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Sekonda Watches Review (Classic and Smart Watches for Men)

Sekonda men's watches range from classic watches to modern smart watches and let you dress up or down according to the occasion. Let's have a look at our reviews on some Sekonda signature watches before buying.


Sekonda Watches – From Classic to Smart Watches

Today's brand is the Sekonda watches and we will review some of Sekonda's signature timepieces. The range of watches includes from classic watches, everything in-between to modern smart watches.

With the Sekonda designer watches, you can dress up or down according to the specific occasion.

Reviews on Video

You may also want to watch this video about the review of the Sekonda timepieces which is presented by Jack Biggs.

History of Sekonda Brand

The business Sekonda is a British watch brand which was founded in 1966. Sekonda started manufacturing mechanical watches which became popular quickly. This has built a great reputation for the quality, durability and value for money.

Practically in the UK everyone owned a Sekonda watch. That was because it is a reliable watch which was essential at that time at affordable prices.

In the 1970s, Sekonda continued to stay on top of the same by producing watches with quartz movement. This allowed the Sekonda brand to produce a variety of different styles in the collections and experiment more fashionable designs. This made timepieces from Sekonda even more affordable.

Sekonda became the best selling watch brand in the UK and managed to hold this title for 31 years. This is mind-blowing considering the high number of watch brands in the competition.

In the 80s and 90s, Sekonda made a great impression with the iconic TV advertising campaigns especially with their iconic tag line: "Beware of expensive imitations". This gave the brand the personality of today.

To this date, Sekonda is still producing affordable and stylish watches as well as venturing into the world of smart watches.

This is a lot of information about the Sekonda brand.

Cheap Watches? Or Well-made?

Let’s take a look at some of the signature Sekonda classic watches and Sekonda smart watches from our collection. I have been wanting to Sekonda’s timepieces for some time as they offer incredible value for money and many people will find this appealing. Are watches under £35 well-made or cheap and nasty?

Today's Sekonda watches for review are:

Sekonda 1912 Men's Blue Smart Watch

The first one is this smart watch – Sekonda 1912 men’s blue smart watch. The watch is ideal for anyone who love fitness or technology, like myself. You can use the watch just to track your daily activities.

Sekonda has always been able to keep up with trends on their design and this smart watch is a great step forward to the brand. I could run through all the specifications, but all you need to know is this watch possesses all the smart watch features you would expect. The features include:

The watch has a rather large display and comes with a silicone strap and a traditional buckle fastening. I am personally not a big fan on the silver buckle which does not match the black casing. Fortunately, straps are always interchangeable and they come in with several colours including red, yellow, black, green, orange and navy (blue). Blue strap is what I have on now. This allows me to match all my outfits.

The quick check feature of the watch operates with the movement of your wrist which illuminates the display. The design of this feature must be for the saving of battery life.

However, the latest watches from such as Apple now have an always-on display. The battery can last for 10 days and the watch comes with a micro USB charging cable and a magnetic connection. This is amazing as the battery of most smart watches can last up to one day.

The reason I like this men’s smart watch is because it costs an affordable £80 and at the same time the watch is fully loaded with many features.

The only disappointing feature is the watch is limited to only 1.5 metre water resistancy. So I would not recommend taking the watch for swimming.

Our price: £80.00

Sekonda 1845 Men's Blue Watch

Next we have the Sekonda 1845 men’s watch. The watch belongs to the men's divers watch collection. My first impression is the design has a traditional look for a diver's timepiece.

The watch has a rounded 46mm stainless steel case with a blue dial. A date window is located at the bottom of the dial and above the sixth botton. The three hands are shaped like arrows. The Sekonda 1845 uses quartz movement and is powered by a battery. It is water resistant to 200 metres which is not common at this price point.

This Sekonda watch has a unidirectional bezel but does not have a screw-down crown. The watch is fastened with a silver stainless steel bracelet and a deployment clasp.

I personally would describe the Sekonda 1845 as a diver's style watch rather than a watch that you would take to scuba diving. I do not want to trust the watch at this price point as an authentic divers watch. Overall, it is a great looking fashion watch for wearing in all occasions.

Our price: £69.99

Sekonda 1944 Taylor Men's Black Watch

Next we have the Sekonda 1944 Taylor Men's Black Watch from the collection of classic watches.

The watch has a simple and elegant appearance, and has this striking black sunlight dial which makes the watch looks great when natural light catches it.

Do not expect many features from this watch. The Sekonda watch provides a date display at the three o'clock position and is fastened with a silver stainless steel bracelet and a push button deployment clasp.

The Sekonda 1944 is water resistant to 50 metres which is no diver's watch and it's unlikely you would ever take it with you for swimming.

Who does this watch suitable for? I believe someone who really wants to look smart in the office but does not want to spend a lot of money can be perfect fit. Because of the watch's black dial and silver strap, it would pair brilliantly well with a sharp suit and a pair of black shoes.

Our price: £40.00

Sekonda 1864 Men's Black Chronograph Watch

Now let's look at the Sekonda 1864 Men's Black Chronograph Watch from the world time collection. Immediately you will feel this watch looks very different to other Sekonda watches.

I love this dual time watch which can easily be mistaken as a men's chronograph watch due to its three sub-dials and two button pushers.

The watch case is average size for men's watch and is ionic plated for durability. The watch features dual time display, date and world timer.

What's a world timer? A world timer watch allows the wearer to read the time in the world's major time zones.

The dual time watch comes with a smooth perforated black leather strap of 22mm wrist size. The watch isn't the traditional looking watch but has a sporty appearance which appeals to style conscious buyers who like to stand out from the crowd without spending a big budget.

Sekonda often is an underrated watch brand offering a wide selection at affordable price.

Our price: £79.99


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