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Hamilton Watches

Just like a good movie, the Hamilton watch story can be told in three acts: the military years, the Hollywood era and its present-day success. The brand was established in Pennsylvania,... Read more

Find Your Hamilton Watch

Hamilton watch collections reflect its military background, especially the Kahki Field soldier’s watch and its pilot and diver models. Other iconic Hamilton watches like the Ventura and American Classic have a... Read more

New Season

Explore the newest Hamilton watches in the WatchPilot collection. We’ve selected the best options for men and women, including automatic and quartz watches.

Men’s Watches

Step into the shoes of Elvis Presley, Matt Damon and Will Smith with the Hamilton men’s watch collection and its iconic models, like the Ventura and Khaki Field.

Women’s Watches

Hamilton watches for women are underrated treasures. Start your search with the Ventura, American Classic and Jazzmaster collections for quartz and automatic styles.

Shop All

Discover the full range of Hamilton Swiss-made automatic watches on WatchPilot. We’ve curated our favourite quartz watches and automatic models to build your collection.

Featured Collections

Hamilton American Classic Watches

Inspired by vintage Americana fused with classic case shapes and subtle finishes, the Hamilton American Classic collection is your ticket to California cool.

Hamilton Khaki Field Watches

The Hamilton Khaki Field watch captures the essence of military watches with brown, green and grey colours. Choose from automatic or quartz to suit your budget.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Watches

Start here for Hamilton’s take on the diver’s watch. The Khaki Navy celebrates ocean explorers and includes popular models like the Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Watches

This selection of Swiss pilot’s watches boasts automatic movements, chronographs and GMT functionality for world-travellers in a range of wearable colours.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Watches

The smooth and stylish Jazzmaster watch for men and women is all about refinement for work and play. You’ll find some great skeletonised Hamilton watches here too.

Hamilton Ventura Watches

Discover one of the most iconic and distinctive case shapes in watchmaking history. The Hamilton Ventura watch is a little piece of history on your wrist.

Best-Selling Hamilton Watches

The Hamilton watch collection contains iconic cinema favourites like the Khaki Field, Ventura, American Classic and Jazzmaster. Here’s our rundown of the American-Swiss brand’s best-selling watches for men and women.

Behind The Scenes with the new Jazzmaster Performer

Feel the energy. Embrace the pace of your journey with our newest Jazzmaster Performer, a hero of your life’s achievements that keeps on ticking no matter what. From chronograph watches to refined automatic versions, the Jazzmaster Performer combines technical performance and sport-chic design; a perfect companion for life on the go.  

Are Hamilton watches Swiss made? 

Yes. Hamilton has been part of The Swatch Group since 1974. In 2003, it moved its headquarters and production to Biel, Switzerland, which means its watches now boast the ‘Swiss-made’ label. Hamilton still describes itself as an American brand, though. It operated from its original factory in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for 111 years, so the connection is still strong. 

Is Hamilton a luxury watch brand? 

Hamilton is not a luxury brand, but that’s no bad thing. It makes high-quality Swiss watches at accessible prices and uses recognised and durable Swiss-made movements across its mechanical, automatic and quartz watch collections. Its long-standing connection to the Hollywood movie industry also gives the brand lots of personality. This is a family of watches you can wear with pride.  

What actors have worn Hamilton Watches? 

Matthew McConaughey famously wore the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date in Interstellar. In the movie, he gifts his daughter a Hamilton watch, which was custom-made for the production. A replica of this piece – the Hamilton Khaki Field “Murph” – is now available. Actors who’ve worn the iconic Hamilton Ventura include Elvis Presley, Will Smith, and Tessa Thompson, while Robert Pattinson and Matt Damon have worn the Hamilton Khaki BeLOWZERO. Other movie star fans of the brand include Sandra Bullock, Roger Moore, George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr, Keanu Reeves, and many more. 

What movies have Hamilton Watches appeared in? 

Hamilton watches have appeared in more than 500 movies and TV shows since the 1930s. They’ve appeared on the wrists of main characters in films by acclaimed director Christopher Nolan, including The Dark Knight Rises, Tenet and Interstellar. They’ve also featured prominently in blockbuster movies like Marvel’s Avengers, Men in Black II, Pearl Harbour, Independence Day: Resurgence, Ocean’s Eight, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and The Martian.