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Best Dive Watches Under £2000

Need an outdoor watch for water sports? Go through our reviewed list of watches before buying your next dive watch.


What to Look for in a Diver’s Watch

What are the best dive watches under £2,000 for men?

Dive watches come in many shapes and sizes, so we have created this list to highlight some of the best options available. Diving is an activity that has been around for over a hundred years and has never lost its popularity. It's one of the most popular water sports globally, with many people wanting to take it up as a hobby or get into diving professionally.

If you're looking to buy your first dive watch, this blog post will help you find out which watches are under £2000 and why they're worth investing in. You'll also learn what features make these watches so special - and why they might be just perfect for you.

What's the best dive watch for you?

There are a few things you'll want to look out for when determining whether or not it will work. A true dive watch should be able to survive being submerged at least one hundred feet, which means that water resistance is just as important as good timekeeping. It also needs an easy-to-read display and durable construction so your new accessory can last through all of your adventures.

Ultimate 22 Best Diving Watches for Men

The best dive watches for men are available from Meccaniche Veneziane, Victorinox, Accurist, and Briston. There's something for everyone, no matter your budget. From affordable to expensive dive watches from more luxury brands like U-Boat. We have some of the most iconic dive watches available, and some of them are available on the market and ready to use at the best time of year.

1. U-Boat 9015 Men's Black Sommerso Watch

The U-Boat Sommerso 9015 DLC Dive Watch is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of professional diving. This watch features a rotating bezel with calibrated indexes every five minutes and an additional counter for 24 hours of the day. The U-Boat has a water resistance of 300 meters, making this watch ideal for those that wish to explore depths both in air and sea.

The prestigious U-Boat Sommerso dive watches all similar share qualities. They are made out of high-quality materials sure to last you years. They have rotating bezels and counters with accurate timekeeping and speciality features like seconds hands, luminescent markers, or numerals even geared towards divers deeper needs. This watch is available for £1,900.

Reviews of Other Men's Diver Watches

2. Hamilton Belowzero 2826 Auto Watch

Hamilton has been crafting quality timepieces for over 150 years. Some of the watches are designed for deepwater exploration and even have a helium escape valve that works in temperatures up to 100 bar (1,000 meters). This Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO is perfect for sea lovers who want an authentic Hamilton watch with modern upgrades.

The convex sapphire crystal protects divers from scratches or damages, while the black PVD treated 46mm stainless steel case has a rugged beauty that reminds owners of marine expeditions gone well. The watch is available for £1,410.

3. Spinnaker Dumas

The Spinnaker Dumas pays homage to the diving pioneer Frédéric Dumas, who was involved in over 120 maritime rescues and influenced many men's decisions not to drown. The watch is dressed with the Super-LumiNova markers and hands for nighttime readability, a unidirectional bezel to keep check of elapsed timing and an exhibition case back so you can catch glimpses of your perfectly executed dive. With a water resistance of 300 metres, Milanese bracelet finishings and Seiko movement, it delivers timekeeping that fits any mission deep beneath the waves. This watch is available for £290. Alternatively, view our collection of Spinnaker men's watches.

4. Alsta Nautoscaph III Dive Watch

This tough dive watch is a must-have for anyone that spends their days on, below, and in the water. It is designed to be versatile so that you can wear it on any occasion, from work to dressing up. The Alsta Nautoscaph has a unidirectional bezel which removes the risk of accidentally turning underwater and misjudging your dive time. It's used at depths of 300 meters (990 feet), so it's safe for those deep sea dives too. The watch is available for £675.

5. DOXA Sub 300T Professional Dive Watch

Doxa Watch Sub 300T Professional Bracelet 840.10.351.10 - the perfect diver's watch for when you want to celebrate a speciality that is both respected and recognised yet still meets everyday expectations. This model offers an attractive brushed stainless steel finish while not compromising on its status as an absolute diving masterpiece. It is water-resistant up to 20 bar/300 meters/1000ft with luminous hands and markers.

Incorporates Doxa-patented helium release valve (HRV) technology designed to increase watch accuracy by reducing temperature variations induced by changes in atmospheric pressure and bar. It is equipped with a date magnifier at 3 o'clock Sunday (December) night. The watch is available for £1,820.

The SUB 300T is perfect for professional divers. It features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a unidirectional rotating bezel with an integrated no decompression dive time calculator. All elements providing information about diving are highlighted in SuperLumiNova luminescent insert.

6. Bulova Devil Diver

Making the plunge into your next dive? Do so in style thanks to Bulova's sleek and strikingly designed Devil Diver watches. Designed like a true modern-day diver watch, this latest addition to Bulova's iconic collection is equipped with everything you need for sea adventures-water resistance up to 200m/666 ft. A stainless steel bracelet with a fold-over buckle and safety bar and extra-large luminous hands and markers for an easier time reading underwater. The watch cost is £499.

7. Garmin Descent MK1 Dive Smartwatch

Garmin built a smartwatch that was specifically made to go underwater. It can't go as deep as some of the analogue options on our list, but 100 meters is nothing to scoff at. It has a full-colour touchscreen display, GPS and topographic mapping, a comprehensive dive log to store info on up to 200 dives. It even has a bevvy of sensors (compass, gyroscope, barometer, etc.) The Garmin Descent MK1 dive watch has a battery life that can last for up to 19 days straight and has a price tag of £720. It comes with a GPS-enabled GPS/GLONASS function that can also help monitor activity for fitness purposes. View all Garmin watches.

8. Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Depth Meter

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Depth Meter chronograph has a 200m water-resistance rating. It's still an authentic dive watch with a date window, a trio of sub-dials, and even a depth meter. And that's in conjunction with its stainless steel case and silicone band. It also has a solar-powered movement and a date-window date window for underwater use. The watch cost is £545.

The Citizen diver watch uses the power of the sun to keep it going without a battery. It can be used for swimming, snorkelling, or just hopping into the shower. The sleek black face matches every outfit so that you can rock it from day to night. Eco-drive technology uses solar power to keep the watch going. The timepiece is made from Japanese quartz and Mineral Crystal.

9. Oris Aquis Date Diver Watch

The Oris Aquis Date Diver Watch is a top-notch watch. It's powered by a Swiss automatic movement that's got a 38-hour power reserve. The watch can still handle depths of up to 300 meters. It comes with a push-button buckle for quick removal and is easy to remove, even in a dry suit.

Under the vast blue watery depths lies a treasure trove of adventures waiting to be conquered by your adventurous self. What better way to dive in and try it for yourself with the Oris Aquis Diver Collection? This stylish timepiece has you covered from bottom to top (and sides) in water-resistant feature ventures that will let you brave deep waters fearlessly.

The 41.50 mm stainless steel case is best equipped for all your underwater missions and features a 1.634 inches sapphire crystal face as well as an anti-reflective coating on the inside, so there's no glare slowing you down once you get out of the clear ocean haze into sight of land again. This watch is available for £1,455.

10. MWC Kampfschwimmer Dive Watch

You'll always know how deep you are with these dive watches. The MWC Kampfschwimmer models use a wider strap at 24mm and have an impact-resistant sapphire crystal and scratch-resistant ceramic bezel. These models also have a more robust case design than most military diver watches of the same size.

The MWC Kampfschwimmer Dive Watch, engineered for portability and ruggedness. It's a watch designed exclusively for Police Officers, Military personnel, and other divers who are both wet and active in the field—thick bezels to prevent loss of grip. The watch is available for £269.

11. Casio G-Shock GWF1000 Frogman Watch

Casio G-Shock Frogman is one of the most durable watches on the planet. It functions on solar power and has a wealth of outdoor-focused functions. The timepiece can take bumps, drops and will even keep ticking after taking a 200m dip. It has 6-band atomic timekeeping, a moon phase calendar, information on tides, and so much more. At £540, it's one of Casio's most durable timepieces and comes with water-resistant water protection, among other outdoor-related functions. View our collection of Casio watches.

12. Ball Engineer Master II Diver TMT

The Ball Ball watch was created for a French freediver Guillaume Néry who set a world record free diving record in 2006. It can handle and measure extreme temperatures from as low as -30 to 110-degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a DLC-coated titanium case capable of handling depths of up to 300 meters. The watch is available for £1,000.

Ball Engineer Master II combines style and technology in one spot. The diamond-like carbon case (DLC) in a matte black finish looks extra cool. The sapphire crystal finish protects from scratches, and it's water-resistant up to 300m. It offers thermometric indication subdials, a 68-hour power reserve, and an automatic movement.

The Ball Calibre RR1601 automatic movement has a 68-hours power reserve. This is a masterpiece that belongs to every guy's collection. The ball engineer Master II is a state-of-the-art watch that you can't miss in the water.

13. Jack Mason D101 Diver Watch

The D101 Diver Watch features a sleek and handsome design for sport and travel. The high gloss black dial will make your watch glow in the ocean depths with every flick of your wrist. With Swiss Super-Luminova markings for easy reading even underwater, this watch will quickly become your new favourite accessory, whether at home or on vacation.

Weighing in at 24 grams, it is slightly heavier than most other watches but trusts its durability long after others have failed you. You'll always be able to keep time with this Seamount's Miyota 2315 manual movement and mineral crystal protection.

The Super Luminova watch has a water-resistance rating of 300 meters and a 10-year limited warranty against defects. It's one of the more budget-friendly options out there that still manages to be reliable and tough enough to go toe-to-toe with the rest of the others. It also boasts a Japanese quartz movement and Super Luminova markings on the dial, and a waterproof system. This watch is available for £185.

14. Seiko Prospex Padi Diver Watch

The Seiko Prospex Padi Diver Watch has a mother of pearl dial with easy-to-read markers, corners, and hands, as well as a date display. The Silicone band is durable for water resistance up to 200M (660 ft) and rapid changing pressures.

A rotating bezel will help you keep track of your dive time in both metric and imperial units, while the Protractor Dial window facilitates measuring surface intervals for decompression stops.

Easily monitor the second-hand movement by utilising the special Augmented Reality Viewer that can also show location data on Google Maps when paired with an Android or iPhone smartphone.

It has a unique enveloping case, unidirectional dive timer bezel, a deep-set ocean-blue dial, and an automatic kinetic movement, which means you don't have to wind it or swap in batteries. So, as long as you're relatively active, this watch will never stop ticking. The watch is available for £350.

15. Unimatic Modello Uno U1-FM

The Unimatic Modello Uno U1-FM is our first version of the minimal diver watch with no minute rail printing to highlight the heritage-sized Super-LumiNova markers. The cleanest iteration to date. It comes in a new shockproof two-slots Unimatic Tough Case and a luxurious Made in Italy Horween Cordovan Shell strap.

This £470 watch Unimatic Modello U1-FM is water-resistant up to 1000 feet. The solid brushed stainless steel case provides a top-quality feel and look. One feature that sets this beautiful timepiece apart from competitors is the NH35A movement with a 41 hr power reserve. This fully automatic chronograph will be sure to keep your timekeeping on point. To top it off, choose between a 22mm black Horween Shell Cordovan strap or a 22mm brown calfskin strap for your comfort needs.

16. Baltic Aquascaphe

The Aquascaphe has a diameter of 38mm at the case and 39mm with the bezel, with 47mm lug to lug and 12mm of thickness. This watch is perfect for diving 20 m deep underwater. Of course, it's also waterproof, scratch-resistant, shockproof, and looks great on any occasion you have in mind. This watch is available for £495.

The Baltic Aquascaphe is a classy watch with an updated, tough style. It has a sapphire glass that's virtually unhackable and can't be scratched easily. The top of the locational watch face and the date window have mineral crystals that are strong yet resistant to shattering when impacted.

17. Sinn Diving Watch EZM 3

The EZM 3 is built for the toughest diving jobs. This mechanical watch will never let you down because it has been specifically engineered with quartz movement technology in mind, making it a reliable choice when working in industries that require high performance.

A Sinn EZM 3 watch is more than just a tool. It's the ticket to freedom on the open seas and in atmospheric diving. Built for professional divers, it features an antigravity escapement - among other things long sought-after by amateur diving enthusiasts.

The Sinn Dive Watch ranges from stainless steel dive watches with rugged bracelets and rubber straps for light recreational use up to 500 meters/50 bar tough machines capable of taking very serious depths without either fogging or needlessly pounding down on your arm. The watch is available for £1,575.

18. Christopher Ward C65 Dartmouth

This meticulously engineered timepiece has been designed for ocean voyages and onboard life ships. Weighing just 200 grams, the C65 Dartmouth is water-resistant to 150 meters (500 feet) which limits the damage caused by salt and spray exposure in extreme conditions.

So if you take pride in your ships or are looking for a great gift for an aviator friend, this stylish watch from Christopher Ward may be right up your alley. This watch is available for £715.

19. Seiko Prospex SPB077J1 Marinemaster 200M

Enjoy the thrill of deep-sea diving with your wrist. Seiko's Prospex is built for professionals, water and shock-resistant from 200m to 660ft/200m ISO.

The stainless steel SPB077J1 Marinemaster has a unidirectional rotating bezel marked in 1-minute intervals as well as a screw-down crown, a three-fold clasp with a secure lock, and a push-button release with an extender.

Plus, the sapphire crystal dial window resists scratching and high impact. Wear this watch under the sea or on dry land.

Crafted using a hard coat stainless steel known for being super strong against corrosion. You can enjoy watches without fear of them breaking at all temperatures. It's available for £755.

20. Meccaniche Veneziane 1302006J Men's Red Nereide Diver Watch

The Meccaniche Veneziane 1302006J Men's Red Nereide Diver Watch is the perfect blend of historical context and modern style. The submariner style watch houses a movement mechanism that can easily withstand pressure up to 20 atmospheres and has a crown on the right side for easy access to winding or setting, as well as an in-house shock protection system.

With stainless steel housing, dial with luminous hands and numerals both in Arabic and Roman numbering formats, Mineral Crystal glass lens top ring high definition date at 3 o'clock position bestowing ultimate legibility across the dial design. This timepiece is sturdy yet subtle in design for an enduring presence within any outfit choice. The watch is available for £525.

21. Davidoff Velocity Diver Automatic Blue Dial Men's Watch

Davidoff Velocity Diver series watch provides performance unlike anything else. The timeless silver and blue colour combination look striking with the red and white hands and markers. Water-resistance up to 300m and sapphire-crystal face, meaning it's scratch resilient and ready for anything. Enjoy a myriad of hues for you to select from a variety of colours, including blue and silver. The watch is available on sale for £400.

22. Certina DS Action Diver Black Dial Men's Watch

The uni-directional bezel allows free-flow reading from all angles. Perfect for recreational scuba divers and swimmers, this timepiece has water-resistant levels of up to 300 meters. The luminescent hands and markers keep the watch face luminous on most occasions, and the luminescent hands keep it luminous. The Certina Action Diver ticks every box with a water-resistant level of 300 meters, and luminescence keeps it bright. This watch is available for £625. View all Certina men's watches.


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