446/1 Ladies Rose Gold Carat Hybrid Smartwatch

Want to see other Kronaby ladies’ watches before making your final decision. Compared to the previous watch, this is a more subtle and slightly different Kronably watch for women.

Again the hybrid watch gives you the smartwatch capability and pleasure to connect with smartphone apps through Apple iOS or Google Android.

View Kronaby Ladies Rose Gold Carat Hybrid Smartwatch.

Our price: £349

9. Burberry BU9204 Ladies Swiss Rose Gold Watch

Usually more expensive, but this time you can get this watch from us with a lower retail price. Even at this discounted price point, this ladies’ Swiss rose gold watch from the Burberry brand looks elegant on a lady’s wrist.

View Burberry BU9204.

Our price: £265 (Was £395)

10. Burberry BU10116 Ladies Rose Gold Swiss Watch

Next is also a great looking Burberry, should you be a fan of the iconic style of dial. View the details and specifications of BU10116.

Our price: £269 (Was £449)

11. Burberry BU9205 Ladies White Rose Gold Watch

Definitely heavenly made for the ladies! This rose gold watch doesn’t only come with two-tone colours, but it has a small watch case. If you don’t want your entire timepiece looking rose gold, this is an amazing alternative.

View Burberry BU9205.

Our price: £229 (Was £395)


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