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Marathon Divers Watch Review (Black Automatic Watch)

You deserve to wear this Marathon automatic watch for its style, colour and quality. Marathon originally only provided watches to the military, but these days everyone deserves a great quality military grade watch.


Marathon Anthracite Large Diver's Automatic Watch

Hello my name is Jack and welcome back to Watch Pilot, the home of all things watches.

Let’s kick start this video with today’s wrist check, I’m wearing the watch we’re talking about today.

  • The Marathon Government search and rescue Diver’s Watch.

And this watch is available to purchase on our website

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Take a look at the details of this Marathon Anthracite Large Diver's Automatic Watch.

Our price: £2,195

History of Marathon Watches

Firstly Marathon has a lot of history behind the brand and was founded back in 1904 as Weinstrum Watch later to be named Marathon Watch in 1939 by Morris Wein. A Canadian based company creating luxury tool watches for over 80 years.

In 1941 Marathon were supplying timepieces to the allied forces and as time goes on they continued to produce military watches which were used by American soldiers and Canadian armed forces. And worn by troops in Iran and Afghanistan.

So these watches don’t just look the part they have a purpose.

All their watches are manufactured by hand in their own factory’s in Switzerland. This is to ensure the best level of quality to combine both military and durability with Swiss engineering.

In my opinion Marathon is a very underappreciated watch brand but their visions were never to be a known brand. They just wanted to manufacture an excellent tool watch for military purposes.

Right let’s move on and unbox this watch.

Feel free to view all the Marathon watches available on Watch Pilot.


Watch Pilot's Review

My first impressions of the watch, it has a very luxury look and feel. Just from holding it you can instantly tell it is a great quality and durable watch. And it’s on the heavier side. And it is a great unique looking watch.

Taking a look at the specifications, the casing is made out of an IP black 316L stainless case with a diameter of 41mm and a thickness of 14mm. Which is the ideal size for a men’s watch.

We have a black dial with the brands logo incorporated and a date calendar giving it that traditional look. And they’re proudly known for their Swiss made timepieces.

A pretty cool feature I really like is that this watch offers constant visibility so you can tell the time in low light. Can we dim the lights to show this off please?

This would have been a useful tool for the military and anyone that works in low light conditions. But the question is how does it work? Well this watch uses a self contained tritium gas tubes and Maraglo paint. And these are placed on each hour marker and each hand.

Moving on, this watch has a self-winding automatic 25 jewels movement. This actually offers a more smooth self-winding experience.

And is covered with a sapphire crystal glass protecting it from being scratched. Which is something you would expect on a luxury timepiece. Especially at this price point. Fun fact the sapphire glass also helps with reading the time when you’re in direct sunlight or deep underwater.

As you can see it has a uni-directional bezel which is a unique feature that helps measure diving time. So if you’re a diver this is your ideal watch, it also has water resistant down to 300 meters which is pretty incredible I must say.

It also features a screw down crown and 300 metres of water resistant, making this the ideal divers watch.

Looking at the outer of the watch we had a lug width of 20mm which in my opinion is the perfect size especially for my wrist.

Moving onto the bracelet, I absolutely love the colour, it’s kinda got that matt finish. So we have a high quality 316L surgical grade stainless steel bracelet. This watch is literally built to survive the most extreme conditions.

Ok we’re going to move onto the price, which is one of the most expensive watches I have reviewed on this channel.

So this watch retails at £2,195.00 on Which does sound a lot but if you look at the specs and the quality build of this luxury tool watch, you would expect to see a higher price tag. And it is still cheaper than a Rolex.

Originally Marathon only provided timepieces to the military so to get your hands on one, you would have had to of been issued one. But started offering them to the public to purchase – because why shouldn’t everybody have a great quality military grade watch quoted by Mitchell Wien himself the vice president of Marathon Watch.


Opinion & Summary

Overall I love the watch, I love the history behind the brand and it’s heritage which I admire.

Would I use all these tools this watch offers? Probably not. But I would wear it because I love the style, colour and the quality is just amazing.

And that’s all we have time for. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did make sure you hit that like and subscribe button. And I will see you next time. Bye.


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