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Affordable World Timer Watches [Mens' Watch Reviews] - Dual Time Watch? GMT Watch?

World timer watches provide easy solutions to watch wearers who frequently travel to multiple locations with different time zones. The world timer watches ensure the travellers always knowing the exact time of their original location and their current location, all within a single wristwatch.


Need travellers watches to keep up with time across different time zones?

Are you a world traveller? If you require to frequently travel across different time zones, you are qualified in the world travelling category.

You may wish to have a watch that can show you the current time at your current location and the time at your original home location all within a single watch. For you wish to come true, you will have two options between a GMT watch and a dual time watch.

Why do you need a GMT watch?

GMT means Greenwich Mean Time, and GMT watches are great due to their simplicity. GMT watches are also known as traveller’s GMT watches (or world timer watches).

When you frequently travel to different places with different time zones, you may end up with having to adjust your watch’s time each time you are at a new time zone. This sounds too much trouble for most travellers.

What a GMT or world timer watch offers is that the GMT watch is a tool designed for frequent travellers who cross time zones all the time. With a GMT watch, you’ll save the effort to adjust your watch’s time regularly whenever you travel.

How do you read a traveller’s GMT watch?

With a normal watch, it is made to spin the hour hand around the dial every 12 hours.

A GMT tracker is added to the watch as a second hour hand that is geared to run half as fast and uses a 24-hour time scale.

This 24-hour hand (or GMT hand) obviously circles the dial once per day only (instead of twice). Because of this setup, the world timer watch doesn’t need to indicate whether the time is in a.m. or p.m.

How to set time for a GMT watch?

The GMT hand points to the 24-hour time scale on that bezel of the watch. Usually through the bezel colours of some watches, you distinguish the night hours and day hours. Usually, red on the bezel indicates day-time hours and blue indicates night-time hours.

The concept is like this: By turning the bezel turns, any hour can be set to correspond to the GMT hand. This clever and simple bezel setup allows tracking of a second time zone.

The GMT hand aligns with the current local time. To set the time of a different time zone location, you can rotate the bezel right or left depending on the location relative to your current time zone. You would usually rotate the bezel in clockwise direction when the second time zone is behind, and vice versa.

How are dual time watches different to GMT watches?

The dual time watch is a simpler solution to the GMT or world timer watch.

As described above, the GMT watch requires some adjustment related to simple math.

The dual time watch is more straightforward and is equipped with the main watch and sub dial. The setup allows dual time watches to display two time zones at once, with two hour-hands. The hour-hand of the sub-dial watch runs on the 24-hour time scale.

World Timer Watch FAQ

What is on the bezel of a world timer watch?

On the bezel, the watch displays 24 world cities. Each city represents a time zone. On the world time watch, you will have to set the time zones on the bezel to align with the home time zone.

How does the world timer watch tell time of a second location?

The 24-hour hand rotates a full circle once per day, showing the time in other locations. To be able to tell the time for another location, you will need to line up the world timer watch’s 24-hour hand with the local time of your current location.

Our Collection of Men’s World Timer Watches

Let’s go through the following world traveller watches for men.

1. Hamilton Khaki Aviation XWind GMT Quartz Men's Black Watch

Within a relatively large 46mm stainless steel case, you get a second time zone chronograph display style and a crosswind calculator. Hamilton Khaki Aviation XWind will definitely meets accuracy and makes a lasting impression during your adventure across multiple time zones.

View Hamilton Khaki Aviation XWind GMT Quartz Men's Black Watch H77912135.

Our price: £950

2. U-Boat 8770 Men's Black Capsoil Doppiotempo GMT Watch

Famous for using the concept of oil immersion, the rotating internal bezel allows you to set the second time zone with this U-Boat dual-time watch.

View U-Boat 8770 Men's Black Capsoil Doppiotempo GMT Watch.

Our price: £950

3. Graham Blue Chronofighter Vintage GMT Watch

Perhaps the Chronofighter Vintage GMT watch equals time travel and is elegantly designed. The Graham watch provides a second time zone that combines sophisticated contemporary horology with visible vintage flashbacks.

View Graham Blue Chronofighter Vintage GMT Watch 2CVBC.U02A.

Our price: £5,750

4. Ball Roadmaster Marine GMT Men's Black Watch

With micro gas tubes on hour, minute and GMT hands and dial for night reading capability, you should never doubt the quality of the Ball Roadmaster Marine GMT.

View Ball Roadmaster Marine GMT Men's Black Watch DG3030B-S2C-BK.

Our price: £2,660

5. Maurice Lacroix Men's White Aikon Venturer GMT Stainless Steel Watch

With a radically modern appearance, the Maurice Lacroix GMT watch keeps track of time in two locations when you travel from one metropolis to another.

View Maurice Lacroix Men's White Aikon Venturer GMT Stainless Steel Watch AI6158-SS002-130-1.

Our price: £2,650

6. Raymond Weil Me Freelancer GMTn's Black Watch

For frequent travellers, the dial of this black watch is equipped with a rotating track, marked with one city for each time zone with a total of 24 time zones.

Barrel-shaped hour and minute hands indicate the ‘local time’ on the Freelancer GMT.

When you turn the crown at 4 o’clock, the Raymond Weil watch is marked with a world map symbol on its flank that allows you to position the local city at noon. The current hour is displayed in the remaining 23 time zones.

The black GMT hand with triangular red and white tip indicates the prevailing hour at home.

View Raymond Weil Me Freelancer GMTn's Black Watch 2765-BKC-20001.

Our price: £2,195

7. Briston Green Worldtime GMT Automatic Watch

The Briston Worldtime GMT watch comes as a limited edition of 500 pieces. With Swiss automatic movement and 42mm tortoiseshell acetate case, the Worldtime GMT demonstrates a subtle blend of modernity of classic watchmaking.

View Briston Green Worldtime GMT Automatic Watch 20842.SA.TW.10.NBG.

Our price: £1,200

8. Victorinox FieldForce GMT Men's Orange Watch

This stunning GMT watch from Victorinox keeps you instantly in touch with both local time and home time in a single easy glance regardless of where you are heading during your trip.

View Victorinox FieldForce GMT Men's Orange Watch 241897.

Our price: £317.90 (Was £374)

9. AVI-8 Carey Dual Time Debden Watch

Inspired by fighter ace Frank Carey, the AVI-8 dual time watch features thick rectangular Arabic baton indexes and sub-dials enclosed by cockpit instrument-style frames. Getting a dual time watch get this price point, you must be in heaven.

View AVI-8 Carey Dual Time Debden Watch AV-4088-03.

Our price: £155

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