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Which watch brands and models are the most likely to appear on resale sites?

It’s no secret that building your own luxury watch collection can be an expensive hobby. Fortunately, resale sites mean luxury watches don’t have to come with a luxury price tag.

The global pre-owned luxury watch market is worth over £17 billion, showing just how many people take advantage of resellers. Whether you’re looking for iconic men’s watches , such as the Montblanc Villeret or Patek Philippe Calatrava, or you’re searching for classic women’s watches, like the Cartier Panthère or Bvlgari Serpenti, there’s a whole range of Luxury watch brands to choose from.

Some of the rarest commercially available timepieces like the Patek Philippe 1518 or the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona can fetch hundreds of thousands on the resale market thanks to their scarcity, making them very profitable investment opportunities. But which watch brands and models are the most likely to appear on resale sites?

As well as revealing what the most commonly listed watches are, we will also showcase the most-wanted pre-owned watch brands by comparing Google search data to understand what watch lovers are really searching for.

We’ll also be offering some expert commentary on how to choose the perfect pieces for investing and resale ambitions, for those who are wanting to either start or develop their luxury watch collection.

Rolex is the Most Commonly Listed Watch Brand on Resale Sites

1. Rolex

Storming to the top spot of the most commonly listed watch brands on resale sites is Rolex, with over 62,000 listings. The company was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, before officially becoming Rolex in 1908, and is now possibly the most iconic watch brand of all time. Rolex has been the official timekeeper for the Le Mans 24 Hours motor race since 2001 and has been advertised by the former Formula 1 driver Jackie Stewart since 1968.

Listings on resale sites

2. Omega

In second place is Omega, which has over 22,000 listings on resale sites. The Swiss luxury watchmaker was founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt and previously operated under the name La Generale Watch Co., before incorporating the name Omega in 1903. The company has been the official timekeeper of the Olympics since 1932 and was the main partner of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Listings on resale sites

3. Cartier

The third most commonly listed watch brand on resale sites is Cartier, with almost 13,000 listings. The company, which was founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, is known for selling various luxury items such as watches, jewellery and leather goods. In 1904, Brazilian aeronaut Alberto Santos-Dumont requested a watch from Louis Cartier, which led to the creation of the first men’s wristwatch, the Santos de Cartier.

Listings on resale sites

TW = Total no. of watches across 3 resale sites

  Watch Brand TW
1 Rolex 62,215
2 Omega 22,209
3 Cartier 12,806
4 Breitling 8,968
5 Audemars Piguet 7,590
6 Patek Philippe 7,011
7 Seiko 6,478
8 IWC 6,452
9 Tag Heuer 6,312
10 Tudor 5,749
11 Panerai 4,493
12 Longines 42,45
13 Jaeger-LeCoultre 3,926
14 Hublot 3,501
15 Zenith 3,480
16 Bvlgari 3,159
17 Chopard 2,738
18 Tissot 1,763
19 Baume & Mercier 1,652
20 Girard-Perregaux 1,613
21 Piaget 1,426
22 Breguet 1,373
23 Hamilton 1,346
24 Chanel 1,320
25 Oris 1,255

The Rolex Datejust is the Most Commonly Listed Watch Model on Resale Sites

1. Rolex Datejust

Storming to the top spot yet again is the iconic Rolex brand, whose Datejust model has almost 21,500 listings on resale sites and sells for between £3,510 and £41,970 on average.

Rolex’s Datejust model was created in 1945 and made history within the watchmaking world by becoming the first self-winding waterproof chronometer wristwatch to feature a date window. During the same year, a special Jubilee bracelet for the Datejust was created to commemorate Rolex’s Jubilee (40-year) anniversary. Over the years, the model has also been spotted on the wrists of major historical figures including former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the 34th U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and civil rights activist Martin Luther King.

Listings on resale sites

2. Omega Seamaster

The watch model with the second highest number of listings on resale sites is the Omega Seamaster, with 8,263 listings and sells for between £2,820 and £53,410 on average.

Omega first introduced the Seamaster model back in 1948, with its design enabling divers to explore safely and accurately. The model is extremely water resistant and can withstand deep water pressure, meaning that divers can be sure that their watch will be durable underwater. In addition to this, the luminescent watch face makes it easy for the divers to read when conditions shift. Omega’s Seamaster model has also been dubbed the ‘James Bond watch’, as they have been worn by the character in all films since 1995.

Listings on resale sites

3. Rolex Submariner

Making another appearance on the list is Rolex, this time with their Submariner watch model, which has 6,686 listings across three popular resale sites and will set collectors back by between £7,480 and £83,940 on average.

Rolex’s Submariner model was launched back in 1953 and was the first divers' wristwatch to be waterproof to a depth of 100 metres. As the model has been developed over the years, it is now waterproof to a depth of 300 metres. The unidirectional and rotatable bezel of the Submariner model helps divers to monitor their time underwater and is made from a corrosion-resistant ceramic. This means that it is virtually scratchproof and the colour of the watch is unaffected by ultraviolet rays, seawater or chlorinated water.

Listings on resale sites

LP = Lowest model price
HP = Highest model price
TW = Total no. of watches on resale sites

  Watch Brand/Model LP HP TW
1 Rolex / Datejust £3,510 £41,970 21,478
2 Omega / Seamaster £2,820 £53,410 8,263
3 Rolex / Submariner £7,480 £83,940 6,686
4 Rolex / Daytona £11,520 £457,830 6,049
5 Omega / Speedmaster £2,290 £53,800 5,813
6 Audemars Piguet / Royal Oak £21,370 £579,920 4,080
7 Rolex / Day-Date £13,350 £135,440 3,759
8 Cartier / Tank £2,980 £166,350 2,914
9 Omega / Constellation £2,590 £18,310 2,453
10 Cartier / Santos £2,670 £40,060 2,308
11 Tudor / Black Bay £1,680 £3,280 2,285
12 Tag Heuer / Carrera £1,830 £18,310 1,828
13 Omega / De Ville £1,520 £147,270 1,761
14 IWC / Pilot's Watch £3,430 £213,660 1,612
15 Hublot / Big Bang £6,710 £71,350 1,595
16 Patek Philippe / Nautilus £30,520 £2,594,390 1,592
17 Breitling / Chronomat £1,520 £165,100 1,560
18 Panerai / Luminor £5,620 £107,590 1,535
19 Patek Philippe / Calatrava £4,430 £107,590 1,408
20 IWC / Portugieser £5,420 £154,900 1,232

Rolex is the Most-Wanted Pre-Owned Watch Brand

1. Rolex

Topping the list for the third time, and therefore the most-wanted pre-owned watch brand is Rolex. There were 798,900 searches for pre-owned Rolex watches on Google between June 2022 and May 2023, including 386,600 searches for “used Rolex”, and 292,300 searches for “pre-owned Rolex”. In addition to this, there were also 108,000 searches for the term “used Rolex watch” and 12,000 searches for the term “pre-owned Rolex watch”.

Google searches

2. Omega

In second place is Omega, which received 117,640 Google searches between the specified dates. This included 66,400 searches for the phrase “used Omega watch”, and 20,100 searches for the phrase “pre-owned Omega”. There were also 19,200 searches for “used Omega”, and 11,940 searches for “pre-owned Omega watch”.

Google searches

3. Cartier

The third most-wanted pre-owned watch brand is Cartier, gathering 102,780 Google searches within the specified time period. There were 45,700 searches for the term “used Cartier watch”, and 31,800 searches for the term “pre-owned Cartier watch”. In addition to this, there were also 13,980 searches for “pre-owned Cartier”, and 11,300 searches for “used Cartier”.

Google searches

PW = No. of searches for Pre-owned [BRAND] watch
PB = No. of searches for Pre-owned [BRAND]
UW = No. of searches for Used [BRAND] watch
UB = No. of searches for Used [BRAND]
TS = Total no. of searches

  Watch Brand PW PB TS
1 Rolex 12,000 292,300 798,900
2 Omega 11,940 20,100 117,640
3 Cartier 31,800 13,980 102,780
4 Breitling 8,890 17,100 78,090
5 Tag Heuer 3,860 20,900 75,060
6 Chanel 820 29,500 42,600
7 Tudor 5,570 7,180 38,500
8 Patek Philippe 410 11,080 37,170
9 Gucci 1,000 8,600 28,020
10 Hublot 740 7,800 26,310
11 Grand Seiko 0 8,360 25,630
12 Panerai 460 8,260 23,560
13 IWC 1,350 5,510 19,620
14 Audemars Piguet 440 6,880 18,640
15 Seiko 0 1,590 18,420
16 Longines 1,670 2,910 14,560
17 Garmin 0 0 11,710
18 Tissot 550 1,060 10,640
19 Oris 1,360 2,000 10,450
20 Hamilton 600 220 8,910
21 Jaeger-LeCoultre 150 4,630 8,720
22 Rado 880 380 7,140
23 Chopard 2,000 1,600 6,740
24 Zenith 1,690 1,020 6,130
25 Ball 1,190 0 6,040

PW = No. of searches for Pre-owned [BRAND] watch
PB = No. of searches for Pre-owned [BRAND]
UW = No. of searches for Used [BRAND] watch
UB = No. of searches for Used [BRAND]
TS = Total no. of searches

  Watch Brand UW UB TS
1 Rolex 108,000 386,600 798,900
2 Omega 66,400 19,200 117,640
3 Cartier 45,700 11,300 102,780
4 Breitling 33,500 18,600 78,090
5 Tag Heuer 14,400 35,900 75,060
6 Chanel 1,520 10,760 42,600
7 Tudor 19,800 5,950 38,500
8 Patek Philippe 4,380 21,300 37,170
9 Gucci 7,140 11,280 28,020
10 Hublot 10,780 6,990 26,310
11 Grand Seiko 1,370 15,900 25,630
12 Panerai 5,730 9,110 23,560
13 IWC 8,890 3,870 19,620
14 Audemars Piguet 800 10,440 18,640
15 Seiko 13,380 3,450 18,420
16 Longines 7,230 2,750 14,560
17 Garmin 7,180 4,530 11,710
18 Tissot 7,270 1,760 10,640
19 Oris 5,710 1,380 10,450
20 Hamilton 7,670 420 8,910
21 Jaeger-LeCoultre 0 3,940 8,720
22 Rado 4,960 920 7,140
23 Chopard 2,600 540 6,740
24 Zenith 2,850 570 6,130
25 Ball 2,620 2,230 6,040

3 Top Tips on How to Choose and Care for Your Luxury Watch Collection


Set yourself a budget

One of the first things to do when starting your luxury watch collection is to set yourself a budget. Luxury watches can vary considerably in price, depending on things such as the brand, the intricacy of the design and whether any precious metals have been used. For example, you can find pre-owned watches from brands such as Longines and MeisterSinger for around the £1,000 mark.

Pre-owned Blancpain, Panerai and Tudor watches are great options for those wanting to stretch their budget a little more, and for anyone wanting to go really high-end, then brands such as Rolex, Omega and Patek Philippe are, of course, the most popular options.

It’s important to set your price range according to what you can realistically afford; there’s nothing wrong with curating your luxury watch collection, and carefully choosing the highest quality watches within your price range.


Find your style

There are so many different styles of watches to choose from that it can sometimes be overwhelming to make a selection, but there are particular features of watch styles that set them apart from the others and make them a lot more lucrative on the resale market. For example, the Rolex Day-Date fetches a high resale price thanks to being almost exclusively crafted from 18 carat gold or 950 part platinum. Diving watches like the Omega Seamaster can vary drastically in price depending on the number of features included, as smaller models forgo the helium escape valve and chronograph, making it half the price of larger models. So remember to take the time to research the features of each watch style and decide which ones are the best investment for you.


Take good care of any watches that you purchase

One of the most important things when building a luxury watch collection is to take good care of your timepieces. Not only does this ensure that your watches will always look their best and be operating properly, but it also increases your chances of being able to resell in the future, if you decide to. Some tips on how to care for your watch include being mindful of water, heat and magnets, cleaning your watch regularly and ensuring that you’re reaching any hard-to-access places, and getting it serviced. You can find more tips on how to clean your luxury watches.


We began by creating a comprehensive list of 50 luxury watch brands, including the likes of Rolex, Omega, Cartier and Patek Philippe. We did this by using the websites of some of the most popular watch retailers, including Watch Pilot and Goldsmiths

Next, we used three retail sites for pre-owned watches, Watchbox, Chrono24, and Watchfinder, to find out how many listings there were for each luxury brand. All data was collected on 13th June 2023 and therefore may now differ.

We then used sources such as Gear Patrol, Gentlemans Gazette, Wrist Enthusias, and The Trend Spotter, to create a list of 50 of the best and most iconic watch models.

After this, we used Watchbox, Chrono24, and Watchfinder again to discover how many listings there were for each watch model. We also gathered the average prices of the least and most expensive variants of each model. All data was collected on 14th June 2023 and therefore may now differ.

Finally, we used Google Keyword Planner to discover how many searches there were for each brand for the following search terms: “pre-owned [BRAND] watch”, “pre-owned [BRAND]”, “used [BRAND] watch”, and “used [BRAND]”. This helped us to determine which pre-owned luxury watch brand was the most wanted. All data was collected on 15th June 2023, for the time period between June 2023 and May 2023, and therefore may now differ. No data was available for Certina, MeisterSinger, Nomos Glashütte or Roamer.