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Watches for 18th Birthday Girl Under £500 [Reviews]

Herbelin, Garmin & Tissot watches under £500 are great 18th birthday gifts for girls. Luxury & affordable. Out of ideas? Read our watch reviews.


Watch To Buy For Birthday Girls

If you’re a guy needing seasonal gift ideas for your girlfriend or female partner, we’ve previously recommended to you our watches for Valentine’s Day gift ideas, and we’ve revealed the top five tips to buy watches.

This time we are to review and recommend ladies’ watches that are suitable for birthdays, especially for the early year special birthdays including the 18th or 21st birthdays for girls.

A girl becomes a young lady when she turns 18 years old on her birthday. A typical watch tells the time, and a special watch signifies this special 18th birthday moment.

The Specials Birthdays: 18th Birthday vs 21st Birthday

18th Birthday

From the parent’s perspective, when your daughter turns 18 years old, she’s already a big girl capable of making some big decisions in her life.

In a person’s early years, the milestone years could easily include the 5th, 13th, 16th, 18th, and 21st birthday dates. But a young lady’s 18th birthday signifies a very special and important milestone.

If you’re trying to figure out how many different traditions are there in the world when it comes to the 18th birthday, one thing is the same that the girl finally becomes an adult at this age. Additionally, in many countries the young female has reached the legal age to drive a car on the roads.

21st Birthday

Another landmark / milestone has always been the 21st birthday, and it is one that can easily be mixed with the 18th birthday.

If by 18 years old it is the year parents remind their children it’s time to move out from the parents’ house to prepare for living on their own, then by the 21st birthday it seems a must to go totally independent.

It’s time for more chains and handcuffs to be unlocked by age 21. The alcohol drinking culture with friends can even begin as a regularity.

Best Gifts for the 18th Birthday Girl

Sweets, candles, and flowers are all typical and safe gift when presenting to any birthday girls celebrating their 18th or 21st birthdays.

If you aim for a more unique experience, hoping she will receive the present with open arms, try the following:

Handmade photo album - Collection and presentation of milestone photos from infant / baby to kid, teenage, and finally 18 years old.

Dogs are always the best friends to people. Most of us would reckon the dog one of the important family members. For the above, how about delivering the special gift through a family pet (dog).

Try getting a birthday gift that isn’t a physical item, but an experience for celebration: Experience day voucher - Should the birthday girl love sports or outdoor activities, this will be a great choice.

You can come up with dozens of creative ideas regarding how to deliver the special gift for the 18th birthday girl.

1. Herbelin Cap Camarat Ladies Blue Watch

Herbelin ladies’ watches look great and stylish when fitted on women’s wrists.

With light blue dial and silver metal bracelet, the elegant ladies’ Herbelin watch is run on quartz movement. The watch is within the Cap Camarat collection which is the heir of the 70s Michel Herbelin collection.

As the dedicated 18th birthday gift from parents to their big lady daughter, the watch totally signifies the daughter’s graduation to adulthood.

View Herbelin Cap Camarat Ladies Blue Watch.

Our price: £495

2. Herbelin Art Deco Ladies White Watch

Another Herbelin watch for women comes from the Herbelin Art Deco collection which is unknown to possess meticulous design. This time we’ve chosen a timepiece of rectangular face/dial. This is a watch to complete the final piece of the female wearer’s elegant appearance.

View Herbelin Art Deco Ladies White Watch.

Our price: £440

3. Garmin Venu 2S Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bezel with Leather Band Smartwatch

For any lady who loves to live healthy and balanced life, at some point of life she must buy a Garmin watch. With all the required health monitoring and fitness features, Garmin Venu watches are great and advanced devices to help you better understand what exactly is going on within your body.

View Garmin Venu 2S Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bezel with Leather Band Smartwatch.

Our price: £359

4. Roamer Venus Blue MOP Ladies Watch

Sophisticated, stylish and modern, it is a beautifully crafted and designed timepiece from Roamer available at a relatively affordable retail price.

View Roamer Venus Blue MOP Ladies Watch.

Our price: £259

5. Tissot Lovely Round Ladies Rose Gold Watch

Are you into rose gold watches? We've previously shared this best ladies' rose gold watches under £500 article.

The Tissot Lovely you’re looking at is a feminine, gorgeous and delicate watch. On top of that, the watch’s mother of pearl dial and sapphire glass give the timepiece the elegance and luminosity.

View Tissot Lovely Round Ladies Rose Gold Watch.

Our price: £355

6. Tissot PRX 35mm Unisex Light Blue Watch

Technically this Tissot PRX is actually a unisex watch, but nowadays women are comfortably wearing unisex watches on the wrist.

If you’re into unisex timepieces with a lower budget, we’ve previously reviewed and shared the best unisex watches under £200.

Now who will still say unisex watches don’t make good birthday presents?

View Tissot PRX 35Mm Unisex Light Blue Watch.

Our price: £295

7. Tissot PR 100 Lady Small Silver Watch

As an authorised retailer of Tissot, we can say that Tissot ladies’ watches are one of the most popular collection of watches. With a case width of 25mm, this Tissot watch looks young and elegant on any birthday lady’s wrist.

View Tissot PR 100 Lady Small Silver Watch.

Our price: £230

8. Tissot Classic Dream Lady White Watch

With white dial colour, analogue display, and grey stainless steel bracelet, the Tissot is a classic watch by all means and represents everlasting traditional style. Parents would love to give this watch to their daughter who expects calmness and maturity.

View Tissot Classic Dream Lady White Watch.

Our price: £235

9. Tissot Classic Dream Lady Two-Tone Watch

Another classic watch from Tissot’s collection, but this time the watch’s design is two-tone (grey and rose gold). Again with its 28mm case width, the watch fits perfectly and elegantly on a young lady’s wrist.

View Tissot Classic Dream Lady Two-Tone Watch.

Our price: £275

10. Tissot Everytime Lady Silver Watch

Fitted with beige leather strap, this is the last beautifully designed Tissot watch today! Pure, simple, chic and straightforward, this female looking timepiece is in the category of minimalist watches and is one of the safest choices for the 18th birthday gift.

View Tissot Everytime Lady Silver Watch.

Our price: £235


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