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13 Best Branded Designer Unisex Watches Under £200

Five out of ten watch wearers prefer a unisex watch when given plenty watches to choose from. Unisex watches possess the look and features that make them suitable for both men and women. We're to review and reveal our list of the best affordable unisex watches.


Unisex Watches Are Trendy

Are you still sticking to the traditional watch wearing rules, or are you already into buying unisex watches?

Ladies in the old days would only wear small watches that have dainty straps with girly-like colours. But the majority of women in recent years prefer something in the middle or of unisex style just like what it is in the fashion industry. No one should feel forced to the traditional style of watch wearing anymore, and female wearers can even put on men’s watches when the timepieces appear appropriately on their wrists. Five (5) out of ten (10) people may even choose a unisex watch when they are given plenty options of watches to choose from.

An example is sports watches or fitness watches. Sports watches often are designed sporty and chunky that give characteristic of a men’s watch. But unisex watches are designed for both genders of wearers. Because of this fashion designed trend, unisex watches receive welcome responses from many women.

Let’s review our list of unisex watches under £200 that are suitable for both men and ladies.

What is Unisex Watch?

Unisex watches possess the look and features that make them suitable for both men and women. When wearing a unisex watch, you will feel comfortable. Due to the design, most other people will hardly be able to distinguish whether the timepiece is even a unisex watch.

Usually, it is the unisex watch’s masculinity nature on men and feminine nature on ladies that make them look good on both genders.

Some common frequently asked questions about unisex watches include:

  • Are all watches unisex?
  • What size is a unisex watch?
  • How to Identify a unisex watch?

Are all watches unisex?

Regarding functions, all watches are unisex. It is in the appearance including colours, styles and other elements that you can distinguish whether a watch is classified as men’s watch or ladies’ watch. Short answer is of course not all watches are unisex.

What size is a unisex watch?

Look at the case size of the watch. Usually a men’s watch should be within 40mm – 46mm. A typical women’s watch 32mm – 38mm.

Recommended size: A unisex watch can be conveniently within 38mm – 42mm as it won’t look too big or too small on any wrist of either gender.

How to Identify a unisex watch?

Features that we usually use to identify a unisex watch:

  • Case size of the watch – When you place two wristwatches side by side, the men’s watch often has a larger case than the women’s watch
  • Colour of the watch's band (or strap) - Some colours make the watch look girly, others are masculine
  • The overall colour of the watch including colours of the dial, bezel (if it's obvious), strap/bracelet and more

1. Columbia Black Outbacker Watch CSC01-005

With silver stainless steel strap and quartz movement, the Columbia Black Outbacker Watch displays exaggerated numeral markers on the watch face with luminous hands. This makes it super easy for any wearer to read the time from this wrist gear which is from Columbia’s Outback collection.

The navigational compass is built into the internal turning concave ring. This adds style and function for any outdoor journey.

Our price: £149

2. Columbia Navy Peak Patrol Chronograph Watch CSC03-006

With chronograph display and quartz movement, the Columbia Navy Peak Patrol chronograph watch is fitted with a custom designed water-resistant blue rubber strap.

The Columbia brand began in 1937 when the Lammfromm settled in Portland, Oregon, bought a small hat manufacturer and renamed it the Columbia Hat Company. Today, Columbia is passionate about outdoors and provides outdoors adventurers with the best quality gears. View our collection of all Columbia watches.

Our price: £149

3. Casio G-Shock Unisex Grey Watch GMA-S2100SK-1AER

With metallic translucent design and skeleton X metal dial-slip, the G-Shock unisex grey watch (GA-2100) gives the wearer a slimmer and more compact appearance suitable for any men or ladies. With functions including a stopwatch, countdown timer, an LED light and more, the Casio G-shock watch stands out in this special grey colour.

Our price: £109

4. Casio G-Shock Unisex Transparent Watch GMA-S2100SK-7AER

Another Casio watch is the G-Shock unisex transparent watch. Similar to the other G-Shock, but this time with a different colour which may appeal more to the female wearers.

When making G-Shock men's and women's watches, the Casio brand takes great pains to ensure there are no compromises on manufacturing quality from the initial engineering phase to the release of the final timepieces. View our collection of G-Shock watches.

Our price: £109

5. Mondaine Essence Unisex White Watch MS1.32110.RB

The 32mm case does gives a feminine look, but the Mondaine Essence unisex watch is certainly suitable for both men and ladies. The vegan watch comes in black with a strap made of natural rubber. The Mondaine watch makes it super easy to tell the time, as you will never miss the very eye-catching red second hand on the white dial.

Our price: £189

6. Mondaine Classic Unisex Green Watch A660.30314.60SBF

Another Mondaine watch but this time it comes with a 36mm tone-on-tone stainless steel case.

Featuring a Forest green dial and recycled PET textile strap with comfortable cork lining and stitches, the Mondaine classic unisex green watch pays tribute to the beauty of forests in our world.

The Mondaine classic unisex green watch possesses the hands and markers with a matte finish to maintain the minimalistic look of a typical Mondaine watch.

View our collections of watches from the Mondaine brand.

Our price: £199

7. Swatch Sparkle Night Bioceramic New Season Unisex Black Watch SO31B102

With analogue display on black dial, the Swatch Sparkle Night Bioceramic unisex watch is fitted with a plastic black strap. The Swatch watch stands out with its golden colour hands and crown, and jewellery style of look on the dial.

Our price: £78

8. Swatch Gohan X Swatch Dragon Ball Z Men's Purple Watch SUOZ345

Dragon Ball Z Swatch watches are unisex watches that will look fabulous and unique on any person’s wrist. The Gohan X Swatch unisex purple watch is inspired by Gohan who is the first son of Goku and was born at the end of the first Dragon Ball series. The watch dial's theme reproduces Gohan’s powerful Kamehameha. This watch is fitted with a violet silicone strap with multi-coloured print and a white dial. These Swatch watches are designed based on the Dragon Ball Z characters’ themes.

Our price: £87

9. Nordgreen Native Bright Red Nylon 36mm Silver Case Watch

With a red Nylon strap and 36mm silver case, the Nordgreen Native watch runs on Miyota 5Y20 movement and displays time with invisible minute marks and rounded lugs on a clean white dial.

The watch’s design has been elevated and brought back to classic look, making it a popular choice of unisex watch for ladies and men.

Our price: £133.99

10. Nordgreen Native Brown Leather 32mm Gold Case Watch

Another watch from the Nordgreen Native collection, the Nordgreen Native brown leather 32mm gold case watch is able to strike the perfect balance between striking sophistication and subtle detailing. With an analogue display, the brown leather watch strap is secured with a tang buckle on the wrist.

Our price: £143.99

11. Nordgreen Native Silver Mesh 32mm Silver Case Watch

As a unisex timepiece designed for the confident and trendy people, the Nordgreen Native silver mesh 32mm silver case watch fitted with a silver mesh bracelet and secured with a folding clasp.

View our collection of watches from the Nordgreen brand.

Our price: £148.99

12. Polar 90071065 Ignite Black Fitness Smartwatch

As a smart watch, the Polar Ignite black fitness smartwatch is a unisex watch. In short, the Polar Ignite black fitness smartwatch is a new generation workout device that can help you reach your true potential and push your limits all the way.

The Polar Ignite black fitness smartwatch makes a great training partner for running, cycling and other outdoor workouts. The integrated GPS built in the unisex smart watch can track your speed, distance and route. Besides daily activity tracking, steps and calories, the smart watch shows you detailed insights to recovery. You can even use this wristwatch to follow your sleep stages and get detailed sleep insights.

View our collection of all polar watches.

Our price: £174.50

13. Fossil FTW6026 Blue Gen 4 Sport Smartwatch

Enclosed in a 41 mm case, and secured by a mineral glass, the Fossil blue Gen 4 Sport smart watch is powered with Wear OS by Google and is Bluetooth-enabled. The Fossil smart watch with black round dial is compatible with iPhone and Android phones.

With full colour display, the Fossil blue Gen 4 Sportsmart (FTW6026) features an accelerometer, altimeter, gyroscope, heart rate sensor, microphone, NFC, untethered GPS, and many more.

View our collection of all Fossil watches.

Our price: £179


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