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13 Best Smartwatches Under £200 That Do Everything You Need

Smartwatches are without doubt a necessary fashion accessory. Finding smart watches that look good and fulfil all the necessary required functions? We have compiled this list for you to make it easier for you to find the best smartwatch under £200.


What is a Smartwatch?

Smartwatches are without doubt a necessary fashion accessory. A smartwatch is a new category in watches and is like your personal computer that provides you with different wellness and fitness services, such as steps and heart rate tracking etc.

Some questions you want to ask:

  • Why do you want a smart watch?
  • Are you getting a smart watch for fitness?

It is hard to find the best smartwatches that fall within your budget, look good and fulfils all the necessary required functions as well. Here at WatchPilot, we have compiled this list for you to make it easier for you to find the best smartwatch under £200.

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1. Lotus L50013/3 Men's Black Smartime Watch

This Bluetooth-enabled smartwatch (Lotus L50013/3 Men's Black Smartime Watch), with its sleek stainless steel case and high-tech functionality, allows you to pick up your calls through the watch and also provides you with a variety of other functions.

It monitors your sleep, measures your wrist pulse, tracks calories burned, measures your blood pressure, plays music, gives you notification from your mobile and is works perfectly with Android or iOS.

Among all men's smart watches, it offers an incredible number of features at such a low price! Certainly a leading contender for the award of best smartwatch under £200.

Watch's gender: Men

Our price: £129

2. Sekonda 30013 Motion Men's White Smartwatch

Relatively inexpensive, this Sekonda Motion men's white smartwatch fits the category of everyday fashion. This Sekonda smartwatch includes a 20mm white silicone strap and a silver plastic case with a fully interactive, 1.4 inch LCD screen dial.

The watch comes with 5 different sports modes, a step/calorie/distance tracker, a sleep monitor, push notifications for messages, and a long battery life that is up to 10 days.

Through IP68 water resistance classification, the Sekonda 30013 watch is able to immerse in water to depth of 1.5 meters for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Watch’s gender: Men

Our price: £59.99

3. Sekonda 40529 Flex Men's Black Smartwatch

The Sekonda Flex men's black smartwatch is from a collection that is full of innovative concepts. The Sekonda watch represents distinctive charm and graciousness of today’s youth.

Watch’s gender: Men

Our price: £80

4. Polar 90071065 Ignite Black Fitness Smartwatch

In our collection of unisex smart watches, you will find this Polar Ignite black fitness smart watch.

A fitness watch with advanced wrist-based heart rate and integrated GPS, Polar Ignite is your next generation workout partner. As one of the Polar watches, it can help you become your true potential and push your limits the right way. The essentials include daily activity tracking, steps and calories.

The Polar Ignite smartwatch is a great training device for running, cycling and other outdoor workouts, while the integrated GPS tracks your speed, distance and route.

When using it wisely, the Polar Ignite fitness smartwatch lets you get into insights for recovery. The new Sleep Plus Stages sleep tracking can follow your sleep stages and get detailed sleep insights.

Watch’s gender: Unisex

Our price: £174.50

5. Lotus L50012/3 Men's Black Smartime Watch

The Lotus men’s black Smartime watch uses a solid battery-powered quartz movement to control the precision of time. is equipped with a hesalite crystal that is known for its resistance to impacts.

At the same time, the Lotus smart watch is one of the best examples of men's fashion watches, and is fitted with a black strap made of leather.

The watch offers plenty functions including smartwatch alarm, remote camera control, phone finder, capacitive touchscreen, pedometer, blood pressure measurement, activity tracking, sleep monitor, music control, notifications, customizable dials, heart activity monitoring, smartwatch, stopwatch, and idle warning.

Watch’s gender: Men

Our price: £129

6. Skagen SKT5100 Men's Black Falster 2 Smartwatch

You will surely like this Skagen Falster men’s black smartwatch (SKT5003) if you want every function you can have from a smart watch.

The Skagen watch gives you a sophisticated-looking touchscreen for everyday wear, workouts, and travel.

Make use of the wireless syncing feature, and the Skagen smart watch will be connected to your Android phone or iOS device in no time. You can then start monitoring activities and notifications even without pressing a button.

The watch strap of this is made of high-quality leather. The circular dial and buckle are made with high-grade stainless steel to resist corrosion.

While light in weight, the smartwatch sits comfortably on your wrist.

Watch’s gender: Men

Our price: £99 (Was £195)

7. Fossil FTW6028 Neon Gen 4 Sport Smartwatch

This Fossil Neon Gen 4 Sport smartwatch is powered with Wear OS by Google and is Bluetooth-enabled which makes it compatible with iPhone and Android phones. The Fossil FTW6028 features an accelerometer, altimeter, gyroscope, heart rate sensor, microphone, NFC, untethered GPS, and many more.

The watch’s strap is in neon green colour and is made of rubber.

Watch’s gender: Ladies

Our price: £79 (Was £179)

8. Michael Kors MKT5073 Ladies Red Access Gen 4 Smartwatch

If you are a lady who fancies Michael Kors watches, you should try this Michael Kors ladies red access Gen 4 smartwatch which is made of stainless steel.

The ladies’ smart watch combines an iconic silhouette with state-of-the-art technology, and features the Wear OS by Google technology.

Watch’s gender: Ladies

Our price: £99 (Was £289) while stock lasts

9. Polar 90081801 Unite Black Fitness Smartwatch

This uniquely designed smartwatch is waterproof and equipped with GPS and heart monitoring feature.

  • It can improve your sleep cycle and help you become fit and healthy.
  • It also has The Nightly Recharge Recovery measurement feature that lets you know your recovery status from training and stress every night.
  • It tracks your status at night and helps you make the required changes in the day.
  • It is the perfect partner for your fitness routine.

View Polar 90081801 Unite Black Fitness Smartwatch.

Watch's gender: Unisex

Our price: £134.50

10. Polar 90064877 A370 White Smartwatch

This waterproof fitness smartwatch by Polar keeps you on your toes with its 24/7 pulse-tracking feature. It does not stop monitoring your heart rate at any time of the day and has an advanced sleep tracking feature.

Like many Polar watches, this smartwatch also helps you sleep well with its Sleep Plus sleep analysis feature. Track your sleep pattern and your running progress with Polar A370 and meet your fitness goals in no time!

View Polar 90064877 A370 White Smartwatch.

Watch's gender: Unisex

Our price: £149.50

11. Michael Kors MKT5071 Ladies White Gen 4 MKGO Smartwatch

Michael Kors’ smartwatch for women has a wireless rechargeable touchscreen and an aluminium case.

  • It has various in-built features, such as heart rate tracking, GPS, Bluetooth-enabled and music controls.
  • It is also waterproof, so you can keep wearing it while you swim.
  • It has extended battery life.
  • Powered with Wear OS by Google, it is compatible with both iPhone and Android.

This waterproof smartwatch is not only equipped with high-end technology, but it is also appealing to look at with its classy white and golden combination. Wear it to fulfil your fitness goals and make a style statement simultaneously!

Take a look at Michael Kors MKT5071 Ladies White Gen 4 MKGO Smartwatch.

Watch's gender: Ladies

Our price: £149

12. Fossil FTW6024 Black Gen 4 Sport Smartwatch

As a unisex smartwatch, Fossil’s Q Sport 41 collection has brought a modern smartwatch for a woman with features such as Bluetooth, accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensor, microphone, NFC, GPS and altimeter.

Fossil has created this watch to cater to the style and safety needs of women. It has a 41 mm case with a black circular dial. Its silicon strap exudes fashion! It is powered with Wear OS by Google.

View Fossil FTW6024 Black Gen 4 Sport Smartwatch.

Watch's gender: Unisex

Our price: £79

13. Lotus L50006/1 Ladies Black Smartime Watch

With the Lotus L50006, the watch comes with a classic style stainless steel case which has a fully circler touch dial.

This Lotus watch features a stainless steel mesh bracelet which also comes with a brown leather strap in the box for those who like the more modern look.

This watch comes with several features; a direct wrist pulse measurement, pedometer which counts your steps, calories burned, sleep monitoring, blood pressure measurement, plays music and interval training.

You can also connect this smart watch via Bluetooth to all android and IOS devices and you can receive notifications from your phone such as text messages. Brilliant feature as it saves you constantly looking at your phone.

This watch retails at around an incredible £95 which I think is very reasonable with the amount of features it comes with among ladies' smart watches.

Watch's gender: Ladies

Our price: £95

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