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The Dos and Don'ts of Buying a Watch Gift for Mother's Day

Need to buy the special watch for your mum? Our resident watch expert, Sarah Jordan, shares some dos and don'ts of Mother's Day watches.


The Dos and Don'ts of Buying a Watch Gift for Mother's Day

If you've decided to one-up the standard bunch of flowers and Victoria sponge cake this year, then a luxury Swiss or designer watch gift is a great way to go. Whether you're shopping for your mum, step-mum, godmother, sister, aunt or anyone in between, it's important to follow some simple rules of watch buying to ensure you pick something she'll treasure forever. Here, our resident watch expert, Sarah Jordan, shares some dos and don'ts of Mother's Day watch gifts. 

The branding around Mother's Day is intense. It's all shades of pink, daffodils, sugary flowers and love hearts… unless you're buying a very niche Swatch, this isn't going to cut it in the world of watches. So set what you think you know about Mother's Day aside and tap into a watch-gifting mindset. Think about your budget, consider her personal style, and decide whether you're going down the elegant eveningwear or daytime route. Once you've got some of these basics in place, it's time to start shopping. Here are some of the biggest dos and don'ts to support your search.

DO avoid cliches

One of the things about Mother's Day is that feminine colours and motifs are dialled up to eleven. There's nothing wrong with this abundance of pink if it fits your loved one's fashion sense. She might love rose gold, crystal-set bezels, pastel pink dials and the subtle shimmer of mother of pearl. But it's important not to fall into this 'trap' just because it's Mother's Day. 

Similarly, there's something tempting about the cocktail watch route. Instinctively, it fits the desire to spoil her rotten and add a bit of razzmatazz to her day. Chances are, though, she'll wear an elegant evening watch once in a blue moon. Try to pick the ideal watch that falls between fancy and practical daily wear. If she'd never treat herself normally but could feasibly wear your watch gift to work, the shops and on a night out with friends, you've hit the middle ground perfectly. 

DON'T stay in one lane

This follows from the previous point. Don't limit yourself just because it's Mother's Day. If your eye is drawn to a unisex, stainless steel bracelet strap watch with a deep blue dial, go for it! You know her best and can adapt to her personal style. The same goes for ladies' smartwatches and other performance models that offer specific functionality or complications. It might not have all the hallmarks of a Mother's Day gift – like petite proportions, sparkle, mother of pearl and floral details – but if it's what she's going to love, why not? 

DO consider her frame

Size matters when it comes to watches. If the female role model in your life has very petite wrists or larger wrists, you need to consider this during the buying process. Leather, fabric and rubber straps have more flexibility than bracelet straps, which may need a professional to remove and add metal links. 

Then there's the case shape and size to think about. Some women's evening watches can be very small at just 20mm in diameter, although anything below 34mm is considered femininely proportioned. Watches in the 34-40mm range are often considered to be unisex and will suit the woman who wants to make more of a statement. Some models sit prouder on the wrist, so they could be cumbersome for anyone who wears a long-sleeved uniform or works with their hands. Think about her lifestyle and preferences and base your Mother's Day watch gift decisions around them.

DON'T forget about complications

Complications are basically any element of a watch that does more than tell the time. They can be practical, aesthetic or a combination of the two. For example, decorative moon phases show the transition from day to night on the dial in a creative and often beautiful way. Another popular complication is the date, shown by a number in its own dial aperture, or a day-date function that shows the day of the week and the numerical date in the month. 

Complications aren't essential for a great watch but can add visual interest and set your gift apart. If you want to go the extra mile for Mother's Day this year, consider how a carefully chosen complication could elevate your choice and give her extra reason to smile. 

Frederique Constant Ladies Fc Slimline Moonphase Two-Tone Watch (FC-206MPWD1S2B) £1,150.00
Frederique Constant Ladies Fc Slimline Moonphase Two-Tone Watch (FC-206MPWD1S2B) £1,150.00

DO master the element of surprise

It's what we've been saying all along, be surprising. Indulge a love of classic 1950s' Old Hollywood' movies with a sleek Frederique Constant or Raymond Weil timepiece. Go for something completely unexpected, like a Swiss Railways-inspired Mondaine watch or amp up the yellow gold tone with something by Versace. 

My advice would be to tailor your search to two-tone or bi-metal bracelet finishes. They're different enough to raise eyebrows and start a conversation but not so daunting that she'll ask for the receipt. Look to Herbelin, Rotary, Tissot and Certina for great examples, especially for the pairing of rose gold and stainless steel. You can also try octagonal, square and rectangular case shapes to surprise anyone who thinks a watch can only be round.

Herbelin Newport Slim Ladies Gold Watch (16922/BP19) - £650.00
Herbelin Newport Slim Ladies Gold Watch (16922/BP19) - £650.00

DON'T get blinded by brand names

Finally, don't get distracted by the big names you recognise. Of course, they make amazing high-quality watches that anyone would be happy to wear. But, at WatchPilot, we know there are many amazing watchmakers that don't have the same kind of international reputation. So be open-minded about the brands you'd consider for Mother's Day gifts. You never know; you might just find an under-the-radar treasure.  

Start searching for the perfect Mother's watch gift today. Browse our ladies' watch selection, search by price, or browse our sub-collections of ladies' watches for the Mother's Day occasion:


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