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G-Shock Men's Black Watch Review - Octagonal Shape Casioak

G-Shock Review: One of the toughest & robust watches in full black colour. Sporty & light. Resin case. High readability in low light conditions with mini LCD digital display.


G-Shock Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Casio G-Shock better known as the ‘Casioak’ after it’s octagonal shape.

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History of Casio & G-Shock

But before we talk about the history of Casio, be sure to hit that subscribe button for all things watches.

You may of heard the name Casio and that’s because they’re one of the most well known brands in the world. A Japanese company founded back in 1946 by Tadao Kashio.

They didn’t start in selling watches, they started out by producing mechanical parts. And went onto creating calculators in 1949 once his brother joined the company with his electronic expertise.

Casio released their first watch the Casiotron in 1974, a quartz watch which ran electronically. It also featured a LCD screen that could tell the time as well as the date which to us in this day and age we would take for granted but back then it would have been a big deal.

A little fun fact, I was talking to someone the other day and they remembered back in the day, if you had a Casio watch you were a legend as you could control the TV in class from your watch. Thought that would be fun to share.

The first G-Shock launched in 1984 which had a huge reputation for the world’s toughest watch with an extreme level of shock resistance, 200m of water resistance and a 10 year battery life which is pretty incredible.

To this date Casio are still producing some of the best timepieces at affordable prices.

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First Impressions of the G-Shock Men's Black Watch

First impressions, it’s a very bold timepiece with that sporty appearance as well as having that tough as nails look. Is that the saying?

This watch has been very popular since it was released last and we’re going to get into why.

Taking a look at the specifications, the casing is made out of a resin and for those that don’t know it’s a plastic material. But does have that rubber look and feel.

It has a width of 45.4mm, which some may say this is on the larger side but if you take a look at the lug to lug it’s only just over 48mm.

If we look the lug area it is slightly on the smaller side giving you a larger dial. It weighs in at 51g which is a lot lighter than it looks. We also have a thickness of 11.8mm, making this watch one of the thinnest G-Shock.

To complete the G-Shock toughness which is achieved using the carbon core guard construction seen on most G-shocks. This capitalises on it’s toughness and lightness.



Taking a closer look at the dial, it isn’t your traditional looking watch which I really like.

It has a digital analogue display which many watches don’t have. This meaning you can tell the time through the hands on the dial, as well as digitally in the form of numbers on the mini LCD screen.

There is also a display illumination to ensure readability in low light conditions.

We also have a date display on the left hand side of the dial including a weekday display which I really like as I’m always losing track of what day it is.

There are many functions within this watch including a world time function so you are able to tell the time in two time zones. A 24 hour stop watch counting down to 1/100 of a second, countdown timer and 5 alarms.

And is covered with a mineral glass which is pretty hard glass that resists scratching. But at this price point I wouldn’t expect a sapphire crystal glass.

Moving on we have a black rubber strap offering that lightness to the timepiece and sporty look.

Going back to some of the features this watch also offers a water resistance of 200m and 3 years of battery life.


Cost, Opinion & Summary

This watch retails for £99 which is an incredible price for this durable watch and the functions it offers.

And comes in 3 colours, this one being the all black stealth model, a regular black model with bright white markers and hands and all red. So a few colour choices to choose from.

Personally I love this watch and probably one of the best looking G-Shocks Casio has ever released. But maybe I am being a bit biased as I’m a big fan of the Casio brand.

Overall it has a great quality build especially at this price point.

That’s all we have time for, I hope you enjoyed this video and let us know in the comments which brands you’d like to see me review.


Fun Facts

Just for fun. The wrist check is the Seiko TV watch, fun fact it no longer works because we no longer have the analogue signal here in UK. It first released back 1982.

I just love the vintage look it has and compliments my outfit.

The reason it doesn’t work because we no longer have the analogue signal here in England.


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