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Watches for Valentine's Day Gift Ideas [This Year]

Find our collection of affordable watches with brands including ladies' Emporio Armani, women's Marc Jacobs & Briston if you need Valentine's Day gift for your partner.


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Need Valentine's Day gift ideas to buy for your partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend? We have you covered with affordable watches with brands including Emporio Armani, Marc Jacobs and Briston.

We are at Watch Pilot the home of designer watches as you can see. This is Jack and today I am joined by the one and only Liberty who was featured in our last gym video.

Valentine's day is just around and we thought it would be fun to help out with some Valentine’s gift ideas whether you are treating your other half, your family or even yourself. I have kind of done recently as I bought myself a coffee machine. So let’s take some advice from us singletons.

We have picked a collection of watches to fit everyone’s budget. Let's start off with our most affordable brand picks.


Emporio Armani AR11059 Ladies Rose Gold Watch

LIBERTY: I picked the Emporio Armani watch.
JACK: Emporio Armani is a super popular fashion brand especially with the younger generation. I also went for Emporio Armani for men’s version but we will get back to that in a second.
LIBERTY: Emporio Armani AR11059 Ladies Rose Gold Watch comes with a 32mm rose gold case which I really like and is super popular on the High Street.
JACK: Wait a minute. I feel like every brand is literally going for the rose gold colour at the moment.
LIBERTY: Yeah, especially Apple watch with the smart watches. Within the dial you have an analogue display and a quartz movement. You can also see the sparkly battens which I think really complement the dial.
JACK: They look really nice and very dainty as well and I believe it has a rose gold five link bracelet. But the question is how much does it cost?
LIBERTY: On Watch Pilot this Emporio Armani watch retails for £129 which is an incredible price for this fashion brand.
JACK: That is amazing!
LIBERTY: I just wish I had a Valentine’s date to wear it.
JACK: It’s not a dating website.

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Emporio Armani AR11208 Men's Black Chronograph Watch

JACK: I also went for Emporio Armani just because everyone knows the brand and it is on the most affordable side.
LIBERTY: I agree. The price ranges are affordable, and it makes a fantastic first watch.
JACK: A couple of specs – This Emporio Armani AR11208 Men's Black Chronograph Watch comes with a 44mm stainless steel case. The doll fits really nicely on my wrist.
LIBERTY: I think it fits perfectly.
JACK: If it is too big, the bracelet can be adjusted to fit your wrist. It comes with a chronograph feature for those who do not know the Emporio Armani is a stopwatch.
LIBERTY: That is handy! You don’t have to get your phone out. Most people like the look of the chronograph watch just because of the three sub dials.
JACK: Enough with the dial. Emporio Armani AR11208 for men also comes with a silver stainless steel bracelet which I am not that keen on. I would normally go with a leather strap.
LIBERTY: I think it complements the dial quite nicely.
JACK: The watch retails at £129 which I think is a great price for the style and the quality of the watch.
LIBERTY: Yeah, for the name of the brand it is an incredible price.
JACK: Overall, it is not a watch I would personally buy myself just because I prefer the leather strap. I like unique designs. What are your thoughts?
LIBERTY: I actually think it is a really classic looking watch and has great value for money.

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Marc Jacobs MBM3248 Ladies Mini Baker Rose Gold Watch

LIBERTY: My next pick is the Marc Jacobs Mini Baker rose gold watch.
JACK: I actually love this watch. It is such a simple look. It is minimal so you can dress it up for all occasions.
LIBERTY: Right. This Marc Jacobs watch is definitely an everyday watch and would go with any accessory.
JACK: I do feel like there is a pattern going on that matches the Emporio Armani just had. Tell us a bit more about the watch.
LIBERTY: This watch has a 28mm stainless steel rose gold casing which is on the smaller side.
JACK: I did notice that it is very small compared to other watches we have seen before. If you look in the dark, the sub dial counts two seconds.
LIBERTY: I noticed that but was not sure it has a white dial and two tone hands. The glass is scratch resistant.
JACK: Mineral crystal glass isn’t as scratch resistant as sapphire crystal glass. It is quite common to see that in fashion brands.
LIBERTY: For £164 I personally would not expect a sapphire glass. However, the Marc Jacobs MBM3248 Ladies Mini Baker Rose Gold Watch is an extremely delicate watch and I would happily wear it as my everyday watch.

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Briston Taupe Clubmaster Chic Watch 17536.SPRG.L.2.NT

LIBERTY: I actually went for the French brand Briston, and this time the Briston Taupe Clubmaster Chic Watch
JACK: I really like the minimalist style. The watch does look very nice as one of the colours really blend well together.
LIBERTY: The Briston Clubmaster has a 40mm rose gold case which is on larger side but I am a fan of that. It has an analogue dial and a quartz movement. It does have a very contemporary look with the white dial.
JACK: Can you change the strap?
LIBERTY: Yes. Currently the watch has the brown nylon strap but that can be easily changed to leather Suede or the Milanese bracelet.
JACK: I am guessing that’s going to be like around £350.
LIBERTY: No, it’s only £170! That is a fantastic price for the watch.
JACK: Are you kidding me? That’s amazing like I would never have guessed.
LIBERTY: I really like how it feels on my wrist and I don’t want to take off the watch.

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Briston Black Streamliner Skeleton Automatic Watch 201042.S.SK.1.CH

JACK: I did decide to go for the Briston Streamliner Skeleton automatic watch.
LIBERTY: I must say that the watch is giving off retro vibes.
JACK: I completely agree when I first saw this Briston watch. Starting off with the specifications, we have a 42mm smoked acetate square casing which is a bit different.
LIBERTY: I love the detail in the dial. The watch has a three layer black dial which is showcasing the skeleton automatic movement and is powered by your wrist.
JACK: The dial of the watch is covered with ultra resistant sapphire crystal glass which is scratch proof. Within the dial, you can see that even numbers are cut out like stencils so it has given that vintage look.
LIBERTY: The watch is certainly ideal for someone who likes the vintage retro style.
JACK: Lastly, the Briston streamline skeleton watch comes with an interchangeable two-part leather strap in the colour matte black. You can obviously change your style at any time. Fun fact about the brand Briston is it sponsors a F3 driver.
LIBERTY: How much does this watch cost?
JACK: The watch retails at £540.

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