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Best Dive Watches Under £1000

Looking for affordable dive watches for men? Pick a dive watch under £1,000 in UK from our curated watch collection.


What Makes A Dive Watch A Dive Watch?

If you’re a watch fanatic and want to spice up your collection, you should probably consider a diver’s timepiece. They come in an array of different styles that can suit any occasion, and the best thing about them, they’re not going to break the bank completely.

To be deemed a dive watch, they must be compliant with the ISO 6425 standards, which contain a number of requirements, including that the watch must have a minimum water resistance equivalent to 100m. Because of these standards, you’re guaranteed that you’ll receive a quality watch that is crafted under solid regulations.

As well as the case, a dive watch has glow-in-the-dark lume on most of its markings. This way, the time and other data can be viewed in total darkness on the seabed. A helium escape valve, often located around the 10 o'clock position, will come into place. This lets helium particles escape, balancing internal pressure and preventing damage.

Another key feature separating dive watches from others is the bracelet. So the watch can be worn over the outside of a diving suit, ready to be used for keeping tabs on your oxygen supply. By their very nature, most dive watches are massively over-engineered.

Nonetheless, divers’ watches are phenomenal watches to have in your arsenal. Without further ado, let’s get into the best dive watches under £1,000.

1. Accurist Orange Divers Style Watch

If you want to invest in a well-renowned brand that produces diver watches, I recommend Accurist. This British manufacturer was first established back in 1946, and they only craft their watches from the finest Swiss-made components.

View Accurist 7306 Men's Orange Divers Style Watch.

All Accurist watches are durable, made with quality materials and look incredible. Considering the price, this watch is a “no-brainer” to purchase. Don’t fancy orange? More diver-style watches can be found from our Accurist men's collection.

Our price: £129.99

2. U-Boat Noble Green Darkmoon Watch

For those that enjoy vibrant colourways on their watches, this U-Boat diver watch is a must. U-Boat has been recognized within the industry for the last 20-years for its unique and tailor-made timepieces.

If you’re looking for a dive watch under £1000, this may be your one. The entire watch looks flawless, and the black weather-resistant strap perfectly complements its dark green shadow-like analogue. Apart from looking extraordinary, it also provides all the unique benefits that diver watches offer.

View U-Boat Noble Green Darkmoon Watch.

Our price: £890.00

3. Briston Brown Clubmaster Diver Automatic Watch

A brand we haven’t mentioned yet is Briston. If you want a British dive watch for under £1000, this company is your ideal solution. This watch brand was established in Oxford and Cambridge, two quintessentially English towns. These casual looking dive watches are made with class and are inspired by sports such as polo, boat racing and cricket.

This automatic movement watch comes with a genuine walnut wood dial and vintage leather strap. The combination of both the colours and materials makes it look elegant yet sporty, to suit multiple outfits and occasions.

View more details about Briston Brown Clubmaster Diver Automatic Watch.

Our price: £480.00

4. Accurist Signature Divers Watch

If you’re looking for something affordable but still want to make a bold statement, we have to recommend the Signature Divers Watch from Accurist. Accurist are professionals at creating affordable watches that look expensive.

This watch comes with a rather classical watch design that’ll suit nearly all occasions. The silver strap with the black analogue is a perfect and ideal match for anyone who doesn’t like highly colourful watches.

View Accurist Signature Divers Watch.

Our price: £129.99

5. Accurist 7307 Men's Black Divers Style Watch

The Accurist Men's Divers Style Watch is perfect for any man who loves to explore the depths of oceans, lakes, and rivers. This watch features a shockproof black silicone strap at 40mm that's durable but flexible enough for everyday wear and tear. The stainless steel case can be coated in up to 200 meters worth of water thanks to its screw-down crown design. Finally, this fashion accessory includes a 2-year guarantee. The watch is available for £130.

Our price: £129.99


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