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How to Match Your Watch with Outfit?

Our guide to perfectly match your watch with outfits: Rules for dress, diver, chronograph & pilot watches with black tie, formal, casual & sport wear.


Struggle to Match a Watch with Outfits?

A watch can perfectly complement your outfit. We hear many people ask about how to match a watch with their outfit when we offer a long list of branded watches on our website (Watchpilot).

Certainly, the one main purpose of watches is for telling the time. Secondly, a watch has great value especially the expensive watches from the top watch brands.

However, the watch you’re wearing on your wrist always have an impact on your overall look and it can be the first impression that people notice about you. Your watch tells people about your taste and style. Some people do like specific types of timepieces such as skeleton watches. Others prefer only luxury watches.

Let’s go through the key rules when matching watches to outfits. For a watch to complement your outfit, you must consider the material types of watches, watch straps, types of watches, colours, and more.

Watch Strap

Your watch strap should match the dress code for the occasion.

Watches with leather strap go well with most occasions that require formal dress code.

Regarding colours of strap, the preference is black as it goes well with most outfit. The next best option can usually be a brown leather strap watch. But overall, black will match much better with basically under formal dress code.

If you do not own a leather strap watch, the next best alternative is to wear a watch with metal band (for example, stainless steel strap).

Material Type

This works better than usual: Same material type should go together.

The rule is when you are wearing a belt and shoes with a watch, you should try your best to match all of them.

When you are using a black leather belt and wearing a pair of black leather shoes, the best is to also wear a black leather wristwatch.

Watch Types: Dress, Diver, Chronograph, or Pilot Watches?

In what occasions should you be wearing dress, diver, chronograph, or pilot Watches? This is not rocket science and you should be able to get full understanding after reading our answers with explanation.

Dress watches

Our answers for dress watches:

  • Black tie: Yes
  • Business formal: Yes
  • Business casual: Yes
  • Casual wear: No
  • Sport wear: No

A dress watch will always go well with an event requiring to wear black tie. Also, dress watches will match really well with even business occasions that are formal or less formal (i.e. business casual).

Find the best dress watches under £1,000.

Diver watches

Our answers for diver watches:
  • Black tie: No
  • Business formal: Yes
  • Business casual: Yes
  • Casual wear: Yes
  • Sport wear: Yes

A diver’s watch is for the purpose of diving. It’s typical during a dive session, you will wear it. However, dive watches are also worn in from casual events to formal business events.

Find the best divers under £1,000 and under £2,000.

Chronograph watches

Our answers for chronograph watches:

  • Black tie: No
  • Business formal: No
  • Business casual: Yes
  • Casual wear: Yes
  • Sport wear: Yes

What is a chronograph watch?

Chronograph watches usually have the sporty look and it can be safe to assume they will fit well with your other sport wear and casual wear. Chronograph watches aren’t especially designed for formal business or black tie events, but can also be used during casual business occasions.

Pilot watches

Our answers for pilot watches:

  • Black tie: No
  • Business formal: No
  • Business casual: Yes
  • Casual wear: Yes
  • Sport wear: Yes

A typical pilot watch usually comes with a rather large diameter with simple dial designed features. The appearance of many pilot watches should fit the occasions for sport wear, casual wear, and casual business.


Regarding colours, one rule is simple: The same colour blends in really well.

When you are wearing a watch with a silver case, you will just have to ensure your other accessories or pieces such as tie clip or bracelets are also in silver colour.

Does watch face colour matter?

Watch face’s colour is important in terms of aesthetic. Not all colours are flexible when matching to other colours.


But one such colour is black which gives the most versatile watch face colour.

Usually, watches with black faces blend well with almost all other colours. Black provides great contrast to other colours including gold, white, and more, and works well for dress watches, diver watches, chronograph watches and more.

With glare reduction under sunlight, black colour watches make the time easy to read.


A highly recommended alternative colour is blue for watch faces.

Blue is a primary colour in the colour system and allows itself to easily pair with plenty array of other colours.

Blue is a colour which offers the conservative and commanding impression with tradition and history for watch faces and will fit well in many social or casual occasions.

Gold and Rose Gold

Gold watches have always been a popular choice by many watch collectors.

Rose gold watches nowadays seem to have built a fashion trend for ladies.

Bonus: Choose a Watch with the Correct Size

We understand your watch needs to be stylish as it is part of your fashion. But the watch you have chosen must fit the size of your wrist.

You can measure your wrist size before buying the watch. For example, when buying a watch from our website (Watchpilot), make sure you read the specifications under each watch’s page. Watches can have sizes of 46mm, 44mm, 42mm, 40mm, 38mm, 36mm, 34mm, 32mm, 28mm, or 24mm.

Simple. With smaller wrist, you should go for a watch of smaller wrist size. With a bigger wrist, go for a bigger watch.

One watch with such big case (for large wrist size) is this Diesel Mr Daddy chronograph watch which has a 57mm stainless steel case.


We realise price is an important for many people when choosing watches. Here you can directly go through our collections:

Or review our curated lists of best watches:


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