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Baume & Mercier Watches

Hailing from Geneva, Switzerland, Baume & Mercier has 190 years’ experience creating refined watches for both men and women. As early as 1892, the brand was winning awards for its chronometer... Read more

Find Your Baume & Mercier Watch

No matter which style catches your eye, every Baume & Mercier watch is assembled in-house and crafted to Swiss standards. You’ve got this peace of mind whether you are considering an... Read more

New Season

The latest Baume & Mercier watches and seasonal styles. The WatchPilot team has chosen the Baume & Mercier watches we’d want in our collections.

Men's Watches

Find the Baume & Mercier men’s watch that will become your ultimate go-to piece with our selection of the brand’s best for gents.

Ladies' Watches

Baume & Mercier women’s watches aren’t an afterthought. Explore why we love this Swiss brand’s women’s watches here.

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The full range of Baume & Mercier watches on WatchPilot includes models from the Classima, Riviera, Hampton and Clifton collections.

Featured Collections

Baume & Mercier Classima Watches

Baume & Mercier Classima watch is a discreet choice for Swiss-watchmaking purists. Expect accessible watches without fussy bells and whistles with automatic and quartz...

Baume & Mercier Riviera Watches

Where luxury sporting meets cool breezes off the French Riviera. This is an iconic automatic watch for Baume & Mercier with a dodecagonal bezel and rugged steel case.

Baume & Mercier Hampton Watches

Baume & Mercier’s smart rectangular watch is available with both quartz and mechanical self-winding movements for men and women.

Baume & Mercier Clifton Watches

Styled for the city, the Baume & Mercier Clifton watch collection features Swiss-made mechanical movements with chronograph and moonphase complications.

Best-Selling Baume & Mercier Watches

You’ll be surprised how much Swiss watchmaking prowess you can get for your money with Baume & Mercier. Start your decision-making process with a rundown of our best-selling watches, including automatic watches for men and women.

Baume Mercier Riviera Watch Review

Explore the sophisticated world of Baume & Mercier and how it preserves the techniques that make Swiss watchmaking so desirable the world over. This is a watch where every detail is considered.

In this WatchPilot video review we take a look at Baume and Mercier Riviera BM0A10616 Watch. We talk about the history of Baume and Mercier and talk to our Swiss Watch expert Paul Maxwell. 

Is WatchPilot an authorised Baume & Mercier seller?

Absolutely. We are an official supplier of Baume & Mercier watch collections, which means every piece we sell is authentic Baume & Mercier direct from Switzerland. Your watch will arrive in an official Baume & Mercier presentation box with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Is Baume & Mercier a luxury watch brand?

We think of Baume & Mercier as a heritage Swiss watch brand that’s producing affordable watches that won’t be out of date in a few years’ time. A Baume & Mercier watch is built to last, and the design style reflects this ethos. It’s a luxury brand thanks to its long history and traditional methods, but you’ll want to wear your Baume & Mercier watch every day (rather than locking it in the safe).

Where are Baume & Mercier watches made?

Baume & Mercier was founded in 1830 by brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume in Les Bois, a small village in the Jura, one of Switzerland's three geographical regions. By 1918, their ancestor William Baume had partnered with Paul Mercier to open Baume & Mercier in Geneva, Switzerland, where the brand remains today. Its head office is in the city, but its manufacturing is carried out in Les Brenets, just a couple of hours away in Swiss Jura. In 1988, Baume & Mercier joined the Richemont Group of luxury brands.

What watch movements do Baume & Mercier watches feature?

Baume & Mercier watches contain quartz movements that are battery-powered and automatic movements that utilise the kinetics of your body or a self-winding mechanism to keep time. Lots of factors might influence your choice, including price. Baume & Mercier Classima and Clifton watches also have complications, like moonphases and chronographs. These are features built into the watch movement that can be useful or just great to look at. Remember to view the Specifications tab on each watch to view all its essential information, including movement, warranty, case width and model number.