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19 Best Men's Black Chronograph Watches - Watches You Must Know In 2023

In watch brands including Ball, Grahham, Marathon, Rado, Tissot, U-Boat & more, you'll find the most stunning looking men’s black chronograph watch from our collection of watches.


Looking For A Black Chronograph Watch?

An all-black chronograph watch appears stylish on your wrist. Matching the black-face dial watch with a stainless steel bracelet makes it look absolutely stunning! What is your preference?

Men’s chronograph watches give the pilot or aviator as well as sporty style which will always match well with most men’s fashion trends.

You can easily find the best and ideal black chronograph watch for men in watch brands including Ball, Graham, Marathon, Rado, Tissot, U-Boat, and more. Let's reveal and review men's black chronograph watches from our watch collection.

Chronograph Watch - Frequently Asked Questions

Wearing a chronograph watch represents individual personal lifestyle.

A Watch? Chronograph? Chronometer?

How accurate a watch runs has to do with the chronometer concept.

A Chronometer refers to the performance of a watch in which the watch movement is tested through official standards.

Chronograph has to do with the function of a watch, even though Chronograph literally translates as time writer or stopwatch. Nowadays a chronograph watch is formed by a stopwatch and a standard display watch. Not like in the ancient years when a chronograph marked the time elapsed using a pen.

What are the three sub-dials on a typical chronograph watch?

A chronograph watch has complication fitted on it making it to work as a stopwatch. A watch can have one chronograph dial, two, or three which are the sub-dials.

The chronograph watch that comes with three sub-dials can measure time in real-time and relative time to different accuracy levels.

The three sub-dials cover the measurement of time in seconds, minutes, and hours respectively. Together they can be used as a stopwatch to measure time, speed, distance, and more.

Depends on the physical circumstances, if you are measuring the speed of an Olympic 100-metre race, the seconds dial works the best. You will use the minutes and hours dials for other purposes that don’t require the highest precision.

What is the difference between a normal watch and a chronograph watch?

A chronograph by itself is not exactly a timepiece but an additional function or in mechanical term complication to the watch.

Do people use the functions of chronograph watches?

Even many wearers buy and own chronograph watches, people somehow don’t use the functions. Most of the time the chronograph watch ends up being used as a normal watch just for reading the time.

How to set a chronograph watch?

Follow the instructions below.

  • Step 1: Pull the crown of your chronograph watch to the second position.
  • Step 2: You can now rotate the crown to set the hour and minute hands.
  • Step 3: The final step is to push the crown back to its normal position.

More information on chronograph watch

We already have a guide to chronograph watches which mentions how to calibrate a chronograph watch.

1. Graham Black Chronofighter Steel Target Watch

When it comes to selecting black chronograph watches (or even your first chronograph watch), you really need to pick one from Graham watches.

The first easily recognisable distinction is the crown (or rather the striking lever) appears on the left side of a typical Graham watch. This setup of stopwatches has been inherited from World War II when flying officers needed to conveniently reach the left of the watch case with their right hand.

View Graham Black Chronofighter Steel Target Watch 2CCAC.B33A.

Our price: £4,749

2. Graham Black Chronofighter Vintage Ltd Watch

Need some glamorous illustrations on the watch? You need to appreciate the iconic nose art of a lovely lady that is printed on the Graham Chronofighter Vintage Limited watch. This watch will totally standout from the most trendy fashion when you’re wearing it on your wrist.

View Graham Black Chronofighter Vintage Ltd Watch 2CVAS.B27A.

Our price: £4,449

3. Marathon Jumbo Diver Pilot's Automatic Chronograph (CSAR)

Need to light up in the darkest outdoor environments? This is exactly Marathon watches can do best.

The Marathon Jumbo Diver Pilot’s watch is a Chronograph Search and Rescue (CSAR) watch which has been designed for dives, search and rescue operations.

The CSAR technology uses self-contained (or self-illuminating) Tritium gas tubes which are placed on each hour marking, minute hand and hour hand. This allows the wearer to clearly read the time in very low light environments. The Tritium tubes contain an isotope of hydrogen which will not lose brightness.

View Marathon Jumbo Diver/Pilot's Automatic Chronograph (CSAR).

Our price: £3,946.50 (Was £4,385)

4. Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU Men's Black Watch

Next up is the Ball Engineering Hydrocarbon watch for men which is also capable to light up really bright in the darkest environment.

View Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU Men's Black Watch DC3226A-P4C-BK.

Our price: £3,740

5. U-Boat Men's Black Capsoil Chronograph Watch

U-Boat men's watches are another watch collection that have the crown on the left side.

With black dial, black rubber strap and black crown, the watch has almost qualified as an all-black watch.

View U-Boat 8109/B Men's Black Capsoil Chronograph Watch.

Our price: £1,620

6. U-Boat Men's Black Doppiotempo Chronograph Watch

We already know U-Boat watches deliver the highest quality. The silver/grey numbering bezel has added unique style to this U-Boat black chronograph watch which has all three sub-dials in black colour.

View U-Boat 9016 Men's Black Doppiotempo Chronograph Watch.

Our price: £3,100

7. Rado Centrix Chronograph Men's Black Watch

Less of a sporty appearance from a men’s black chronograph watch! If that’s what you are looking for, that’s the watch for you./

View Rado Centrix Chronograph Men's Black Watch R30130152.

Our price: £1,860

8. Mazzucato Grey Rim Sport Chronograph Watch RIM

What more can we say? The grey rim makes the Mazzucato watch stand out from the rest.

All you need is to operate one simple manoeuvre to transform the RIM Sport Chronograph watch into a sporty chronograph timepiece.

View Mazzucato Grey Rim Sport Chronograph Watch RIM 03-GY536.

Our price: £825 (Was £1,100)

9. Maurice Lacroix Men's Black Aikon Chronograph Watch

If you want to take a short break from looking at all black watches, we have this watch fitted with light blue rubber strap. The light blue colour gives the softness to complement the black, and extends inside the dial where one sub-dial has full light blue background, and two other sub-dials have hands and indices in light blue.

View Maurice Lacroix Men's Black Aikon Chronograph Watch AI6038-DLB01-330-4.

Our price: £3,350

10. Luminox Navy Seal Chrono Men's Black Watch

Fitted with rubber strap and three black sub-dials, this Luminox is a true all-black watch that uses the proven Luminox Light Technology lighting system.

View Luminox Navy Seal Chrono Men's Black Watch XS.3581.BO or explore all Luminox watches from our collection.

Our price: £475

11. Tissot PRC 200 Chronograph Men's Black Watch

Prefer stainless steel bracelet for your next chronograph watch? The Tissot PRC collection can give you the solution while it lets you keep the sporty look on your wrist.

View Tissot PRC 200 Chronograph Men's Black Watch T114.417.11.057.00.

Our price: £425

12. Certina DS Podium Men's Black Watch

The next timepiece with silver stainless steel bracelet is this Certina watch. Certina men’s watches are well-known to possess sporty character. Quality, precision and reliability are all built into this Swiss made watch brand.

View Certina DS Podium Men's Black Watch C0344171105700.

Our price: £465

13. AVI-8 Men's Black P-51 Mustang Chronograph Watch

We have to include AVI-8 when it comes to choosing a chronograph watch for men. This watch from the AVI-8 P51-Mustang collection pays tribute to the American fighter ace and commander, Colonel Don Blakeslee, who was one of the greatest heroes of the Allied forces during World War II.

View AVI-8 Men's Black P-51 Mustang Chronograph Watch AV-4077-11.

Our price: £255

14. Maserati Men's Traguardo Black Watch

This timepiece looks casual and sporty on your wrist while the black dial face adds the mysterious feel of a mature male. That’s what this Maserati chronograph watch is about.

View Maserati Men's Traguardo Black Watch MSR8873612042.

Our price: £251.10 (Was 279)

15. Festina Men's Black Chrono Bike Watch

From Chrono Bike collection of Festina, the watch has black dial which is accompanied by silver bezel and silver bracelet.

View Festina F20522/6 Men's Black Chrono Bike Watch.

Our price: £189

16. Briston Black Trendsetters Chronograph Watch

The Briston Trendsetters watch is in all-black while the three hands and the numbering provide the contrast in bright white.

View Briston Black Trendsetters Chronograph Watch 15140.PBAM.GT.3.NG.

Our price: £ 270

17. Roamer Modern Classic Men's Black Watch

Need further change to style? Why not go for a black leather strap with this Roamer modern classic black watch for men?

The black and white contract makes it really easy to read from the three sub-dials.

View Roamer 509902 41 54 02 Modern Classic Men's Black Watch.

Our price: £269

18. Graham Black Chronofighter Grand Vintage Watch

Now back to another Graham chronograph watch. The skull drawing gives this watch a fresh and unique look. If you’re one of those collectors who love this type of drawing, give it a go!

View Graham Black Chronofighter Grand Vintage Watch 2CVDS.B29F.

Our price: £5,750

19. Graham Orange Chronofighter Superlight Watch

On a day when you feel you really need to head out with orange colour, take a good look at this Graham watch that is fitted with orange rubber strap.

As the name has suggested, the watch should feel light when it is fitted on your wrist.

View Graham Orange Chronofighter Superlight Watch 2CCBK.O01A.

Our price: £7,450


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