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Nordgreen Watches Review - Pioneer, Philosopher & Native

Scandinavian Nordgreen watches are minimalist watches & designed by Jakob Wagner. We unbox & review Nordgreen's Pioneer, Philosopher & Native Watches.

Nordgreen Watches Review - Pioneer, Philosopher & Native

What is Nordgreen Watch Brand?

Today we are going to be taking a look at Nordgreen's new Autumn and Winter collection with the three new models including: Nordgreen's Pioneer, the Philosopher, and the Native.

Let's talk about the Nordgreen brand, what I do like and don't like, and see what the Nordgreen watches have to offer.

All the Nordgreen watches have been designed by the incredible Jakob Wagner. The designer is a very well-known for his Scandinavian and minimalist watches after designing several brands.

Nordgreen watches have been carbon neutral from the beginning from in-house to shipping as well as sustainable packaging.

Review of Nordgreen Watches in Video

Alternatively, you may want to watch this video presented by Jack Biggs for the full review of the three Nordgreen watches: Pioneer, Philosopher and Native.

Nordgreen watches: Pioneer, Philosopher and Native

Unboxing from the Nordgreen Watch Box

From the first look, the Nordgreen watch is well presented in a navy outer box. When you pull the little toggle, you open it up and you are showcased with a watch straight away. This good packaging does look luxury, premium and very minimalistic.

Nordgreen provides a "given-back" program. When you buy a Nordgreen watch, you have the option to donate to one the three causes including health - provide clean water, education - educate the future, or environment - protect the rain forest.

Nordgreen Pioneer Watch (with Gun Metal Stainless Steel Strap)

Starting off with the Nordgreen Pioneer gun metal stainless steel watch, it comes with a large case of 42 millimetres and a green sun road dial. The green colour showcases this earthy look which ties nicely with the gun metal stainless steel three-link bracelet.

The Nordgreen Pioneer's gunmetal stainless steel three-link bracelet is not like any normal silver stainless steel bracelet that everyone tends to possess.

The Pioneer has a chronograph movement and a screw down crown. The dial has no number markings which gives the watch its minimalistic look. I love how the second hand swoops back around the dial which looks really clean.

Overall, this Nordgreen Pioneer watch has weight and it feels very well made. The only con is that the watch case is rather think and deep.

View our collection of Nordgreen Pioneer Watches.

Our price: £238.99

Nordgreen Philosopher Watch (with Two-Tone Stainless Steel Strap)

Next we have the Nordgreen Philosopher two-tone stainless steel watch. This watch has a smaller case of 36mm (compared to the Pioneer) and a white dial. The dial is clean and minimal giving the watch that formal look.

Like the Pioneer and Native, the Nordgreen Philosopher watch has a high quality battery-powered Japanese quartz movement. There is a date window in the dial even though it is small and you may find it difficult to read.

Unlike the Pioneer and Native, the two-tone stainless steel silver and gold bracelet is well-made and does not make a rattling sound. The strap does complement the watch dial well.

View our collection of Nordgreen Philosopher Watches.

Our price: £188.99

Nordgreen Native Brown Leather 40mm Silver Case Watch

Lastly we have the Nordgreen Native. Let's start off with the watch case which is silver coloured. The Nordgreen Native silver case watch is a lot thinner than the other two Nordgreen watches.

This Nordgreen Native brown leather watch has a larger dial of 40mm and is complemented by its blue sunray dial. I do prefer the darker winter colours though this watch can be difficult to read in low light with the dark blue dial.

You can see the Native watch has buttons and not numbers, and has no second hand. This allows the watch the simple look. The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal glass which is scratch resistant.

The watch features a brown leather strap of good quality. You can change the strap quickly and easily from your own home without tools. This watch is it does not provide many features which is the beauty behind its simple look.

Overall, this perfectly balanced designer watch is suitable for men, women, boys and girls. The Native is your perfect timepiece. The inter-changeable straps brings the look that can be redefined for every wearing occasion.

Browse the collection of all Nordgreen Native watches.

Our price: £143.99

All watches featured in this story are available online from the WatchPilot website and in-store from our watch boutique retail store located in Richmond, just 30 minutes from Central London.

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