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Swatch Watches

Not many brands can say they ushered in a watch revolution, but that’s what Swatch did when it took shape in the early 1980s. The goal was simple; create a line... Read more

Find Your Swatch Watch

There’s an ‘anything goes’ attitude at Swatch. While some of its men’s and women’s watches are minimal and block-coloured, others are vibrant with kaleidoscopic dial graphics and flashy patterns. Don’t let... Read more

New Season

Shop the most recent Swatch watches to launch on WatchPilot. We’ve got a great selection of the brand’s quartz and automatic watches to choose from.

Men's Watches

Whether you're drawn to colour, eclectic patterns or even chronographs, Swatch watches for men are focused on injecting fun back into your watch collection.

Ladies' Watches

Browse a vibrant selection of Swatch watches for women that you’ll want to wear when the sun’s out and spirits are high.

Shop All

If you’re unsure where to start, you can browse our complete collection of Swatch watches here. You’ll be drawn to a pattern, colour or finish in no time.

Featured Collections

Swatch Neon Watches

Swatch took four iconic watches launched in the 80s & 90s. Turned up the volume on the colors, boosted the design and added some special details. The result? An electr...

Swatch What If Watches

What if the first Swatch ever made wasn't round but square? Enter a playful parallel universe where four square watches take center stage. Four silky matte styles with...

Swatch Big Bold Watches

With a kick from streetwear, these models have a simply striking 47mm watch head, with big arrows pointing your next move in the right direction.

Swatch Skin Watches

This ultra-thin and minimalist Swatch collection is all about comfort on the wrist. Look out for models with skeletonised dials and unique patterns.

Swatch Bioceramic Watches

The Swatch Bioceramic collection uses a blend of ceramic and bio-sourced plastic derived from castor oil to build great-looking watches.

Swatch Core Watches

Think of the Core range as the heart and soul of Swatch. Here you’ll find the original icon with quirky dials, solid colours and a smattering of chronograph functions.

Swatch Irony Watches

The Swatch Irony collection features stainless steel watches for men and women that elevate the brand’s signature simplicity. Start here for golden tones and party pie...

Best-Selling Swatch Watches 

Explore our pick of the best-selling Swatch watches, including the ultra-thin Skin range and models from the Irony and Core collections. With a huge unisex watch offering, Swatch has something for everyone. 

Step into the colourful and creative world of Swatch

Step into the colourful and creative world of Swatch watches for men and women. Whether you’re a fan of art, bright rainbow shades, novelty characters or skeletonised watches, Swatch has something to inspire you. 

Is WatchPilot an authorised Swatch seller?

Yes, we have an agreement with Swatch that authorises us to sell its watches. This ensures that every Swatch you purchase from us is authentic and arrives in an official presentation box. If you are looking for a very specific Swatch or a collector’s edition Swatch watch, speak to a member of the WatchPilot team.

What makes a Swatch?

Swatch is one of those brands that knows exactly who and what it is. If you want a cool, quirky and colourful Swiss-made watch that’s fitted with either a quartz or mechanical movement, it should be high on your wish list. Swatch makes watches with great materials and finishes, so if you treat your purchase right, it will stay in your collection for years. All this considered, we believe Swatch is a leading brand in its category and a great choice for our customers.

Where are Swatch watches made?

Swatch watches and movements have been made in Switzerland since 1983. This is literally its whole reason for being! When Japanese quartz movements started encroaching on Switzerland’s watchmaking dominance, the Swiss created their own quartz ‘second watch’ concept… and Swatch was born.

Does Swatch make automatic watches?

Quartz is the mainstay of Swatch, but it does offer automatic watches too. Look out for the SISTEM51 watches in the Irony and Original watch collections.   Made with only 51 parts, they have with a 90-hour power reserve and a mechanism fired by the movement of your wrist

How long does a Swatch battery last?

Swatch says it depends on two factors: the battery's size and the watch's functionality. On average, a Swatch battery will last 2-3 years. Chronograph watches are likely to have a shorter battery life than the brand’s core creations.

What does ‘Swatch’ stand for?

Funnily enough, it’s not an abbreviation of ‘Swiss Watch’. Swatch is short for ‘second watch,’ and this goes back to when the brand was founded in the early 1980s. Swiss watchmaking heavyweights didn’t want to take the spotlight off their heritage automatic movements, but they equally didn’t want to miss out on the quartz revolution. They wanted customers to buy a Swiss-made ‘second watch’ for fashion and fun. Let’s just say Swatch rolled off the tongue a little easier than ‘second watch’!