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Daniel Wellington Men's Sheffield Watch Unboxing and Review

Let's unbox and review the Daniel Wellington Men’s Sheffield Watch. The Daniel Wellington watch has an attractive design which appeals to millennials with its sleek and ultra minimalistic look. As other Daniel Wellington watches, it represents detail-oriented design at its finest.


History of Daniel Wellington Watches

Regarding watches, you may have already heard of the brand Daniel Wellington. Daniel Wellington is one of the most popular brands for the last 10 years, and they are known for their minimalistic and traditionally designed watches.

Although the brown sounds are coincidentally British, it was founded in Sweden in 2011 by Filip Tysander.

Some Information About Daniel Wellington’s Watches

All their watches are designed in Sweden, but manufactured in China utilising a Japanese quartz movement for reliability. The aim was to design a watch for every occasion.

With that being said, Danile Wellington’s watches keep a very similar Scandinavian style throughout all their collections especially in the dial. But they offer three different interchangeable straps: The nato strap, leather strap, and Milanese mesh bracelet.

Sold Six Million Watches with Influencer Marketing Strategy

Danile Wellington’s watches had a great success with their digital strategy with the use of influencer marketing which skyrocketed their company. The strategy has led to selling over six million watches to this date which is pretty mental for such a newly formed watch company.

For those who don’t know much about influencer marketing, this is where a company will sponsor an influencer to promote their products to their followers through their social media accounts.

This is where Daniel Wellington did an exceptional job with their marketing strategies in 2016 which is five years after the brand began. They made £230 million in revenue and $111.5 million in profit. This is crazy amount of money earned and was named the fastest growing private company in Europe in 2016.


Unboxing Daniel Wellington Men’s Sheffield Watch

Let’s move on and unbox the Daniel Wellington Men’s Sheffield Watch (model number DW00100020).

We’re going to be taken a look at the original flagship of Daniel Wellington Men’s Sheffield watch. The first impressions are it does have that classic and simple design which I mentioned earlier on.


Specifications and Features

Let’s go through the specifications and features.

The casing has width of 40 millimetres and depth of 6 millimetres which is on the thinner side. The watch has a silver stainless steel case which is covered with a mineral glass.

Personally, I would preferred a deeper case just because it looks a little bit flat on my wrist. The fashion trends do say differently as the thinner look is one of the main reasons people love these watches.

In regards to styling them, a lot of people like the fact that you can easily slip the watches underneath your shirt or jacket without them getting caught. So I agree where they are coming from.

There you can see the crown is on the smaller side compared to most other watches but it does fit with the watch’s aesthetic.

Taking a closer look at the dial, we have an analogue display and a Japanese quartz movement. For those that don’t know what a quart movement is, it is powered by a battery and requires no winding. They are extremely accurate time keepers and are much better than Swiss automatic or manual movements.

We have an eggshell white dial including silver time markers. The brand’s logo also embedded within the dial giving it that crisp and clean look. This may be considered as plain, but it does offer a versatile minimalist look.

You can compare this watch with multiple outfits for different occasions, and it will still look the part.

Moving on, there is a black leather strap measuring in at 20 millimetres which I really like. It gives the watch a more traditional look.

Lastly, we have 30 metres of water resistance, but I wouldn’t recommend taking it into water as it is only splash resistant. Certainly not when you’re going swimming or showering.


The Daniel Wellington Men’s Sheffield watch retails at £169 on

We do occasionally offer 10% discount on this watch which will reduce the retail price to £152.10. This gives you another reason to regularly check on our website.

Our price: £169.00


My overall opinion is it has an attractive design which appeals to millennials with its sleek and ultra minimalistic look.

If you take a look at their instagram, they are definitely selling the lifestyle of Daniel Wellington’s watches.

The Daniel Wellington Men’s Sheffield watch is a great size for a men’s watch which is the perfect fit for many wrist sizes as well as being very comfortable to wear.

I personally would prefer a thicker depth on the watch’s casing, but overall it is a great fashion watch.

Daniel Wellington men's represents detail-oriented design at its finest. Coveted for their tasteful allure, their iconic timepieces and accessories are worn on all occasions by men and women all over the world. They believe in keeping it simple, using clean lines, and letting the product speak for itself. That is why all of their products are characterized by simplicity and minimalism. This subtle set of qualities is what makes a Daniel Wellington a true classic to love for years to come.

With leather darker than the deepest parts of the ocean, the Classic Daniel Wellington Men's Sheffield DW00100020 Watch was carefully designed to stand the test of time while maintaining its effortless beauty. This minimalistic piece proves that simple does not necessarily mean boring.

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