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Say Hello to 2023’s TikTok Fashion Trends

It’s a little different from your usual high-fashion trend round-up. This year’s most popular fashion looks, according to TikTok, include Gossip Girl fashion, the return of leather trousers, and the uprising of Tesco fashion.


TikTok is one of the most powerful social media networks of the moment. It’s influencing the top 40 songs, making lipsticks and mascara go viral, and even causing one ice cream brand to increase its sales by 700%.

It’s also a hotbed for fashion styles. At WatchPilot, and we have looked at the top fashion trends on the social platform by looking at the number of views for the below hashtags while making the best collection of men's watches and ladies' watches available to our customers.

And, it’s a little different from your usual high-fashion trend round-up. This year’s most popular fashion looks, according to TikTok, include Gossip Girl fashion, the return of leather trousers, and the uprising of Tesco fashion.

What fashion trends are you most likely to try this year?

Fashion Trends on Tiktok

Here are fashion trends that can go well with your favourite designer watches and sunglasses.

1. Loungewear - 2.5billion views

This is hardly surprising given that we’ve spent the bulk of our lives indoors for the last year. From hauls to creative ways to dress up joggers, loungewear has got us through lockdown, and we’re not letting it go anywhere any time soon. And, if you feel like making your own, tie dye loungewear has more than 3.9million views on TikTok if you want to be inspired.

2. Athleisure - 1billion

Spotting a theme here? Athleisure, casual clothing that can be used for exercising, working or lounging, is huge at the moment. More of us than ever are working out at home, and the versatility of athleisure means we don’t have to change outfits three times a day either.

3. Bucket hats - 145.8m

Whether you knit them yourself, make one out of an IKEA bag, or just, you know, buy one, bucket hats are having a moment. Perfect for summer and the (hopeful) resurgence of festivals, bucket hats keep you cool with style, and without the stiff feeling of a cap.

4. Mom jeans - 125.4m

Poor skinny jeans, they’ve not had a good time in 2021 so far. After Gen Z unceremoniously dumped skinnies, mom jeans appear to be the most popular alternative. With the high waist and baggy leg, expect to see many people wearing mom jeans as we emerge out of lockdown this year.

5. 90s fashion - 121.3m

TikTok is having a nostalgic period, with videos featuring 70s, 80s and 90s footage going viral. It’s the latter which is making its way into fashion aesthetic though, with users reenacting class of 1994 yearbook photos, wearing outfits inspired by 90s pop culture stars, and reinventing 90s trends as looks in 2021. Think socks over leggings, leather blazers, mom jeans and slip dresses. The 90s are back.

6. Leather pants - 118.5m

As already mentioned, people are wearing leather all over TikTok at the moment. But specifically, leather trousers. Style them with cropped jackets and trainers, a nice top and heels, or even go double leather with a leather-look shacket on top.

7. Miniskirts - 60.5m

The preppy look, made famous by Gossip Girl, is making a return. The Gossip Girl Challenge has 17.6 million views alone, seeing people style polo necks and knee high socks, trench coats and, you’ve guessed it, mini skirts. If TikTok is to be believed, pleated mini skirts are back, and back with a vengeance.

8. Biker shorts - 48.1m

These, arguably, were made famous by millennials a few years back, but biker shorts remain a wardrobe essential. They can be daunting to wear out, but consider an oversized t-shirt and trainers for a laid-back, comfy look.

9. Upcycled clothing - 47.5m

Gen Z is known as the sustainable generation, and following on from millennials is spending more money on sustainable clothing. But they’re also keen crafters. Upcycling and customising your own garments doesn’t just leave you with a unique item, but it provides great content for TikTok videos to go viral.

10. Puffer jackets - 32.3m

Warm and easy to pack due to the amount of air that can be compressed, puffer jackets are - no pun intended - blowing up. Perfect for your daily walk and now coming in a number of different styles and colours, the puffer jacket isn’t just a winter jacket anymore - it’s perfect for spring and unpredictable weather as we spend more time outdoors.

11. Sweater vests - 30.8m

Again, the preppy, Gossip Girl-esque fashion rules the roost. Who could have predicted four years ago that sweater vests, often linked to men playing golf, would make a comeback? Wear over a white shirt and with black ankle boots for the ultimate preppy look.

12. Low rise - 13.4m

Thanks to Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, 90’s low-rise jeans are making a comeback. The antidote to the high-rise jean we’ve all become accustomed to in the last 20 years, the low rise, bringing back memories of Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in their heyday, are all over Tik Tok. Will you make the shift from high to low?

13. Cottagecore fashion- 11m

As Spring looms, expect many people to be rocking cottagecore as the weather gets warmer. But what actually is cottagecore? Inspired by a romanticized look at rural life, when you enter the cottagecore fashion world on TikTok, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve stepped back in time. Think puff-sleeve floral blouses, maxi prairie dresses and straw hats.

14. Shacket - 9.2m

The perfect jacket for spring, a shacket brings you the outer layer you need to be warm from spring to autumn, merging the classic look of a shirt with a warm layer of a jacket. Right now, checkered shackets are doing the rounds on TikTok, but shackets come in many different colours and shades. Style your shacket with a midi dress, jeans and trainers or merge two TikTok trends by wearing your new leather trousers with them.

15. Nostalgic rings - Lamanso - 5.7m

Whatever Bella Hadid wears, TikTok seems to follow. Lamanso rings are loved by the supermodel and her friend, international pop star Dua Lipa. These clay rings bring you back to the 80s and 90s, with their pops of block colour and retro flowers. These nostalgic accessories are now an IT item, selling out everywhere.

16. Gingham - 4.4m

As second-hand finds and fashion crafts dominate TikTok, Gingham, with its vintage vibes, is back in fashion. Whether it's striped, check or plaid, gingham, with its patterns in white and a bright colour is a popular dress style, but people are also making scrunchies, collars, and even make up looks based on gingham.

17. Wedding dress 2021 - 2.9m

As we hope that weddings are back in full force by summer, many people rescheduled their 2020 weddings to this year. And many are turning to TikTok to look for inspiration for the dress for their big day. Whether it’s flowy, form fitting, bardot or lace, wedding dresses are everywhere for bride inspo this year.

18. Tesco clothing - 1.7m

With other shops closed, shoppers have turned to the supermarket for their in-person fashion purchases this year, and Tesco in particular has been prided all over TikTok for its clothes which resemble items found in other high street fashion stores.

By now you must have a good idea of the latest fashion that will match well with your new sunglasses and/or watches.


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