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What Are The Best Men’s Watches Under £200?

Men's luxury watches would be nice but not everybody gets paid the same amount as a footballer. You want to feel luxurious for a fraction of the price. Let's review our curated list of men's watches under £200.


Watches are a bold fashion piece for men, a statement of intent and attire that makes you stand out from the rest. But the only problem is, they come in a multitude of different price ranges. This gives people a misconception that “good” watches are expensive. Although men's luxury watches would be nice, not everybody gets paid the same amount as a footballer. We understand this and want you to feel luxurious for a fraction of the price. Below we suggest some of the best men's watches under £200.

1. Emporio Armani Silver Chronograph Watch

Armani creates some of the highest quality men's watches under £200. This extremely attractive watch looks exceptionally high-end as the dark blue dial gently complements the silver strap.

This Emporio Armani silver chronograph watch is also powered by immaculate quartz movement, which ensures accuracy within its mechanical functions.

Without a doubt, if you’re looking for the best unique men's watches under £200, you need to check out the under £200 range that Emporio Armani provides for men.

2. Swiss Military Hanowa Swiss Grenadier Watch

All Swiss watches are built with class, so much that crafted timepieces are commonly labelled “Swiss made”. With Rolex, IWC, and Patek Philippe all being Swiss made, it’s prominent that the Swiss know how to build quality watches.

Although many watches within the Swiss category might be over your budget, there’s one watch that is unique, looks phenomenal on men, and sells for under £200. This is the Hanowa Swiss, which is beautifully produced by the Swiss Military and looks the part. But, for under £200, this could be wrapped around your wrist for that special occasion.

View Swiss Military Hanowa Swiss Grenadier Watch.

3. Michael Kors Brown Bryson Watch

We at Watch Pilot understand that not everybody likes metal links, and some will prefer the classic leather strap. If you want to achieve this style, we recommend you take a look at all men's Michael Kors watches that include leather.

For sure, Michael Kors has to be one of the best watch brands that are mainly under £200. The variety they offer is immense, and they all look incredible. From leather, rose gold to black straps, they most definitely have a broad selection for their customers.

View Michael Kors MK8631 Men's Brown Bryson.

4. Nordgreen Native Silver Mesh Watch

This Danish brand Nordgreen is new into stock and something that we believe many people will get excited about. If you want a brand that offers a variety of watches for under £200, you no longer need to look any further.

By far, our favourite Nordgreen watch has to be their Native Silver Mesh. The combination of both silver and blue is easy to wear with anything you desire. This watch can be perfect for a date night, a family get together, or just for work.

View Nordgreen Native Silver Mesh 40mm Silver Case Watch.

5. Accurist 7062 Gold Watch

The Accurist 7062 Gold Watch looks like the most delicate vintage piece. All Accurist watches that we hold in stock are below £150, meaning there may be enough room in your budget for two. These timepieces range from around £55 to £150, making it the ideal brand to go for if you want to build your selection.

Silver and gold have been an unbeatable blend of colours within the industry. It’s something that’ll always look classy, lavish, and suit all occasions.

Think you can stretch to a higher price bracket? Why not check out our post about the Best Men’s Watches for Under £500?

6. Tommy Hilfiger Kyle Black Chronograph Watch

Black watches are becoming an increasingly popular trend. This is understandable, because they can be added to any wardrobe and look fabulous.

But you know what looks better than just your standard black watch? A Tommy Hilfiger one, of course.

View Tommy Hilfiger 1791633 Men's Kyle Black Chronograph Watch.

This well-known brand has been around since 1985 and has established itself well in the fashion industry. Within the Tommy Hilfiger watch collection, there's an array of different designs and price ranges. Meaning you’re never running out of choices when it comes to selecting a watch.

Looking for something else?

Throughout this article, we have mentioned the best men's watches under £200. However, if you haven’t managed to find anything suitable for your needs, you should contact us. On the other side will be a helpful staff member of Watch Pilot that is raring to help you.

If you just want to browse more, take a look at our men’s watches. Here you’ll be able to use the filtering tools to select watches from £100 - £150 and £150 - £250.


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