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Tonino Lamborghini Watches

Hailing from the Lamborghini family dynasty, Tonino Lamborghini established his self-titled watch brand in the 1980s and has never looked back. Its premium Swiss-made automatic watches are inspired by the mechanics... Read more

Find Your Tonino Lamborghini Watch

Are you looking for subtle motoring details or a watch that shouts your passion for luxury cars from the rooftops? The Tonino Lamborghini Cuscinetto collection of automatic watches hints at the... Read more

New Season

Choose from the latest additions to the Tonino Lamborghini Italian watch collection, including luxury automatics chosen by the WatchPilot team.

Automatic Watches

Browse Tonino Lamborghini automatic watches for men, including the Cuscinetto and Spyderleggero collections with uniquely designed case shapes and bezels.

Quartz Watches

Inspired by fast cars and engine mechanics, the Tonino Lamborghini collection of quartz watches is designed in Italy for maximum impact.

Shop All

Discover the full range of Tonino Lamborghini men’s watches, including automatic and quartz movements across the Spyder, GT1 and Panfilo collections.

Featured Collections

Tonino Lamborghini Cuscinetto Watches

This Swiss-made automatic watch collection in titanium draws inspiration from ball bearings and their important role in the automotive industry.

Tonino Lamborghini Spyderleggero Chrono Watches

Explore this Tonino Lamborghini automatic chronograph watch collection with a titanium case that’s shaped like its iconic raging bull shield logo.

Tonino Lamborghini Spyder Watches

This jet-black quartz chronograph offering in stainless steel has all the hallmarks of the Tonino Lamborghini brand, coupled with bright pops of colour on the dial.

Tonino Lamborghini Panfilo Watches

A diver-style watch with a titanium case that’s inspired by the frame of a sports car. Browse this automatic watch collection here.

Tonino Lamborghini Spyder X Watches

Dynamic ‘Start, Stop, Reset’ pushers change the silhouette of the Tonino Lamborghini Spyder X quartz chronograph watch and add a sporty touch.

Tonino Lamborghini GT1 Watches

The break and accelerator pedals of a Lamborghini sports car are the inspiration for the GT1 men’s watch collection with Swiss-made Ronda quartz movements.

Best-Selling Tonino Lamborghini Watches

Discover Italian design paired with Swiss watchmaking in the Tonino Lamborghini men’s collection. Its best-selling quartz and automatic watches are an ode to engineering and luxury motoring.


Go behind the scenes of the Lamborghini dynasty and find out how three-generations have steered the brand’s watches on a track to success.

Is WatchPilot an authorised Tonino Lamborghini seller?

Yes, we are an authorised retailer of Tonino Lamborghini watches. When you receive your Tonino Lamborghini watch, it will arrive in an official presentation box with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What is the link between Tonino Lamborghini watches and Lamborghini cars?

Tonino Lamborghini is the son and heir of Ferruccio Lamborghini, who established the luxury car company in the 1960s. During the 1980s, Tonino wanted to create something that was all his own outside of the automotive world, so he set his sights on watches. Engineering, mechanics and technology all play a role in the design process, and references to Lamborghini cars are never difficult to find, especially in the Spyder, Cuscinetto and GT1 collections. Today, Tonino Lamborghini is a complete lifestyle brand with eyewear, leather goods, jewellery, beverages and even hotels.

Is Tonino Lamborghini a luxury watch brand?

Tonino Lamborghini is a luxury Swiss-made watch brand that’s designed in Italy. The brand’s automatic watches and quartz watches use premium materials, such as titanium, and have quality finishes, including skeletonised movements, day-date complications and sapphire crystal glass. The price points of Tonino Lamborghini men’s watches reflect its focus on luxury and distinctive style.

What is the story behind the Tonino Lamborghini ‘Raging Bull’ logo?

Every Tonino Lamborghini watch features a raging bull on a red shield-shaped background. This is a very similar logo to the one used on Lamborghini cars. The emblem was chosen by Ferruccio Lamborghini, Tonino’s father because it matched his Taurus Zodiac sign. The outline of the Lamborghini shield has also inspired the case shape of Tonino Lamborghini watches. You can see this most clearly in the Spyder, Spyder X and Spyderleggero Chrono collections.