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How To Set Time, Home City and World Time on Casio G-Shock Watches?

Simple Step-by-step guide to set time, home city, summer time, world time, 12/24-hour on 4-button G-Shock. You won't need another guide.


Setting Time On Casio G-Shock Watches

How do you set time on Casio G-Shock watches? If you have trouble configuring a 4-button G-Shock watch, in this step-by-step guide we’ll go through the following topics regarding time configurations.

G-Shock watches (from Casio watches) have been made to resist centrifugal, impact forces and withstand high water pressure, and this is what G-Shock watches were originally designed for – Casio G-Shock should never break and can always be pushed to limits.

How to Use the Four Buttons on Casio G-Shock?

Let’s go through the four buttons of a G-Shock watch.

Hold the G-Shock watch with it facing you - This is a 4-button G-shock watch.


The "Adjust" button is at the top left. Pushing the "Adjust" button once, it will take you right into the configuration/settings mode, and that's where you can change the settings. Push the "Adjust" button again, you’ll be taken back to the timekeeping mode of your G-Shock watch.


The "Mode" button is at the bottom left. The "Mode" button lets you cycle through the settings. If you hold down the “Mode” button for 1 second, it returns the watch back to the timekeeping mode.

Reverse and Forward

On the right side, there are the “Reverse” (or called “Split-Reset” or “Light” on some other G-Shock) button at the top and the “Forward” (or labelled “Start-Stop” on some other G-Shock) button at the bottom.

Both the “Light” button and “Forward” button is for changing the values of the different settings. The “Light” button is also used for light illumination.

How to Set Time on Casio G-Shock?

Let’s start to set the time.

Hold down the “Adjust” button for about 5 seconds or until you hear a beep.

Once you’ve entered G-Shock's settings mode, push the Mode button to cycle through a list of options including:

  • Home city
  • Summer time
  • Seconds
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Year
  • Month
  • Day
  • 12/24-hour timekeeping
  • Date display format
  • Day of the week language
  • Operation tone enable/disable
  • Illumination duration
  • Auto adjust
  • Power saving

Set the time and date using the Light (Reverse) and Forward buttons. For example, when the Hours option is flashing, you can press the Reverse and Forward buttons to set the hour. When the Minutes option is flashing, press the Reverse and Forward buttons to set the minute for the G-Shock.

Our tips:

  • Holding down the Forward button lets you quickly scroll through the options.
  • When you’re done with the Hours and Minutes options, continue setting other values/options (including Year, Month, Day, Summer time and more) through using the Reverse and Forward buttons.

Once you’re all set with the time, you want to switch the watch back to the timekeeping mode. Press the Adjust button and the G-shock will automatically wind itself to the correct time.

How to Set Home City and Summer Time on G-Shock?

You should always specify a home city for your G-Shock watch.

Home city setting

Hold down the “Adjust” button for 5 seconds and you should have entered G-Shock's settings mode.

If the Home City option is flashing, you’re good. Otherwise push the Mode button until your G-Shock gets to the Home City option.

Select the Home City (for example London) using the Reverse and Forward buttons.

Summer time setting

Usually you don’t have to explicitly make any changes through the summer time setting, as the factory default summer time should be set to AUTO. In this case, your G-Shock watch automatically switches between standard time and summer time.

However, you can press the Mode button to cycle until reaching the Summer Time option.

Now use the Forward button to scroll through between AUTO, OFF and ON.

  • When Summer Time is set to OFF, the G-Shock is on standard time.
  • When Summer Time is set to ON, your watch is on summer time.

Now switch your watch back to timekeeping mode by pressing the Adjust button. You’re all set with the home city and summer time.

How to Set World Time on G-Shock?

World timer or GMT watches make it convenient for frequent travellers between different locations/cities with different time zones. You may want to refer to the reviews of men’s affordable world timer watches.

On a 4-button G-Shock watch, you can configure world time for this exact purpose.

To start with world time setting, press the Mode button on your Casio G-Shock until you’ve reached the World Time mode.

Scroll through the list of cities (or world times) by pushing the Forward button.

Once the city you want is displayed, push the Adjust button to go back to the timekeeping mode.

Now you’re all set with the world time.

How to Switch from 12-hour to 24-hour Timekeeping Format?

Some Casio G-shock watch wearers like to read time in the 12-hour format, but others prefer the 24-hour timekeeping.

Hold down the “Adjust” button and you should've entered the settings mode.

Push the Mode button until the 12/24-hour timekeeping (12H/24H) option is flashing.

You can toggle between 12H and 24H using the Forward button.

Press the Adjust button to bring the G-Shock back to the timekeeping mode.

Where to Find and Buy a G-Shock Watch?

You’re completed all the settings (and changes) with only four buttons!

When you’re ready to find yourself a real tough watch, go through our collection of G-Shock watches.


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