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17 Best Smart Watches Under £1,000 - Smartwatch Reviews

Unisex smart watches are quickly becoming trendy for the younger generation’s preferred fashion style. We’ve included the best smart watches under £1,000 for men, ladies, and unisex in our reviews.


Smart Watches for Men and Ladies (That Are Under £1,000)

We’re to reveal the best smart watches under £1,000 for both men and women, after previous we’ve shared our curated list of the best smart watches under £200.

Unisex watches are quickly becoming a trend for the younger generation’s preferred fashion style, so are unisex smart watches. We’ve included watches for men, ladies, and unisex in our reviews. 

What is a Smart Watch?

A smart watch is a modern gadget and a wearable computing device. On the appearance, the smart watch resembles a wristwatch. Besides the very basic function for telling time through the watch dial, the smart watch is capable of tracking health information and activities.

Smart watches must be complemented with mobile smart phones. The smart watch is somewhat an extension of functionality to the wearer’s smartphone. To enable full functionality, the smart watch must connect through Bluetooth and be within wireless range of an Android, iOS smartphone or tablet.

The wearer’s interactions are usually done through the smart watch’s colourfully designed interface or screen.

The benefits of wearing a smart watch at least include the following:

  • A device to track fitness and exercise progress
  • Makes it easier for you to find your mobile/smart phone and keys (should you have mis-placed them somewhere)
  • Enables you to make or receive phone calls instantly
  • Lets you have access to notifications instantly
  • Allows you to stay connected even when you're out doing your fitness exercises or other outdoor activities
  • Enables playing of music

Let’s go through each watch.

1. Polar 90081734 Grit X Black Sport Smartwatch

The Polar Grit X black sport smartwatch is exactly designed for outdoor multi-sports and can take you through even the roughest, most epic sessions without clashing with your everyday style.

Polar Grit X comes with built-in GPS, compass and altimeter in training mode, and Polar’s unique Smart Coaching features that make sure you’re ready for your future adventures.

The Polar Grit X watch is an uncompromising combination of rugged and durable, yet lightweight design, top training features and the support of Polar Flow, the ultimate training platform.

Polar Flow is the app and web service that keeps all your training, activity and sleep data, plans and progress reports conveniently in one place. This is a smartwatch that comes with all the essential tools you need to make training progress and achieve your goals.

The watch offers ultra-long battery life and multiple power save options that are highly suitable for long outdoor adventures.

Watch’s gender: Unisex

Our price: £379

2. Polar 90069636 Vantage V White Sport Smartwatch

The next smart watch is also from the collection of Polar watches. The Polar Vantage V white sport smartwatch comes with digital display on a black dial and a white rubber strap.

With ultra-long battery life for triathlon or marathon training, the Polar Vantage V is designed for pro athletes or anyone who trains like a professional sportsman. This smartwatch gives you all the accurate data you would need to maximise your performance.

The Polar Vantage V can help you find the right balance between training and rest, so you can stay injury-free with a uniquely holistic training load and recovery tracking solution.

Do your training through the Polar Vantage V, and you will get access to the full Polar ecosystem where all the required data is connected. Your training data will be available on a single platform in Polar Flow. You can also choose to synchronise your training data to other services such as Strava or TrainingPeaks.

Watch’s gender: Unisex

Our price: £479

3. Polar 90070738 Vantage V Orange Sport Smartwatch

If you fancy an orange rubber strap while staying with Polar Vantage V, you will love the Polar 90070738 Vantage V orange sport smartwatch.

Watch’s gender: Unisex

Our price: £439

4. Polar Unisex Brown Vantage M2 Running Watch 90085163

For people with an active and sporty lifestyle, the Polar Vantage M2 smart watch is a perfect match.

The unisex brown Polar Vantage M2 smart watch uses Precision Prime sensor fusion technology to track heart rate, and is equipped with Training Load Pro which aids the wearer in seeing how much they have been training and how their training has impacted different parts of the body. The Nightly Recharge feature is a measurement of recovery that can assess how well each individual recovers from a day of activity.

The always-on colour display of the smartwatch is protected by a 1.2 inch hard-coated PMMA laminated lens.

Watch’s gender: Unisex

Our price: £269

5. Garmin Tactix 7 Standard Edition GPS Smartwatch

The Garmin Tactix 7 standard edition GPS smartwatch is a multisport watch that offers specialised tactical features.

The Garmin Tactix smartwatch features a sapphire lens, traditional buttons and large 1.4 inch touchscreen display. You have options to use the traditional button controls or the responsive new touchscreen interface for quick access to selections and functions.

The battery life is relatively long as it gets up to 28 days in smartwatch mode and up to 89 hours in GPS mode.

Key features of the smart watch include Built-In Green or White Flashlight, Night Vision Capability, Stealth Mode, Jumpmaster Mode, Kill Switch, Dual-Position Format, Projected Waypoints, Direct-To Navigation, and Weather Report.

Watch’s gender: Unisex

Our price: £949

6. Garmin Venu 2 Slate Stainless Steel Bezel with Leather Band Smartwatch

Next we will reveal several more Garmin watches, and this one is from the collection of Garmin Fenix.

The Garmin Venu 2 Slate smartwatch has advanced health monitoring and fitness features. This can help you better understand what is going on inside your body. On top of that, the long battery life helps you get an uninterrupted picture of your health with up to 11 days in smartwatch mode, up to 22 hours in GPS mode, and up to 8 hours in GPS mode with music.

Watch’s gender: Unisex

Our price: £359

7. Garmin Fēnix 7 Sapphire Solar Edition Black DLC Titanium Smartwatch

With ultratough athletic design, the Garmin Fēnix 7 sapphire solar black titanium smart watch features a large 1.3 inch solar charged display and 47 mm case.

With this smart watch, you are always ready to meet any athletic or outdoor challenge. With its scratch-resistant Power Sapphire solar charging lens, the Garmin Fēnix 7 uses the sun’s energy to extend battery life. This is more than sufficient to power advanced training features, sports apps, health and wellness monitoring sensors and more.

Watch’s gender: Unisex

Our price: £779

8. Garmin Quatix 7 Marine GPS Blue Silicone Smartwatch

This time from the Garmin Quatix collection, the watch’s rubber strap is in blue colour. From the Garmin Quatix 7 Marine GPS blue silicone smartwatch, you will get all the features you need on your boat and the ones you want off it.

With rugged and sophisticated design, the Garmin Quatix 7 features a large 1.3 inch always-on display and stainless steel bezel.

In terms of battery life, the internal, rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 18 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, 57 hours in GPS mode and up to 60 hours in UltraTrac battery saver mode.

Watch’s gender: Unisex

Our price: £599

9. Garmin EPIX Gen 2 Sapphire Gray Titanium Smartwatch

The last Garmin watch that we want to reveal within the Garmin brand is this one from the collection of Garmin Epix.

Regardless of your fitness goals, the Garmin EPIX Gen 2 sapphire gray titanium smartwatch has what you need to help you get there.

The appearance is stunning as the watch features a 1.3 inch always-on AMOLED display and it looks even better under bright sunlight.

You get a brown leather/silicone strap.

The Garmin Epix Gen 2 gets up to 16 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and 42 hours in GPS mode.

Watch’s gender: Unisex

Our price: £999

10. Kronaby S3123/1 Men's Beige Sekel Hybrid Smartwatch

From Kronaby’s Sekel collection, this watch has an amazing sapphire crystal, stainless steel case and a rusty brown strap. It is compatible with iOS 9 and Android 5.0 and is equipped with the latest technology.

You may look at the price of this watch and wonder what it is doing in the list of best smartwatches under £200. Well, occasionally we may surprise you by giving you a PROMO code for this watch and this allows you will get 10% off at checkout. This Kronaby S3123/1 Men's Beige Sekel Hybrid Smartwatch is a bargain!

Watch's gender: Men

Our price: £219

11. Kronaby S3128/1 Men's Brown Nord Hybrid Smartwatch

Moving onto the Kronaby Brown Nord Hybrid Smart Watch which has a more tradition dial compared to other smart watches.

It comes with a stainless steel case and a scratch resistance sapphire crystal with a brown leather strap which gives it that Scandinavian aesthetic.

You’re probably thinking how does this smart watch work without a touch dial?

Well everything runs through the Kronaby App which includes a number of features such as step counter. The dial does have addition features on the actual watch itself such as; the date, stop watch and timer.

From your watch you can silence alarms, dismiss calls, have filtered notifications and reminders to keep moving for a healthier lifestyle.

So if you’re looking for a more traditional smart watch, this one is for you, or find one from our collection of Kronaby watches.

Watch's gender: Men

Our price: £219

12. Kronaby S1426/1 Men's Black Apex Hybrid Smartwatch

The Kronaby black Apex hybrid smartwatch is a men’s watch from the Apex collection of Kronaby. The watch is equipped a silver stainless steel bracelet and a black dial.

Watch’s gender: Men

Our price: £399

13. Kronaby S0556/1 Ladies Silver Sekel Hybrid Smartwatch

For ladies, you may prefer the Kronaby ladies silver Sekel hybrid smart watch.

The Kronaby hybrid smartwatch is equipped with a stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, and a stainless steel strap.

The Scandinavian watch can incorporate a powerful technological component that allows connection to the smartphone through the Kronaby App compatible with iOS and Android.

Watch’s gender: Ladies

Our price: £349

14. Lotus 18800/5 Men's Black Connected Watch

If you like the look as an alternative to Rolex Submariner, you may prefer this smartwatch.

The Lotus men’s black connected watch (18800/5) has a 45mm diameter stainless steel case, is fitted with a metal strap, and is protected by a mineral crystal.

The watch can resist water of up to 10 ATM which makes the Lotus connected smartwatch suitable for swimming but not for diving.

Watch’s gender: Men

Our price: £229 (Was £249)

15. Lotus 18810/3 Men's Blue Connected Watch

From the collection of Lotus smartwatches, you will find this Lotus men’s blue connected smartwatch (18810/3). This Lotus watch has a 45mm diameter stainless steel case and is fitted with a silver stainless steel strap.

Watch’s gender: Men

Our price: £235 (Was £245)

16. Lotus 18811/2 Men's Black Connected Watch

The next smartwatch for men is the Lotus black connected watch (18811/2) which can be be worn for any occasion due to its stylish, modern and beautifully crafted design.

Watch’s gender: Men

Our price: £235 (Was £245)

17. Diesel DZT2008 Men's Black Full Guard 2.5 Smartwatch

Usually more expensive, but right now the watch is on discount. This Diesel men's black full guard 2.5 Smartwatch (DZT2008) takes its wearable technology up a notch and is powered with Wear OS by Google, which is a main feature in Diesel men’s watches.

This Diesel smart watch alerts you of weather changes, tracks your heart rate and every move, and allows you to control music from your wrist.

The stainless steel lugs, crown guard, and clips have also been sculpted to remove excess weight from the case, while still maintaining strong structural integrity for ultimate performance. Without sacrificing durability, elevated materials including the coloured anodized aluminum make the touchscreen smartwatch lighter.

Watch’s gender: Men

Our price: £79 with 75% off (Was £319)


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