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Marathon Watches

Back in 1904, the Weinstrum Watch company, later named Wein Brothers, laid the groundwork for a modern-day military watch brand. By the early 1940s, Morris Wein had established Marathon Watch and... Read more

Find Your Marathon Watch

First, you need to ask yourself a question: sea, air or land? If you have a burgeoning collection of diver’s watches, we recommend exploring the Marathon Search & Rescue Dive collection... Read more

New Season

Upgrade your collection with the latest hardwearing and hardworking military-inspired Marathon watches that have been chosen by the team at WatchPilot.

Men’s Quartz Watches

Browse Marathon watches with quartz movements, including best-selling watches from the Dive and Navigator collections that are ideally suited to an active lifestyle.

Men’s Automatic Watches

Explore Marathon diver’s watches with automatic movements, mechanical watches in the Marathon General Purpose collection, and pilot’s watches that stand out from the c...

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Discover all the Marathon watches available on WatchPilot. We’ve got our hands on a selection of best-sellers and more niche watches to tempt new and long-time fans.

Featured Collections

Marathon Dive (SAR) Watches

Described as Search & Rescue Dive Watches, this Marathon collection contains quartz and automatic watches with remarkable water resistance in medium, large and jumbo s...

Marathon Navigator Watches

This collection of Marathon pilot’s watches boasts some of the brand’s most competitive prices, as well as date complications and a selection of military-inspired shades.

Best-Selling Marathon Watches

Whether you are planning to conquer the skies, go deep sea diving or just head off on a long walk, our best-selling Marathon watches are ideal companions. Browse the Marathon men’s watches that are proving most popular among WatchPilot customers.

Marathon Watch Company - A Brief History

Marathon blends military durability with Swiss engineering to create watches that endure tough conditions. Discover more about this fourth-generation watchmaker that’s got the strength of allied military forces in its DNA.

Is WatchPilot an authorised Marathon seller?

Yes, we are a recognised and trusted supplier of Marathon watches. When you shop with us, your Marathon timepiece will arrive in an official Marathon presentation box and includes a two-year manufacturer’s warranty for complete peace of mind.

Are Marathon watches Swiss-made?

Marathon is a Swiss-made watch brand containing Swiss watch movements, including quartz and mechanical options. The brand is based in Canada, which is where its watches are designed before being manufactured in La Chaux de Fonds. It is these roots in North America that explain Marathon’s close ties to military organisations and ultimately led to the creation of the Official United States Air Force™ Collection of watches. Marathon doesn’t just produce watches. The brand’s remit covers clocks, stopwatches, tactical and emergency gear, binoculars and even thermometers.

Is Marathon a luxury watch brand?

We like to think of Marathon as a tool watch – something that’s designed for a specific purpose with functional features that make it suitable for the elements or rigorous activity. Within the Marathon collection prices vary considerably, so some of its most complex watches, like the Marathon Quartz Search and Rescue (SAR) diver’s watch, are at the luxury end of the scale. With these higher price points comes exceptional craftsmanship, durability and water resistance, though, so the return on investment is there for activity hounds. Even its Chronograph Search and Rescue (CSAR) pilot’s watches are bursting with features, such as Tritium gas tubes to aid visibility in low-light conditions.

What is the connection between Marathon watches and the military?

Marathon has been manufacturing instruments for the Allied Forces since the 1940s. A big portion of its watches are made under contract to governments and militaries across the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Israel. Now run by the fourth generation of the same family, there’s not much the Marathon team doesn’t know about making action-ready, durable and reliable watches.