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17 Best Skeleton Watches for Men in 2023

A skeleton watch has its inner moving parts in the dial all or mostly made visible. Review our list of best skeleton watches before buying.


What Is a Skeleton Watch?

Do all men need a skeleton watch?

What are the best skeleton watches for men?

First of all, a skeleton watch in which all the moving parts or the inner working parts in the dial are made visible. The moving parts of the skeleton watch can be visible through the front of the watch, the back of the watch or a small cut outlining the dial.

In other words, skeleton watches are see-through timepieces.

You need to know that there are two types of skeleton watches: Automatic (which is self-winding) and mechanical (which is manual winding).

An automatic skeleton watch is self-winding and charged by the movement of your wrist, and so it isn’t powered by watch batteries. The winding is accumulated and stored within a spring when you are wearing the watch due to the movement of your wrist.

The concept of a mechanical watch is simple as you will have to manually wind it.

There are quartz movement skeleton watches (which is powered by batteries) but unfortunately they do not provide quite the same experience as mechanical or automatic watches.

History of Skeleton Watches

Skeleton watches was first introduced in the 1700s by a very successful clockmaker André Charles Caron.

Before this first skeleton watch was invented by André Charles Caron in 1760, the inner moving parts of a watch were always covered and hidden without any visibility. This has led to a watch’s mechanism always a secret to the public.

The idea was that by making the watch’s dial transparent or the inner moving parts visible, the core secret could be revealed.

André Charles Caron was a royal employee who worked for Louis XV, the King of France at that time, for 40 years, and the year (1760) when he released the first skeleton watch it was the year when he retired from making watches.

Skeleton Watches: Gift for Men

Another fact about appearance and style is skeleton watches are usually more eye-catching due to the full or partial exposure of the mechanical moving parts.

As a gift for men during any festive season, a skeleton watch is always unique collection.

Below is our list of skeleton watches for men.

1. AVI-8 Burnt Gold Brown Hawker Harrier Chronograph Watch AV-4065-02

The AVI-8 burnt gold brown Hawker Harrier chronograph watch (or AV-4065-02) is both a pilot and chronograph watch, and was designed as a tribute to the Hawker Harrier Jump Jet used in the naval air forces during the late 20th century. The planes with aviation design breakthrough flew missions for the Spanish Navy is nicknamed the Matador.

The appearance of the Matador shows a complex jigsaw of gears and wheels which are precisely layered on top of each other as a dynamically designed piece of aviation inspired timing instrumentation.

The sturdy case measures 44mm in diameter with a carved caseback that echoes the turbine blades of the Rolls Royce Pegasus engine inside the Harrier. A hardened mineral convex lens with anti-reflective coating frames the mechanics underneath resting on the case bezel perfectly.

Each detail of the case has been carefully considered and exhibits a thought to the use and wear of the timepiece.

From the beveled chamfered edge bezel to the crown guard and piston like pushers, the case is complete as a suitable shell from which the watch may perform fully.

The dial itself is crowned with a Grande Date double aperture date display.

Each frame for each digit has been carefully beveled and sits above an interlocking design of gears and wheels, giving a peek and the inner mechanics of the movement.

The watch’s material is in stainless steel with a leather strap.

The clasp type is buckle.

When you strap the watch to your wrist, the fit is comfortable and snug courtesy of well-engineered lugs. It is a supple leather strap with military influenced cross-stitch designed for easy wear and maintenance.

The movement is powered by Japanese quartz chronograph with 1/20 sec and Big Date.

This is a really stylish and great looking timepiece from AVI-8 watches.

Our price: £275.00

2. AVI-8 Marine Grey Hawker Harrier II Chronograph Watch AV-4065-04

This AVI-8 marine grey Hawker Harrier II chronograph watch is similar to the other AVI-8 watch but is varied by colour.

Here are other features you should definitely take into serious consideration.

The AVI-8 watch features a disc display capable of a remarkable 1/20 of a second split time measurement.

The chronograph seconds and minute read out is executed through legible luminous hands and facetted indexes.

Our price: £260.00

3. Police Silver Luang Watch 16018JS/13M

Police watches feature detailed designs with urban appeal in a range of modern styles for men’s watches and ladies' watches.

Specifications of this Police silver Luang watch include silver stainless steel strap and three sub dials.

Our price: £205.00

4. Police Black Lulworth Watch 15917JS/03

The design of the Police black Lulworth watch consists of multiple sub-dials which are slot together.

The specifications in brief: Stainless steel case, blue colour dial, three hand movement, and black leather strap.

Overall, this watch demonstrates unmissable aesthetics through superior styling and supreme level of detailing of Police watches for men.

Our price: £179.00

5. Police Silver Kaizuka Watch 16022JS/04M/div>

The Police silver Kaizuka watch is a beautiful men's watch which is dominated by the silver colour of the case and the silver colour of the dial.

The watch has three sub-dials and two blue hands with blue index and hour markers, and is fitted with a silver stainless steel strap.

This Police watch is powered by a quartz movement.

The skeleton element is at the centre of the dial where a hole is cut opened to reveal the moving parts.

Our price: £159.00

6. Police Black Kaizuka Watch 16022JSBU/02M

If you want a similar watch but in a different colour, give this Police black Kaizuka watch a go.

With this Police watch, the skeleton element is more obvious due to the highly contrasting white colour at the centre.

Our price: £179.00

7. Emporio Armani AR1920 Men's Meccanico Brown Watch

Obviously the Emporio Armani men’s Meccanico brown watch (or AR1920) has a skeleton dial.

The watch has analogue display but is powered by automatic movement.

The watch’s 41 mm case is fitted with a brown textured leather strap.

Overall, AR1920 is a fantastic watch made available for men from Emporio Armani watches.

Our price: £149.00

8. Emporio Armani AR60005 Men's Brown Watch

Is this a perfect watch for men suitable for everyday wear? This Quartz movement Emporio Armani skeleton men’s watch (AR60005) is a luxurious rose gold watch made of stainless steel with a brown leather strap.

Our price: £189.00

9. Festina F20535/1 Men's Black Automatic Skeleton Watch

Within the automatic watch collection, there is this Festina black automatic skeleton watch for men. Besides having distinguished design, the watch is fitted with a leather strap, a stainless steel case and sapphire glass.

View all Festina men’s watches.

Our price: £235.00

10. Festina F20537/1 Men's Silver Automatic Skeleton Watch

Even it is not recommended for high impact water sports, this Festina Men’s silver automatic skeleton watch can be submerged in water while swimming or fishing.

Just as many Festina watches that have been synonymous with the perfect blend of elegance and features for years, this men’s skeleton watch is a functional and attractive watch which deserves to be in your automatic watch collection.

Our price: 209.00

11. Roamer Men's White Competence Skeleton III Mechanical Watch

This Roamer White Competence Skeleton mechanical watch for men uses a stainless steel case and is fitted with a leather strap. Inside the watch case it features a sapphire crystal.

The Swiss brand Roamer has been developing wristwatches with premium production techniques and the highest production quality. The design of Roamer men’s watches is combined with traditional values, functionality and elegance.

Our price: £715

12. Rotary Greenwich Skeleton Men's Blue Watch GB05350/05

This elegantly designed skeleton watch is built with robust stainless steel and sapphire glass crystal. The Rotary Greenwich skeleton men's blue watch features exposed automatic movement with balanced details between the exposed skeleton moving parts and minimalist hour markers.

Rotary men’s watches are one of the best British watch brands.

Our price: £329.00

13.Thomas Earnshaw Smeaton Watch ES-8208-33

For people looking to wear a wristwatch of the great names of horological history, the Thomas Earnshaw Smeaton Watch is one of the watches that recognises the creations of the legendary chronometer maker of the 18th and 19th centuries.

View our collection of Thomas Earnshaw watches.

Our price: £500.00

14. Thomas Earnshaw Babbage High Beat Watch ES-8274-11

The Thomas Earnshaw Babbage High Beat Watch has a uniquely engineered movement that enables a remarkable 72 hours of functionality with a full charge. The watch has a blue dial, a case of 43mm width and is fitted with stainless steel strap.

Our price: £510.00

15. Briston Brown Streamliner Skeleton Automatic Watch 201042.SA.BR.1.CH

Briston men's watches offer great balance between a contemporary timepiece and a casual accessory.

The Briston Brown Streamliner Skeleton Automatic Watch shows dynamic and fluid design in its dials composed of three superimposed layers. Powered with automatic movement, the small second at 5 o’clock sublimates the work on the dial.

Our price: £540.00

16. Gaga Milano Men's Neymar Mechanical Watch 5511INJ02QB

This Gaga Milano Men's Neymar Mechanical Watch has skeleton dial on several levels and operates on skeleton automatic movement made in Switzerland manual winding.

Luminescent hands and convex shaped mineral glass with scratch resistant treatment are fitted on the watch.

Many Gaga Milano watches are available in bright colours and eye-catching designs such as skulls, bold Arabic numerals and stars, making them great choice for fashion-forward watch-lovers.

Our price: £1,540.00

17. Graham White Chronofighter Superlight Skeleton Watch

The Graham White Chronofighter Superlight Skeleton Watch combines complex high-performance machining processes with a total weight lighter than 100g.

The carbon-chronograph watch presents the innovative superlight technology, and is enhanced by a superlight black carbon composite case, carbon trigger, bezel, dial and buckle.

With their signature chronograph style, Graham watches are known globally for combining a distinctively British design with cutting-edge Swiss watchmaking technology.

Our price: £8,950.00


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