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AVI-8 Watches

Sometimes a brand comes along that finds the perfect balance between concept and execution. AVI-8 started with a plethora of inspirations from the world of aviation and military history and fused... Read more

Find Your AVI-8 Watch

Even if you’ve never stepped foot inside a cockpit, there’s plenty to like about pilot’s watches. Bold dials, clear numerals, slightly larger crowns, and robust straps are just some of the... Read more

Best-Selling AVI-8 Watches

AVI-8 is on a mission to make you look at a plane with fresh eyes. Its best-selling aviation-inspired watches are packed with airborne details to make your wrist more interesting.

A Closer look at the CLOWES Automatic from AVI-8

These aren’t just pilot watches. AVI-8 considers every aspect of aviation for its watches, from the engine and the technical precision of on board instruments to the shape of a plane’s cockpit. This passion for the world of air travel shapes the brand’s whole approach.

Is WatchPilot an authorised AVI-8 seller?

Yes, and we work directly with the brand. We enjoy hearing the stories behind each new model, especially the military history, inspirations, choice of colourways and aviation details. If you’re a flight fan, you can challenge yourself to unpack all the influences condensed onto the dial. Your watch will arrive with an official AVI-8 presentation box and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

Is AVI-8 a luxury watch brand?

Luxury might not be the right word, but AVI-8 is certainly rich in concept, story and quality. It was founded in Britain in 2012 and its watches originate from the collaboration between pilots, engineers and air travel enthusiasts. There’s also a connection to the British Air Force and military aircraft history in general. AVI-8 watches are affordable, and you’ll be surprised how much thought and craftsmanship goes into pieces with a price tag of less than £300. Today, the brand is UK-based and owned by Dartmouth Brands, which also owns Spinnaker.

What aircraft types are AVI-8 collections named after?

If the names Hawker Hunter, Hawker Harrier, Hawker Hurricane, Spitfire and P-51 Mustang ring a bell, it’s because they are names of genuine military aircraft. AVI-8 takes its inspirations seriously, so there’s real attention to detail and thought behind each range. The AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane, for example, is named for the WWII era single-seat fighter plane. The Spitfire is one of the most famous planes ever flown by the Royal Air Force, while the P-51 Mustang pays homage to the United States Air Force’s iconic fighter-bomber.

Are AVI-8 watches Swiss-made?

No, Dartmouth Brands is based in Hong Kong and AVI-8 watches are made in the region. All AVI-8 watches are powered by Japanese movements, both mechanical and quartz, with stainless steel, mineral crystal and good water resistance.