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Best Men’s Watches Under £1,000

Not all watches were designed and manufactured equal. Quality, price point and design can be used to distinguish men's luxury watches from cheap ones.


Men's Watches Under £1000

Not all watches are created equal. There is a huge difference in quality, price point and design between cheap men's watches and expensive men's watches. You may have to spend the extra money for an expensive watch if you want something with lasting value that will take some wear-and-tear without breaking down, but thankfully there are also affordable options available which still look great on your wrist. Here's our selection of the best men's watches under £1000.

1. U-Boat 8702 Men's Noble Green Darkmoon Watch

The sophisticated U-Boat 8702 Darkmoon men watch is stylish and modern. The luxurious green metal is given a Soleil finish to bring out the vibrant colourways.

It includes a visible free-flowing bubble to allow for functional warmth or coolness in any climate, as well as safety from damage due to its IPB plated stainless steel casing, which consists of lubricating oil that makes this timepiece touchable on your skin without fear of corrosion.

The strap is vulcanised black rubber so you can wear it with comfort all day long. With reliable Swiss precision and accurate time bearing from within, there's no better luxury watch than the ever-dependable Ronda 712 3 quartz movement.

  • Fit for any climate and unrestricted by the elements
  • IPB plated stainless steel casing protects from corrosion
  • Eco-friendly, non-lubricating oil ensures an environmentally conscious timepiece
  • Maintains higher quality levels of style while being durable
Our price: £890

2. U-Boat 8466/A Men's Black Darkmoon IPB/A Watch

This U-Boat Darkmoon watch is a stylish timepiece with jaw-dropping features. Front and centre, the glass cover that shields your face from ever again seeing an empty battery compartment.

The Swiss-made electromechanical movement on this stylish piece of machinery is wholly immersed in a low viscosity lubricating oil, emphasising the dial, creating an optical effect of more intense black and higher quality legibility.

This innovation ensures you'll never have another frustrating run-in with limited light while changing the time or exploring the compass directions as one hand always remains visible under any circumstances.

  • Contemporary design
  • Stay connected with the time at a glance
  • Swiss made an electromechanical movement with low viscosity lubricating oil to increase legibility
  • Sleek design and face cover that shields your battery compartment
  • Water resistance of up to 300 meters
Our price: £990

3. Roamer Men's Blue Rotopower Mechanical Watch 703660 49 45 07

A self-winding dress watch with Swiss Made automatic movement and a 44-hour power reserve. This timepiece is perfect for the man who appreciates clean lines, refined details, and sophisticated technology.

The 41 mm barrel-shaped ROTOPOWER features a smooth bezel, 3 central hands; a date aperture at 6 o’clock; a striking fluted crown, amongst other things on this watch.

This piece is equipped with sword-shaped hands in rose gold or silver depending on the model and inspired by the 1950s to today's modern design. Alongside that are further revolutions like durable sapphire crystal dial window as well as beautifully structured surface.

  • Crafted with care by a team of experts
  • It offers an elegant, timeless design
  • Selected by professionals in the industry
  • Made from only the finest materials

4. Roamer Men's Brown Rotopower Mechanical Watch 703660 49 15 07

This Roamer men's wristwatch is a statement accessory that reflects your elegant sense of style and taste. The Swiss-made automatic movement ensures accurate timekeeping, while the sapphire crystal dial window combined with sword-shaped hands in either rose gold or silver means this watch will turn heads.

With its sleek 41mm barrel-shaped design, sharp lines and knowledgeable features, this Roamer men's' wristwatch has it all.

  • Reliable and accurate Swiss-made automatic movement
  • Sleek 41mm barrel-shaped design with sharp lines
  • Stainless steel bracelet that resists wear and tear

That's Roamer Men's Brown Rotopower Mechanical Watch!

5. Roamer Men's Two-Tone C-Line Automatic Watch 672661 41 55 60

Have you been searching for a perfect watch? Roamer Men’s C-LINE AUTOMATIC may be just it. This sleek and beautiful timepiece meets the modern man's every need, powered by a self-winding automatic movement with a date function.

With a skeleton design featuring 2 aperture windows, its modern yet timeless features will surely make it your go-to timepiece.

You'll appreciate the anti-reflective sapphire crystal dial window protection and 3 central hands baton markers in either silver or rose gold with smart symmetry in look and function—shock-resistant high-tech ceramic on bracelet protected by steel rimming pairs perfectly with this sophisticated style.

  • High-quality automatic movement
  • Skeleton design with 2 aperture windows
  • Anti-reflective sapphire crystal dial window protection
  • 3 central hands baton markers
Our price: £495

6. Roamer Men's BlackSuperior Chrono Watch 508837 41 55 50

This eye-catching chronograph is a functional timepiece with a sleek sporty-elegant appearance. It has been fitted with Swiss Made Ronda 5030.D movement, and it comes in 9 different versions: all three patterns of the dial can be chosen from white, brown, black or blue dials on either a crocodile embossed leather strap or stainless steel bracelet.

  • Swiss movement
  • 9 versions to choose from for any personality and budget
  • Stylish, elegant appearance
  • Durable material

That's Roamer Men's BlackSuperior Chrono Watch!

Our price: £419

7. Polar 90069634 Vantage V Black Sport Smartwatch

Energize your workouts with a healthy dose of accurate data and smart features. Polar Vantage V is designed to motivate you through coach segments, message notifications, detailed feedback and post-workout recovery advice. The perfect match for any training – from getting into shape up to elite performance or fitness competitions.

This essential piece of sports technology is designed to keep athletes on top of their game. The Polar Vantage V gives you all the accurate data you would need to maximise your performance, and it works with different heart rate tracking solutions. If you want to train like a pro, you need to recover like a pro - and with the Polar Vantage V, that's easier than ever before.

  • Workout smarter with a full complement of data
  • Stay connected and motivated during your workouts
  • Plan, monitor and evaluate all aspects of your training
  • Get feedback on all-time stats in detail
Our price: £479

8. U-Boat 8700 Men's Imperial Blue Darkmoon Watch

The U-Boat 8700 Men's Imperial Blue Darkmoon Watch is a multifunctional and ultra-resistant luxury model designed for professional use in the field. Featuring an imperial blue metal Soleil finish dial coated with lubricating oil to ensure optimal readability and visibility.

This watch’s 44mm case is manufactured from IPB plated stainless steel and includes a screw-down crown on its left side. It also offers a black rubber strap vulcanized with the logo of Maison in relief. Measuring 230-175mm in width, it features an IPB over stainless steel tongue buckle which secures it around your wrist.

The quartz Ronda 712.3 movement assures accurate timekeeping, is a hallmark of high-quality Swiss craftsmanship and includes beige hands and baton hour markers for easy readability, ensuring this will be the perfect happy birthday present.

What better way to celebrate good times than with an Italo Fontana? This 8700 Men's Imperial Blue Darkmoon Watch features water resistance of up to 5 ATM, meaning it can withstand light splashes too, making it safe for day trips by the beach or backyard barbecues.

  • High-quality Swiss craftsmanship
  • Provides accurate timekeeping
  • Durable and comfortable watch strap with logo in relief
Our price: £980

9. U-Boat 8699 Men's Elegant Brown Darkmoon Watch

This U-Boat men's elegant brown Darkmoon watch is 44mm stainless steel and upgraded with luminova to ensure easy legibility, making it a perfect choice for these darker winter days.

It has an IPB plated case with a fine Soleil finishing that uses lubricating oil on the face, not only practical but also aesthetic. A luxurious timepiece for those who demand quality and innovation in their accessories as well.

The Italo Fantana U-Boat 8699 Men's Elegant Brown Darkmoon Watch is a precision piece of machinery set to guide you by the hour. The black rubber strap is ultra-resistant and comfortable with a 22mm width that compensates for larger wrist sizes between 0 and 60 degrees celsius on the temperature display.

Water-resistance o up to 50 metres, this watch is ready to be the man's best friend in any situation when it comes to time.

  • The perfect watch for any situation
  • Sharp, sleek design
  • Extremely durable and water-resistance
  • Accurate time even in the hottest or coldest environments
  • Simple, easy-to-read time display with date function
Our price: £980

10. U-Boat 8698 Men's Noble Green Darkmoon Watch

How can you have anything but time on your side? This unique, luxurious watch has a dexterous emphasis on precision and may be just what you need. With its impressive 44mm case and accurate Swiss-quartz Ronda 712.3 movement, it's set for success.

We all have that awkward moment when we accidentally get our watches wet. But U-Boat has changed the game with their innovative quick battery replacement function on the case back, making it simple to keep your watch ticking and looking great throughout even unpredictable days.

The synthetic rubber strap is comfortable and taut, so there's no need to worry about it coming loose any time soon. Best of all, this Italian made timepiece has a water resistance of up to nearly 200 meters.

Perfect for those clumsy moments during hand washing in the office kitchen or while doing dishes. This means they're suitable for wear by anyone who spends a lot of time near running water.

  • U-Boat watches are GORGEOUS and stylish
  • Inside every watch is an accurate Swiss-quartz movement
  • 44mm case can vary in size depending on the watch style
  • Quick battery replacement function makes life easy

That's U-Boat 8698 Men's Noble Green Darkmoon Watch!

Our price: £980

11. U-Boat 8697 Men's Cardinal Red Darkmoon Watch

Whether it's for a quick getaway or a long, luxurious trip around the world, U-boat watches are renowned for their quality and durability. Our Darkmoon watch features an IPB plated case filled with lubricating oil to accentuate its red and black colourways.

The dial is made from a red metal with Soleil finishing that intensifies its colour palette and gives the wearer increased visibility. It also includes a black rubber strap that has water resistance so you can go scuba diving without fear of your watch slipping out of place.

Stop scratching your watch and hiding it under a cuff. The military-inspired dress timepiece includes all of the tough features you need to feel confident no matter what life throws at you.

With an imported sapphire crystal face for unmatched durability, luminova raised indices, so they always stand out, or Swiss quartz movement with quick battery replacement function that has a water resistance of up to 5 ATM.

This is undoubtedly one well-built watch that will last as long as you do. So say goodbye to those bulky cuffs and get ready to enjoy this timepiece in hot weather conditions down to 0 degrees Celsius or even comfortably inside without gloves - thanks to warm water-resistance seals. You can also be rest assured knowing that the face frame takes impact from head-on with its reinforced design construction.

  • A durable watch made out of high-quality materials
  • Delightful colour combinations that are perfect for all occasions
  • The ultra-resistant strap protects the watch from damage, even while underwater
  • Aesthetically pleasing design and a high level of water resistance
  • IPB plating that resists scratching, rusting and fading
  • Swiss-made precision timekeeping

That's our review of U-Boat 8697 Men's Cardinal Red Darkmoon Watch.

Our price: £980

12. U-Boat 8704 Men's Imperial Blue Darkmoon Watch

This luxury watch is sure to get you noticed with its dazzling colours. So make it your brand new go-to accessory, and show off that added bit of personality. Jewellery collectors have long been fascinated by the intricacies seen in this ancient material. Even if you don't enjoy wearing them on a day-to-day basis, owning an exquisite piece of jewellery has always been associated with success and status.

This men's Imperial Blue Darkmoon Watch reflects modern sensibilities while preserving its antique beauty for generations to come. As a result, it will easily become apart of any collection - and serve as a beautiful investment piece for those looking for something that retains elegance without ever going out of style.

Looking for something subtle but stylish? Look no further than the U-Boat 8704 Men's Imperial Blue Darkmoon Watch. This watch speaks to your desire for a mixture of confident allure and fickle good taste, balancing social demand with self-made needs. The black dial coating is designed to provide maximum legibility in low light conditions, and increased visibility comes courtesy of the luminova beige indices.

A durable sidekick that will see you well through daily office life and your busiest moments, it features an innovative quick battery replacement function thanks to an effortless locking ring system on its stainless steel case back as well as 5 ATM water-resistance when going about business or taking pleasure trips.

  • Touch of style to suit your changing mood
  • Bold and confident looking without being too flashy
  • Sleek black dial with easy-to-read numbers in low light
  • Durable design that is both classic and innovative
Our price: £890

13. U-Boat 8703 Men's Elegant Brown Darkmoon Watch

The Darkmoon collection is like no other. And the U-Boat 8703 men's watch builds on that legend. It draws out just how extraordinary dark brown and black colourways can be with a royal brown metal dial and Soleil finish.

The reliable Swiss quartz movements are interchangeable with quick battery replacements, so we make sure your timepiece stays in good working order through its sixty-four-hour power supply.

We also include the locking ring system to keep things hermetically sealed against water when you're not wearing or carrying it. A 44mm steel casing lets you know it's nonchalant; because there is zero fear of water or deep scratches penetrating our luxurious timepiece thanks to an entirely lubricated interior with oil pouring.

Watch enthusiasts will be amazed at the elegant and international design of this watch. With a visible guilloche pattern on every dial, this black timepiece is attractive with any outfit. Made from sturdy materials that are durable and comfortable for daily wear, its functionality is unparalleled among watches in its price range.

  • Premium and reliable Swiss quartz movement
  • Qualities of a dark brown metal dial and Soleil finish
  • Locking ring system to keep items watertight
  • A variety of colour and style combinations
  • A high-quality battery that never needs replacement
Our price: £890

14. U-Boat 8701 Men's Cardinal Red Darkmoon Watch

A must-have for all the Emperor's men. With a metallic red and black case, while retaining a dark tone, this Darkmoon watch will be sure to create an iconic impression on any vital mission.

The U-Boat 8701 Men's Cardinal Red Darkmoon Watch is exactly what you need to spruce up your attire. With this watch, you can be sure that the chances of misplacing your timepiece will not happen. It also won't easily crack or break due to a hard impact as it features an ultra-resistant material and a 5 ATM water resistance rating.

  • Sleek design where time is always in sight
  • Ultra-resistant material for extra durability
  • 5 ATM water resistance rating
  • Stylish yet tough with its metallic red and black case
Our price: £890


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