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Ball Engineer Deep Quest Ceramic Men's Watch Review

Today let's have watch expert Paul Maxwell talk about and review the Ball Watch Company brand and the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Deep Quest Ceramic watch for men while we're unboxing the green-face Ball watch.


History of Ball Watch Company and Watchmaking Standards

JACK: Today I'm joined by Paul Maxwell, our Swiss watch expert who you have previously seen on WatchPilot's YouTube channel for Baume & Mercier Riviera watch review.
PAUL: Thank you Jack, it's good to be back. I'm operations manager at WatchPilot. I'm looking forward to talking to you about this fantastic Ball watch.
JACK: Today we are taking a look at the brand Ball Watch Company and one of their signature watches. Paul did you want to explain a bit about the Ball brand?
PAUL: Although Ball watch isn't instantly recognisable in UK, Ball is an established and respected brand in United States. Ball has built its reputation for over 100 years based on the growth of America's railroads.
JACK: So there is a story behind how the brand started manufacturing watches?
PAUL: Before 1891, there was no need for standardised or accurate timekeeping on the railroads because each town kept its own local time. However, this became more problematic as the railroads grew and started connecting distant cities.

On 19 April 1891, two trains collided in Kipton Ohio resulting in several deaths. The trains had to cross each other at defined points. On that day one of the conductors' watches had stopped for four minutes that resulted in the collision.

After this Webb C Ball was designated chief time inspector for the railroads and tasked with standardising all watches for railroad employees.

He set strict criteria including an accuracy of no more than plus / minus 30 seconds a week, and an after service whereby every employee had to have their watches checked for accuracy every two weeks.
JACK: With this in mind I'm guessing Ball watches were manufactured for a purpose?
PAUL: The systems that Ball implemented and created, set the standard for timekeeping and uniformity, not just for the railroads but for watchmaking worldwide.
JACK: I can imagine all the railroad men were asked the question, "What was the time?"
PAUL: It became accepted that when you asked a railroad man what the time was, you were going to get the right time.

It's believed this is the origin of the phrase "on the ball" meaning to be accurate in the way.

How Many Collections of Ball Watches?

PAUL: The Ball collection for the 21st century has moved underpaint using much more modern materials and watchmaking processes. But despite these changes, the founding spirit ofthe brand is never compromised.
JACK: How many collections have the Ball brand produced?
PAUL: There is nine collections in all, and every watch in those collections made to the highest possible standards. Some are designed to be able to withstand some of the toughest conditions on earth and below the sea.
JACK: Looking at today's collections, are they still respected for their purpose?
PAUL: Today, Ball is one of the most respected and established brand in the United States. Every detail of every watch, from the shape of the hands to the style of the numerals, has been set down by Ball in his RR standards implemented over 130 years ago.

Today's Watch: Ball Engineer Deep Quest Ceramic Watch

JACK: What Ball watch are we looking at today?
PAUL: I want to show you one of Ball's robust wearable and speculating watches in their entire range.

It is the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Deep Quest Ceramic men's watch which is available in black or deep green. I've chosen the green as I feel it's more distinctive.
JACK: My first impression is I do like the design especially the deep green colour within the dial, but does it look the Rolex Submariner Hulk edition?
PAUL: Ball Engineer DeepQuest and Rolex Submariner do have some similarities. A big difference comes in the amount of spec loaded into this watch for the relatively modest price point.

Watch Specifications: Ball Engineer Deep Quest Ceramic Watch

PAUL: With the specifications, let's start with how the watch looks and feels.

The watch has a beautifully shaped 42mm case which is fashioned out of a single block of titanium. Titanium is a metal that's used widely in the aeronautics industry, has twice the strength of steel with half the weight, and is anti-allergenic.

The tapered bracelet is a mixture of titanium and steel, and it has a unique patented folding buckle with an easy extension system ideal for wearing over a wetsuit.
JACK: Can you tell us about the dial?
PAUL: The dial and hands are clear with the date window set slightly further inside the dial to enable a full sweep of 12 baton markers.

The sapphire crystal is auto-reflective and 3.9mm in depth to withstand the immense pressures found at 3,300 feet below the ocean surface.
JACK: What movement does it have?
PAUL: The Ball watch has a Swiss automatic Ball movement and it's individually chronometer certified by COSC.

Watch's Feature: Unmatched Visibility in the Dark

PAUL: Here is another innovation attached to the three hands, and each hour marker is a micro gas tube for unmatched visibility in the dark.
JACK: Is this visibility feature self powered?
PAUL: It's completely self-powered and 100 times brighter than conventional loom. It lasts a minimum of 10 years. The hand tips and 12 markers glow orange for clarity while all the other markers glow green.
JACK: I guess this helps visibility during diving.
PAUL: Yes, especially in low light situations.

A Diving Watch?

JACK: This watch is built for action? Can you wear this watch diving?
PAUL: Yes. The bezel is ceramic for non-scratch durability and uni ratchet for diving safety, and illuminating with super luminous.

This Ball watch has a patented helium release valve crown which allows the gas to automatically disperse from the watch without any manual operation.

This further enhances the water resistance which on this watch model is a massive 1,000 metres.
JACK: Is there any shock resistance?
PAUL: This Ball watch offers shock resistance at 7,500g and it's anti-magnetic to 4,800atm.

You can see now what kind of high quality cutting edge spec this watch is made to.


PAUL: In conclusion, the care precision and craftmanship that has gone into producing such a unique and professional watch is second to none.

All considered, this Ball Engineer Deep Quest Ceramic Watch offers so many features. It's hard to believe it retails at £3,310.
JACK: An incredible price for the amount of features that's in this watch.
PAUL: To purchase this watch on the WatchPilot website (an official stockist in UK), we offer up to 48 months interest-free credit which is under £83 per month, and next day delivery.
Our price: £3,310

Let's Explore the Ball Watch Collections

The Ball collections available:

You may also want to watch this video (presented by Jack Biggs and Paul Maxwell) about this Ball Engineer Deep Quest Ceramic Watch.


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