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Mondaine Watches

Train stations need to run like clockwork, which is something Swiss engineer and designer, Hans Hilfiker, knew only too well. In 1944, while working at Federal Swiss Railways, he was tasked... Read more

Find Your Mondaine Watch

The Official Swiss Railways design is constant across Mondaine watch collections, which means your choices are centred on straps, case designs and case sizes. The Mondaine Classic and The Original collections... Read more

New Season

Discover the newest additions to the Mondaine collection of minimalist watches. Here is our pick of the brand’s freshest new launches for men and women.

Men’s Watches

Choose the Mondaine men’s watch that will become your everyday staple thanks to its cool minimalist design. Here’s a rundown of the brand’s best watches for men.

Ladies' Watches

Shop the Mondaine women’s watch collection, including best-sellers from the evo2, Classic and Essence collections that scream streamlined luxury.

Shop All

Browse our complete offering of Mondaine watches for men and women from across the brand’s collections. Here, you’ll find the iconic Official Swiss Railways design watch.

Featured Collections

Mondaine Classic Watches

Ideal for Mondaine purists, the Mondaine Classic watch for men and women features the Official Swiss Railways design that’s licenced by the Federal Swiss Railways.

Mondaine The Original Watches

This watch collection pays homage to the clocks that keep Swiss trains running with world-renowned efficiency. Browse the Mondaine The Original collection for men and ...

evo2 Collection

The Mondaine evo2 watch for men and women is all about timeless Bauhaus style that follows the Official Swiss Railways blueprint. Think maximum comfort and bright colo...

Essence Watches

Choose the Mondaine Essence collection if you want all the signature details of a Mondaine Classic that’s been crafted with sustainable materials like wool, cork and e...

Pocket Watches

Pocket watches have a long tradition in watchmaking. They were the first clocks that people could take with them and wear. The pocket watch became a true companion. Wi...

Simply Elegant Watches

The Simply Elegant watch collection offers the best in Swiss aesthetics and minimalist design. Enjoy the iconic Official Swiss Railway design in a comfortable, ultra-f...

Best-Selling Mondaine Watches

Strap the essence of Swiss watchmaking to your wrist with our pick of best-selling Mondaine watches. Start with the Mondaine Classic collection for the brand’s iconic railway-inspired dial, and then expand your search outwards to find variations that suit your style.


The minimalist watches from the evo2 collection retain the classic Swiss railway watch style with the iconic red second hand and a rounded, organically shaped watchcase that offers comfort and familiarity to their wearer. A timeless staple with strong readability and a fluid, eternally stylish design that is the product of years of watchmaking expertise and sustainable innovation.

Assembled with up to 80% photovoltaic power generated in-house, MONDAINE’s evo2 watches are not only inspired by nature but also aim to protect and preserve its splendour for generations to come, so that they too might enjoy its gifts. A passionate commitment that led MONDAINE to become one of the world’s first 100% carbon-neutral brands and comprehensively carbon-neutral in scopes 1, 2 and 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Is WatchPilot an authorised Mondaine seller?

Yes, we are an official supplier of Mondaine watches and have a direct line of communication with the brand. Every Mondaine watch we sell is authentic and comes in an official Mondaine presentation box with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What is the relationship between Mondaine and the Official Swiss Railways Clock?

In the 1940s, a Swiss engineer and designer called Hans Hilfiker created a clock that would become known as the “Official Swiss Railways Clock”. Think of it as a design blueprint that is absolutely iconic across Swiss train stations. In 1986, the Mondaine watch company was officially licenced by Federal Swiss Railways to turn this patented clock design into a series of wristwatches. All the essential elements remain the same, including the shape of the dial, the hands and the indices. A Mondaine watch is the only way to inject this Swiss watchmaking history into your personal collection.

Is Mondaine a luxury watch brand?

Mondaine occupies a middle ground between fashion and luxury. It’s an accessible and affordable brand with a great story that sets it apart from other minimalist watchmakers. Because its watches are Swiss-made and contain Swiss Ronda quartz and automatic movements, there’s real kudos at the heart of Mondaine that adds to its reputation among collectors.

Are Mondaine pocket watches and wall clocks available?

The Mondaine Specials collection contains pocket watches and chain link strap watches that offer a fresh take on the Official Swiss Railways design. There’s also a range of Mondaine wall clocks and table clocks that are great for adding a touch of European Bauhaus style to a home office. Speak to a member of the WatchPilot team if you’d like to add one of these items to your collection.

What type of Mondaine watch strap should I choose?

Mondaine watch straps can be swapped and changed depending on your mood. The brand offers leather, stainless steel, vegan leather, natural rubber and textile straps in a range of colours. We recommend looking a the Mondaine Classic with a stainless steel Milanese mesh band or opting for a black or red leather strap that’s a true signature of the brand. Remember to start your search with the Mondaine Essence collection if sustainable materials are an important consideration for you.