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Garmin Smartwatches

Garmin started life as a specialist in the field of GPS navigation, and since then, it’s become of the biggest names in wearable technology and smartwatches. If you’ve ever dedicated yourself... Read more

Find Your Garmin Watch

You’re going to want to do your research before buying a Garmin watch. Don’t let that put you off, though… there’s plenty to get excited about. Start with the features that... Read more

New Season

Discover the latest and greatest Garmin smartwatches and fitness trackers to suit your lifestyle. Here’s our pick of the best new watches to inspire your search.

Men’s Watches

Find the men’s Garmin wearable that will become your ultimate companion for outdoor activities, fitness tracking, and so much more.

Women’s Watches

Browse our selection of Garmin watches for women, including the popular Lily and Venu wearables with sleep, fitness and health tracking tools.

Shop All

The full range of Garmin watches on WatchPilot includes models from the Epix, Fenix and MARQ collections. Find the wearable that fits your lifestyle.

Featured Collections

Garmin MARQ Watches

For anyone with a competitive streak, the MARQ collection of Garmin wearables covers racing, aeronautics, athletics and other pursuits with great, practical features.

Garmin Epix Watches

This is your go-to premium smartwatch for achieving your fitness goals with 24/7 health monitoring, GPS navigation and a trusty touchscreen interface.

Garmin Fēnix Watches

The Garmin fēnix watch condenses its best fitness and outdoor features into a smaller-sized wearable with long-lasting battery life, text messages and alerts.

Garmin Tactix Watches

This Garmin watch collection adds a tactical element to its smartwatch offering. It’s built to military standards and can handle almost anything you throw at it.

Garmin Quatix Watches

For sailing, water sports and even fishing fans, the marine-inspired Garmin quatix watch collection blends a touchscreen and smart notifications with practical water r...

Garmin Venu Watches

Sleek, stylish and an ideal Garmin watch for men and women, the Venu wearable tracks your health and fitness goals and pairs to both Apple and Android smartphones.

Garmin Lily Watches

This women’s Garmin collection blends smartwatch functionality with a more traditional watch feel. Use it as a health tracker and to read messages, among other feature...

Garmin Watch Straps

A collection of genuine Garmin watch straps to fit your favourite Garmin Smartwatch. These straps are made to the same exacting standards that you would expect from Ga...

Best-Selling Garmin Smartwatches

Every Garmin smartwatch is engineered for life, whether you’re looking for GPS navigation, sleep tracking or just a great-looking watch. Here’s our rundown of the best-selling Garmin wearables and smartwatches to fuel your day.

Find a new way to move with Venu® Sq 2. Featuring a bright AMOLED display and up to 11 days of battery life, this GPS smartwatch combines daily style with health monitoring and fitness features that inspire you to connect mind and body.

Is Garmin a trustworthy smartwatch brand? 

Garmin is one of the biggest names in wearable smartwatches, and it's known across the world. Its watches have all the features you'd expect from a smart device, but its fitness and health tracking, GPS navigation, and other sporty features are second to none. So if you're planning on getting fit, mid-way through a health plan, or a dedicated athlete looking to take training to the next level, Garmin is a great choice. 

Are Garmin watches compatible with iPhones? 

Garmin is compatible with iPhone and Android devices, such as Samsung. You can sync your device to the Garmin Connect app to track and analyse your fitness data. Garmin has a great support centre that answers frequently asked questions and offers troubleshooting advice. 

Can a Garmin watch answer calls? 

The Garmin Venu 2 Plus has a built-in speaker and microphone to place and receive phone calls. To do this, it needs to be paired with your Apple or Android smartphone. 

How accurate is Garmin's GPS? 

According to Garmin, its GPS watches are accurate to within 15 metres (49 feet) around 95% of the time. Under normal conditions, you can expect to see accuracy to within 5-10 metres (16-33 feet). There are ways to check the accuracy of your specific device based on the satellite signal.

What is the best-selling Garmin watch? 

Garmin watches in the Venu, epix and Lily collections are some of its best-selling smartwatches on the market. At WatchPilot, we recommend doing your research and deciding based on aesthetics, functionality and your unique approach to fitness, health and connectivity. Choosing a smartwatch isn't easy, but we can help guide your decision.