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Casio Watches

Casio first started to design and manufacture digital LED watches in 1974. Since then, digital watches made and released by Japanese watchmaker Casio have been popular and were trend setters, especially... Read more

Find Your Casio Watch

Casio consists of men's, ladies' and unisex digital wristwatches. With Casio Edifice, Baby-G, Retro/Vintage watches, and others, you will be able to easily find the Casio watch of your love. Read more

Best-selling Casio Watches

Casio watches are "timeless" for all digital watch wearers. Explore our best-selling Casio watches.

Casio FAQ

Let's find out what the Casio watch brand is all about through our FAQ section.

Is Casio A Swiss Watch Brand?

No, Casio is a Japanese brand that designs and manufactures digital watches since 1974.

Are Casio Watches Any Good?

Casio watches are one of the most reliable, durable and trustworthy timepieces.

With unparalleled and incomparable reputation, Casio has produced products not only in digital watches, but also digital cameras, calculators, mobile phones, and other electronic devices.

What's A Baby-G Watch? Why Are Baby-G Watches Popular?

Casio Baby-G watches always come with this "cute look" but are not kids' watches.

While possessing equal toughness to other Casio G-Shock watches, the feminine designed Baby-G is a functional watch just like G-Shock.

With multiple colour variations, Baby-G watches are popular among ladies.

How Are Casio And G-Shock Different?

Casio, the Japanese company, was first founded in 1946 but only started designing and manufacturing digital watches in 1974. The first G-Shock watch didn't emerge until the early 80s.

Typically speaking, today G-Shock is a brand that falls under the parent Casio brand and can be seen as standalone brand on its own.

If you have purchased any G-Shock, you will see all G-Shock watches that come with boxes or watch cases that have the Casio brand printed on them.