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Lotus Smartime vs Polar Vantage – Heart Rate Test on Best Affordable Smart Watches

See who burns most calories through fitness test at trainer Will Mason's gym. Challenge: Liberty (wearing Polar Vantage M watch) vs Jack (Lotus Smartime).


Heart Rate Test with the Best Affordable Smart Watches

We are putting our smart watches Lotus Smart Time and Polar Vantage to the fitness test to see who can burn the most calories.

We will be at personal trainer Will Mason’s studio to perform some heart rate tests.

The exercises include the ski machine, battle ropes, dumbbell squat and press, kettlebell swings, air bike, sledge pushes, and sand bag step ups.

Brief Introduction at Personal Trainer Will Mason’s Studio

JACK: Today we’re joined by personal trainer Will Mason.
WILL: It’s good you’re at my studio today. This is where I provide one-to-one's and small group classes.
LIBERTY: Perfect. I’m guessing you’ve got some workouts to test us.
WILL: We’re got a couple of circuits lined up here so you can burn the most calories.
JACK: Amazing! Whoever wins between Liberty and me will take home the Watch Pilot trophy which I really want. This trophy is going to look nice on my bedside table.

Choice of Watches: Polar Vantage M vs Lotus Smartime

LIBERTY: Most smart watches have similar features, but mine is more contemporary looking.
JACK: The Lotus I’m wearing does have that more traditional look compared to Liberty’s watch.

Both watches have a silicone strap with a buckle fastening, and they both also have interchangeable straps as well.

Polar Vantage Watch

This slim and lightweight training companion provides you with all the data you need to improve your performance. Polar Vantage M White Sport Smartwatch (90069738) works seamlessly with Polar Flow, the online window to your training, sleep and activity.

With Polar Flow all your training data is easily available in one place. You can also sync your data to other online sports communities, such as Strava or TrainingPeaks. Whether you’re aiming to improve in your favourite sport or love to measure your performance in different sports, Polar Vantage M is always ready to help you.

Liberty was wearing this watch for today's challenges.

Lotus Smartime Watch

Get to know the Lotus SmarTime smart watch (men’s black K50013/5). Elegantly sports smartwatch. The watch has a large touch screen, which allows a clear display of all functions, with a customizable interface of the main screen. The fast and high-quality Norwegian Nordic chip and Bluetooth Low Energy will not disappoint you in the daily hustle and bustle. Comfort is ensured by waterproofness IP68 and two straps are part of the package. You can change them yourself in a very easy way.

Lotus SmarTime has integrated sensors such as blood pressure and heart rate monitor and has other features focused on user comfort, such as monitoring and sleep analysis. It will also remind you when you need to follow a drinking regime or when you need to start moving and burning calories.

This is the watch Jack was wearing today during the heart rate / fitness test.

Will Mason Introduces Today’s Test

WILL: Are you guys ready for the first challenge?
JACK: I’m pretty excited but nervous for this.
WILL: We’ve got the ski machine.

We’re got dumbbell squat and press.

We’re got the battle ropes.

And we’re got kettlebell swings.
JACK: I don’t even know what half those are so this is going to be fun.
WILL: We just crack on and get on with it. Let’s go!
LIBERTY: Alright. Let’s do it.
WILL: To determine who’s going first: Rock, paper and scissors.
JACK: Okay, let’s do it. You ready?
LIBERTY: Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.
WILL: Jack, you’re up first right? 30 seconds on the clock. Ski machine first. Let’s go.

Challenge One: The Ski Machine

WILL: Come on Jack. Give it all the way down!

Yes, with power. Good.

Reach up higher through the arms and through the legs. Good. Reach up. Excellent!

Come on. Do you want to win this or not?
JACK: Yes, I do. Go it.
WILL: Jack’s got his workout today.
JACK: Of course, it hurts the legs.
WILL: Good. Keep it going. Coming for the last 10 now.

More. Come on. Keep going.

Five seconds. Four, three, two, one. Good. Well done!
JACK: My legs are absolutely killing already.
WILL: That’s just the first exercise. Liberty, you smashed that one.
LIBERTY: I got washed. It feels warm now.
WILL: Check your heart rate after that one.
LIBERTY: Yeah, 143.
WILL: What was yours after that?
JACK: I don’t want to say that’s 157. You see? You’re just not as good.
LIBERTY: Jack, not good at this. I’m not as good.

Challenge Two: Battle Ropes

JACK: This is so hard.

That was so difficult. My legs are an agony.

Challenge Three: Dumbbell Squat and Press

WILL: Okay. So the next one is dumbbell squat and press.
LIBERTY: I’m thinking the 10.
JACK:I was thinking the 50.
WILL: Jack, do you want to make it to the end of this circuit?
JACK: Yes, right. I think we’ll stick with the 10.
WILL: Alright. Here you go.
JACK: If I had 50, I’ll be dying after this. I can already feel it.
WILL: Alright guys. Let’s go squat down and press over the head, and again all the way down.

Press. Come on! Burn the calories.

Who’s going to win? Come on. Nearly halfway.

Keep it going. Last 10 now.

All the way down. All the way up. Press.

Three. Two. One. Well done!
LIBERTY My Polar watch is my all-time training buddy. No offense.

Challenge Four: Kettlebell Swings

WILL: Alright. Come on guys! Let’s go.

Drive through the hips down and again up.

Good. All the way down the hips. Come on Jack!
JACK: My legs! So my Lotus has integrated sensors built in and it measures the blood pressure, and heart rate which I definitely did a lot of this last 10s.
WILL: Okay. Keep pushing.

Come on Jack. Finish it good.

Three. Two. One. Excellent. Well done!

Challenge Five: Air Bike

JACK: I’m absolutely knackered after that. My leg’s really hot. I’m ready for a rest.
WILL: We’ve got another circuit to go. We’re got the air bike sledge pushes and some sandbags step up.
JACK: Can I clarify what is this sledge thing you’re on about?
WILL: It is brutal and disgusting, but you’re going to burn some calories.
JACK: Well, that’s the main thing. I need to win this. Should we just do it now because I want to go to sleep.
LIBERTY: Let’s go.
WILL: Jack, you’re up first.
JACK: I feel this might be the easiest one. It’s just biking.
WILL: Three. Two. One. Go!
JACK: That nice fan. This is birthday. Right?
WILL: Come on Jack. You’re doing great.

Come on Liberty. Drive. Your legs and your arms. Good.
JACK: Know what reminds me of? Like you know when yo.u want to film. The wind’s blowing and your hair’s flowing beyond vibes.
WILL: Keep it up. The last 10 now. Three. Two. One. Well done.
JACK: My legs were really weak at the end. I thought I’ve done too many legs workouts.

Challenge Six: Sledge Pushes

JACK: Three. Two. One. Go!
WILL: Let’s go Jack. Keep it going all the way. Push. Well done.

Again. All the way around.

You can get another one in there.

Challenge Seven: Sand Bag Step Ups

WILL: This is your final challenge. Guys, give it everything and go for it.

Liberty, great speed! Keep it going.

15 seconds to go. Keep it going.

Come on. Do you want to win this one? Well done.
LIBERTY: Jack, you’re up next.
WILL: 5 seconds and we’re going. Don’t trip.
JACK: Thanks, I’m going to trip now. It’s a lot harder.
WILL: Come on Jack. Give it something really good. Excellent. Keep it going. Three. Two. One.
JACK: My galloping. That was so hard.
WILL: Great work. Well done.

Who’s the Winner of the Fitness Test?

JACK: That’s it. We’ve completed the Watch Pilot fitness challenge. I’m absolutely shattered and tired. We have smashed it.
WILL: Guys, you did awesome today.

I know exactly how many calories you’ve burnt.
JACK: I feel like I did well but I’m not entirely sure if I did.

I do feel like it’s Liberty, but I don’t want to say that.
WILL: The winner with 432 calories burnt is Liberty.
JACK: Oh my god. I literally wanted that for the bedside table.

Congratulations. So proud of you.
LIBERTY: Thank you.
JACK: Massive thank you guys. Massive thank you to Will for letting us use this gym space and putting our watches and ourselves to the fitness test.

I think we smashed it. Obviously, Liberty did a lot better because she’s the trophy in her hands which makes me a little jealous about. But it’s all good.

Will, where can everyone find you?
WILL: Find me on my Instagram.
LIBERTY: If you want to get involved in the fitness challenges, please leave your results in the comments below.

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