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Casio Retro Watches [Men's Digital Watch Reviews]

What's a retro watch? Were Casio Digital Watches Popular in the 80s? Are you a fan of Casio watches or G-Shock watches? We’ll review our collection of Casio Vintage Retro digital watches for men.


Casio Retro Watches – Our Reviews

Are you a fan of Casio watches or G-Shock watches? We’ll show you our collection of Casio Vintage Retro digital watches for men with our own reviews. In this article we will go through the following topics and men’s watch reviews.

What is a Retro Watch?

A retro watch means an older watch and is often known as vintage watch.

Another way to describe retro watches is they are watch models that are designed with a vintage or classic look and feel. Retro watches are often inspired by designs from the past, and they are either new timepieces made to look like vintage models of watches that have been restored or refurbished.

Retro or vintage watches for men can appear in all types from affordable quartz models to high-end men’s mechanical watches, from square dial to rectangular face, or from leather strap timepieces to men’s minimalist watches.

Some popular watch brands are known for their retro designs including Casio, Timex, Seiko, and Omega. Many watch enthusiasts and collectors love to collect vintage retro watches simply because the watches offer unique style, history, and functionality.

Another obvious benefit when wearing a retro watch is that it can be a great way for the wearer to stand out in a world when many people wear smartwatches or other high-tech devices.

Many brands of men's retro watches have experienced a resurgence in popularity among fashion-conscious consumers in recent years. Many watch buyers are also drawn to the timeless style and classic aesthetic of men's vintage watches, as well as the durability and reliability within the construction.

Vintage watches offer timeless qualities that are appreciated by people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are looking for a stylish accessory or a reliable timekeeping tool, a retro watch is almost always a great option.

How did Casio Vintage Retro watches happen in the first place?

It all started in the year 1974 when Casio, a company from Japan, started to develop and manufacture the first set of digital LED wristwatches.

Casio watches since then have set the standard, style, character and design for digital watches. This trend had continued through the 80s and 90s.

Some unique Casio retro watch models such as F-91W, A168W, and CA53W were popular and affordable, and even offer features including alarms, stopwatches, and calendar displays.

One unique selling point of Casio vintage retro watches was the durability where the watches have always been built to withstand multiple types of wear and tear. This makes Casio watches suitable for active lifestyles.

Within the Casio brand, it had later also created G-Shock watches which have become a very popular watch brand on its own for many years.

Another Retro Watch: What is a Casio Calculator Watch?

Another type of Casio watches from previous decades is Casio calculator watch which is also known as the Casio Databank.

Casio calculator watch was first introduced by Casio in the 80s and since then quickly became popular among students, engineers, and anyone else who needed an instant calculator on-the-go. Basically, it is a Casio digital watch that features a built-in functional and simple calculator, or it is a watch and calculator at the same time. Other models also featured more functions such as an alarm clock, stopwatch, and calendar.

Portability has been a selling point of the calculator watches. In those years, wearers got used to wear the calculator watch on their wrist and have access to a calculator wherever they went, instead of carrying a separate calculator.

A Casio calculator watch typically features a small, square-shaped digital display with a keyboard of buttons below it. Casio watch wearers could enter calculations directly into the watch, which will then display the results on the screen.

Casio Vintage Retro Watches That We Have Reviewed

Casio Vintage Retro watches from our reviews:

1. Casio Vintage Men's Black Watch AQ-800E-1AEF

View Casio Vintage Men's Black Watch AQ-800E-1AEF.

Silver or gold? Let’s first go for a silver vintage watch which is a contemporary update on the 1980s AQ-450 design from the Casio brand of watches.

You don’t get a lot of this design in today’s watches. The watch shows time in both analogue and digital displays. There is a dial to display the time in analogue and a LCD to display the time in digital.

The watch face has a grid pattern which always reminds you the retro feel.

To make this watch more unbelievable, the Casio retro watch offers functions such as alarm, dual time, and stopwatch.

Watch colour: Silver

Our price: £45

2. Casio Vintage Men's Gold Watch AQ-800EG-9AEF

If you prefer gold colour instead of silver for the same type of watch, this Casio Vintage men’s gold watch is for you.

View Casio Vintage Men's Gold Watch AQ-800EG-9AEF.

Watch colour: Gold

Our price: £65

3. Casio Vintage Men's Gold Watch A168WERG-2AEF

This three-button Casio vintage men’s gold watch is a stainless steel watch with digital display on a blue-pink gradient colour watch dial. The watch appears absolutely retro on any man’s wrist.

View Casio Vintage Men's Gold Watch A168WERG-2AEF.

Watch colour: Gold

Our price: £52

4. Casio Vintage Unisex Silver Watch LA680WEA-7EF

Technically a unisex watch, but the Casio doesn’t take away the masculinity or the digital retro style when it is worn on a man’s wrist.

View Casio Vintage Unisex Silver Watch LA680WEA-7EF.

Watch colour: Silver

Our price: £35

5. Casio Stylish Vintage Unisex Black Watch B640WB-1BEF

Let’s go for a Casio black watch for a change while keeping the digital retro look.

View Casio Stylish Vintage Unisex Black Watch B640WB-1BEF.

Watch colour: Black

Our price: £51

6. Casio Classic Vintage Retro Unisex Gold Watch A159WGEA-1EF

Finally with a classic design, this Casio features digital display, illuminator, alarm and stopwatch.

View Casio Classic Vintage Retro Unisex Gold Watch A159WGEA-1EF.

Watch colour: Gold

Our price: £45 (was £60)


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